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Khoshaba Odisho’s Unsatisfying Brush with Mormonism

By: Ardis E. Parshall - June 20, 2016

Among the general humanitarian disaster that is playing out in Iraq and Syria and nearby regions, the Yazidi community with their unique and ancient religion – monotheistic, but apparently unrelated to Islam or Christianity or Zoroastrianism – have come in for special and genocidal attention from ISIL. Perhaps none of us had even heard of them before 2014, but because they have been in the news, and because LDS Charities has helped refugee Yazidi women replace their unique religious clothing, some of us are beginning to be faintly aware of their plight, if almost completely unfamiliar with their culture.

In a somewhat similar way, the Assyrian culture of the same region, a century ago, was and remains unknown to most of the world. Too few people are aware of the Armenian Genocide of that generation; far fewer know that a similar attempt at ethnic cleansing was carried out at the same time and in much the same manner against the Assyrians. The Assyrians of that era – modern Assyrians, not the ancient civilization of Sennacherib who fought against Babylon and the Kingdom of Judah – were, and are, a people with a unique form of Christianity (Nestorianism), who now number perhaps 300,000, less than a third of their numbers of a century ago.



A “Big-N Narrative” of Church History

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 13, 2016

There are many ways to write something as complex and texturally rich as the history of Mormonism: An academic historian might pose a question, then analyze available data to answer that question. A polemicist might pull out anecdote after anecdote, spun in malice to place the Church and its members in the worst possible light.1 A devotional historian writing for the purpose of worship might write explicitly about God’s hand in history: “Prompted by the Spirit, Joseph wrote to …” or “Because the Lord desired to test his people, he …” Historians write with different purposes and for different audiences, and that determines the structure of what they write, as much as it does the content.

The kind of history I most often write is narrative history, meaning I tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end, very often with some kind of conflict (that is, where the main character is challenged by physical conditions, or by the disapproval of friends, or by the need to get somewhere or do something). Resolving that conflict (overcoming that challenge) adds drama to the story, and means that by the end of the story something is different from how it was at the beginning.

Telling history as a story rather than presenting an analysis or proving a point is “small-n narrative,” a writing style based on narration. But writing a successful extended narrative history – two or two thousand incidents strung together to tell a broader story – requires a “big-N Narrative” as well. This Narrative provides the structure for the history and governs what characters are included and what incidents are chosen. Without such a Narrative tying the separate pieces together, what you end up with is a random collection of miscellaneous anecdotes strung together in chronological order. With such a Narrative (and, it goes without saying, with accuracy and the right selection of stories and skill in the telling), what you end up with is something that can be greater than the sum of its parts.


  1. Before anyone outside Keepa’s normal community blasts me for saying this, I’m not speaking here of authentic examination of negative aspects of Mormonism, or vigorous but honest debate; I reserve “polemicist” for someone who writes about Mormonism with hostility and without caring about fairness or civility. If that isn’t you, don’t take it personally. If that is you, you’re a polemicist. []

Book Giveaway: 7 — UPDATED with Winner’s Name

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 07, 2016

Want a free book? Comment on a Keepa post between now and Thursday evening, and I’ll draw a name from the hat to choose one of the duplicate books from my library.

I ended up with a second copy of Givens and Barlow, The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism. That’s a book listed at $160, although I got it for half price, and I don’t quite feel I can give that away in a drawing. How about holding a Dutch auction? That is, I would open the bidding at $160. If anybody wants to buy it at that price, speak up and it’s yours. Of course nobody will, because you can get it from Amazon for that price or less. So a few days later I would lower the bid to, say, $150. Do you want it at that price? You could wait for me to lower the bid a few days later to $140 … and then to $130 … but at some point somebody else is going to be willing to take the book at a reduced price, and you lose out. I would contribute the funds raised from that auction (which hopefully would be higher than my purchase price of $90; that much is my contribution) to one of the refugee organizations in the Salt Lake Valley. Don’t bid yet — that auction isn’t open yet. But if you have a reaction to that idea, please do comment.

Here’s what is available to choose from when your name is drawn (an overstruck entry means an earlier winner claimed that book). Note that I’ve added a few titles to what has been previously on the list.



Topical Guide, Part 2 (Mormon Life and Culture – Young Man and His Vocation)

By: Ardis E. Parshall - March 20, 2016

Mormon Life and Culture

An 1848 Mormon Catechism
About that Corporation
About that Polygamy Policy Timeline
About the Latest Gospel Topics Essays
Access to the Mind and Will of the Lord
Achtung! Grosse Konferenz, 1928
Addressing Current Events in Sunday School
“Adjustment Problems of the Modern Woman”: What Our Parents Learned about Women in 1947
Administering the Sacrament
The Adventures of Mr. Fly
Advice to the Relief Society in Wartime
Alexander Schreiner Explains Hymns
All the Punctuation in the Book of Mormon
American Idol, 1873
And All that Jazz
And the Angel Answered
Attention Sisters: This Document Intended for Male Eyes Only
Autumn Symphony: Orchestra at Temple Square
The Awesome Task of Peace
B. H. Roberts, on Tracting
“Barley … for Mild Drinks”: Danish Beer
Barnabee Bumbleberry and the Great Mustache Debate of 1960
“Be a True, Progressive Latter-day Saint Woman”
Be Definite
Be Thou Strong and Very Courageous
Be Ye Perfect, Even as Mantua Ward Was Perfect
Before He Was Famous
The Best Beards in Mormon History
The Best Beards in Mormon History: Best in Show
The Best Beards in Mormon History: Results Show
Big Time at the Recreation Hall, 1942
The Birds and the Bees: “Our Sacred Secret”
Birth of a Mormon Tradition: Jello!
The Bishop’s Court
Black Gipsy: A 1907 Reader for Latter-day Saint Children
The Body of a Man
Book of Mormon Geography
The Book of Mormon: A Testimony for God and the Bible
Book of Mormon Translations, Arabic, 1893
Brethren in Blackface
A Brief Guide to Mitt Romney’s Polygamous Heritage
Briefing Mormon Families on the New Media: Television, 1959
“Brigham Young” (1940): 20th Century Fox Studio Publicity
The Bright New Star: A Christmas Playlet
“Bringing Home a New Wife,” 1907
Build Your Very Own Salt Lake City, ca. 1941
A Bundle of Bandlos; see also: Bandlos (old post, new illustrations)
But Don’t You Want the Priesthood?
But the Fun Was Not Rationed
A Card:

Autumn (2)
Christmas Candles
Christmas Graphic, 1948
Color Me Khaki
Coming Forth
Commemorating the Relief Society
Contemporary Mormon Funeral Food
Faith’s Torch
Glory to God in the Highest
He is Risen!
Merry Christmas
The Message of Easter
Prohibition, 1933
Thrift (in honor [?] of the debt ceiling fiasco)

Cardston, Alberta: An Historical Dramatization, 1927
“Chase Me Girls”
A Celebration of the Months: Children’s Friend, 1929


The Childless Ones
The Childless Woman: Some Correlation Needed
The Children of Married/Cohabiting Gay Parents/a>
Christmas as a POW
Christmas Card, 1944
Christmas in the Sunday Schools, 1943
Christmas Worship, 1961
Church History, and Resilience to Challenge
Church Presidents Timeline, 1959
“Clear the Fort”and “Pull for Shore” Physical Activities for Young Men, 1963
Coasting in Paperville (1918)
Cold Water is the Drink for Me
comic strip i did over lunch
The Coming of Color, 1966
Concert Prayer
Concert Recitations
“Corianton”: Genealogy of a Mormon Phenomenon
Costumes, We’ve Got Costumes, 1956
The Courage of the Women of Zion: A Radio Dramatization
A Creche for the Kids to Color and Cut Out
“The Credit It Deserves”: Respecting Religious Organizations
Crossing the Plains Panorama, 1921, part 1,part 2,part 3,part 4
December, 1926
Deseret: The Opera: background, Act I, Act II, Act III
The Destiny of the Unmarried
Devotees of Defamation
“Dialogue from the Book of Mormon,” by Susa Young Gates
Disneyland in the Children’s Friend
Do Not Raise the Sacred Strain, Gently or Otherwise
Don’t Rise and Shout – er, Sing
Don’t Sing a Lie
Dotting the Earth with … Baptismal Fonts
“Down and Back” Immigrant Companies
Dressing the Dead, (Reprise)
Dressing the Deacons and Teachers and Priests, Again, with Follow-up to “Dressing the Deacons”
The Eagle Has Landed
“An elder goes into a new town …”
Elves and Fairies and Brownies
“Embellished with Parks and Groves”: Washington Irving in Missouri
“Era of Youth”: A Later Issue
Eric Nielson, “The Secret Life of Earl Johnson”
An Early MormonAd, 1969
“Embarrassed by Showing So Much”
Evening Fun, 1926
An Example of Anti-Intellectualism in the Church
Exclusive Singles Dance
“Extra” Pre-1978 Missionary Lesson
Extra! Mormon Apostle Admits the Church is “In Business, and Big Business at That”
Ezra Taft Benson: “Of One Blood” (1958)
Family Ghosts
Fannie Foldup
“Father Says …”
Fathers and Sons Outings, 1926
February Paperdoll, 1951
Financial Planning, 1931
First Presidency Greeting, 1940
The First Snow Vision
Flooding the Earth – or at Least Facebook
Following Yonder Star
For a Snowy Afternoon
For Mina on Her Birthday (cowgirl paper doll)
The Four Quests of Home Building, 1942
The Fourth Emphasis is Here
“Flu Time”
For “God Saw That It Was Good”
“For the Lord is Risen”
Games I Hope We Never See Again, 1949
General Conference, Zwickau, 1928
“A Generation Which Does Not Think of War”: What Our Grandmothers Wanted for Us, 1936
George Albert Smith Photo Montage
Gift Subscription, 1960
Of Gifts and Rods and “Things of Nature”
“Girl with Typewriter”
Giving Thanks
Go Get a Rat Trap, Bigger than a Cat Trap
God’s Acre
Goddess of Air, 1935
Grace of Deity – Sacraments of the Church – Individual Merit
The Grave Hath No Victory
Great Fall Conference at Berlin, 1927

Grubby Boys and Tomboy Girls: Mormon Tweens
Gun Safety for Kids Greetings of the First Presidency, 1939, 1868
Halloween, 1926, Halloween, 1932, Halloween, 1935, Halloween, 1944
Halloween Paper Dolls, 1951
Halloween Party, 1935
Handling Politics in Church Classes
Happy New Year, 1921
Happy New Year, from 1938
Happy New Year, 1957
Harmonica Band, 1927
Haunted Houses
Have Courage to Say “I Don’t Know”
“Health Is Abundance of Life”
Heber J. Grant Photo Montage
Here I Raise Mine Ebenezer
Here We Come a-Caroling
Hirsute History
History and Heritage and Why People Leave the Church
Hitler and Mormon Art
Home Builders, 1942
Home Sunday Schools
“How Many Wives Have You Got?”
How to Be a Missionary, 1936 (1 of 2), (2 of 2)
How to Be a Missionary: Cottage Meetings
How to Be a Missionary: Hall Meetings
How to Handle Your Oxen When You Cross the Plains
How to Hold a Church Dance, circa 1917
How to Plan Your Menu After You Reach the Valley
Hugh B. Brown’s Most Famous Statement
I Am a Believer, But I Don’t “Just Believe”
“I Am the Very Model of the Modern Mormon Missionary”: 1965
I Want to Bee …
If You Had Been a Mormon Boy Born in 1915
If You’re Emigrating, Listen Up (1907)
Illustrations for Kids: 1873, 1884, 1894, 1896
The Improvement Era and the “Era of Youth”
Individual Aaronic Priesthood Award, 1963
Instructions in Ordinance Work: Japanese, 1949
“It is not true that the beard makes a man look like a bear or a monkey”
It Isn’t About You; It’s About Your Mother
The “Itch”
It’s Curtains for the Tabernacle
It’s Debatable
It’s Only Going to Get Worse, My Friends
J. Leo Fairbanks: Book of Mormon Pictures that my Teacher Showed to Me
J. Leo Fairbanks, on a Sacred Memorial to God’s Servants
Jack O’ Health and Peg O’ Joy, 1926
John A. Widtsoe, In Search of Truth
John A. Widtsoe Has Joined Facebook
Joseph F. Smith: The Rights of Children
Journey for the Future
Julie, Right Way Pilot
Just What You Were Waiting For: The Bloggernacle’s 329th Post on Elder Bednar’s Talk
Keepa Goes to Family Home Evening
Keepapitchinin (the Original!) vs. the Cragin Anti-Polygamy Bill
Kids’ Model Airplane, 1929
The Kindness of Strangers
Knowing How Much Y’all Love Scouting …
L.A. Ramsey’s Illustrations for From Plowboy to Prophet,1912
The Lamanites Receive a Skin of Blackness? Not Any More
Las Notas Contentas
Latter-day Saints and Compulsory Military Service (reposting)
LDS University Bookplate
Learn This for Tonight’s FHE
Learning to bear Testimony, 1913
Lehi Quoting Joseph Quoting the Lord about All Those Josephs: 2 Nephi 3
“Let Martha Rest”: Sabbath Keeping in 1929
A Lesson on Signs, Tokens and Symbols
A Letter from a Mormon Farmer’s Wife to Her Sister-in-Law in the State Hospital
Life on Mars
Lift Up Your Voice, 1924
A Lion House Halloween
Little Children Everywhere
A Living Faith: What You Know that Harold Bloom Doesn’t
Lonely, Bitter, Maladjusted, Highly Disagreeable, Sour, Gay, and Insane: The Unmarried Saint in the Pew Next to You
“Loud Boys,” 1930
Lowering Dignity (1950)
“The machine was called an Ironrite”
Make a Camel
Male Chastity
Manti Temple, 1888
Map of Pleasant Things
“March of the Salt Soldiers”: James Arrington’s New Play
Marching in Primary and Sunday School
Mary and Ted Go to Primary
Master M Men and Golden Gleaners
Melchizedek Priesthood Manual, 1939: On debt, taxation, conservation and labor
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas from theChildren’s Friend
A Message for Christmas, 1948
A Message for the New Year, 1952
MIA Slogans and Themes
The Miracle of Salt Lake: A Mormon Movie You Probably Never Heard Of
The Missing Members: Reactivation, 1909
Mission Primary Leaflets: How to Organize and Operate a Primary in the Mission Field, circa 1950
Missionaries’ “Little White Bible,” 1941
Missionary Dress Code, 1942
Missionary Street Meetings – How Did They Work?
Mitt Romney, Blackness, and the Book of Mormon, Part 1
A Model for Little Boys, 1867
A Model Husband, 1894
The Model Mormon Fly-Trap
The Money Quote in President Uchtdorf’s Talk
More on Deaconly Uniformity
A MormonAlphabet: Play the Game, Win a Book, and A Mormon Alphabet 1924, and Contest Winner
Mormon Art Exhibit to Tour the Muslim World
Mormon Catechisms?
Mormon History in Pop Culture
Mormon Kid Art, 1919,1919 (2),1919 (3)
Mormon Mourning, Right and Wrong
Mormon Underwear, 1915
Mormonism and Science: A Short History (but a long blog post)
“The Mormons” on PBS
Morning Miscellany
Moroni’s Purported Rambles
A Most Reprehensible Prostitution of Art
Mother’s Day [graphic]
Mount Rushmore of the East, 1986
A Moving Picture
MTC Under Construction
Mushrooms Old Enough for a Driver’s License
Must Come Down
Mutual Questions
My Favorite Dinner, 1912,My Favorite Dinner, 1912 (2)
My First Sacrament Meeting Talk: Intimate Unity with God
My Love He Is a Mormonite
My Words, Your Words, Their Words
The Mystery of Lot Number 106: Mormon Folk Art Carved Figure
National Anthem (… of Deseret)
New Dress – Er, Trousers Code for Sister Missionaries
New Methods for a New Age: In Search of Truth, John A. Widtsoe
“New Pioneers – On the March!”
New Testament Commentaries for Gospel Doctrine Teaching
New Views of the Provo City Center Temple
Nothing New Under the Sun
No Time for Boredom
The Nativity: A Christmas Carol Pageant for Sunday Schools, 1939
“New Frontiers”
Not in Faith Crisis? What’s Wrong With You?
A Note about Lesson 13, and My Philosophy of Teaching Sunday School
A Note on Charles Dickens and the Mormons
“Of Christmas – and of Things to Come”
Of Perfect Organizations
Oh, You Bean!
Old-Time Southern States Missionary Songs
The Old Written Order of Things
On Faith and Pain
On Music and the Sacrament
On Not Waiting for The Suitable Moment that Never Comes
On political labels in religious discussion
On Service in and to the Church
On Welcoming Home LDS Servicemen and Servicewomen
One Ward’s Community Life: Riverview Review, 10 May 1947
The Only True and Living Church
Order of Aaron: Correction and Further Information
Organist in Trouble
Out-Door Preaching: Instructions to Missionaries, April 1883
Overheard at the Family History Library: An Original Cartoon
“Pack the Books”: Evacuation Instructions for Missionaries
A Paper Doll, 1935
Paper Doll, 1960
Paperdoll: Carol’s Vacation Clothes
Papercraft Beads for Primary Girls, 1923
The Parade, 1958
The Passing of Presidents
Patriarchal Blessings
Peace on Earth
The Peacemaker and Bishop’s Court
Photoshop Like It’s 1922
Pickled Grapes
The Pine Cone Story
Pine Cone 2: The Sequel
Pioneer Pix:

1947 Postage Stamp
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, 1905
Sugarhouse Ward (Salt Lake), 1910

Poll: Our Beliefs about Their Beliefs: the 1964 Civil Rights Act
Pop Quiz: Spelling
Power and Importance of Sincere Singing (1951)
Praise the Lord with Dancing
Praise to the Man
A Prayer for All Veterans
“A Preparatory School of Intensive Teaching and Training”: The Church’s First Missionary Home
Pres. Uchtdorf: “Is It All Right to Have Questions about the Church or Its Doctrine?”
Preston Temple Pageant, 2013
Priesthood Line of Authority
Primary Was Intended for Boys
The Proselyte: General Authorities Read a Mormon-Themed Novel
Pulling at the Pillars
The Qmlbwpnygax Eujugec Have Not the Power to Ktgjie the Wzznlhmpygtg: Codes and Ciphers in Mormon History (part 1), (part 2), (part 3)
Rape, Suicide, and “Loss of Virtue”: A Children’s Christmas Story
Refining the Sacrament
Relief in the Order
Relief Society Pleads for Plowshares and Pruning Hooks, 1933
Religious Tolerance: A 1955 Primary Lesson
The Repetition of Sacred Ordinances
Request from Zimbabwean Saints
“Respect for the Bishop,” 1957
Retiring Toscanini
Return of the Love Triangle
Road to Happiness, 1926
Roadshow Costumes You Won’t See Again Soon
“Room for Perfectly Honest and Friendly Differences of Opinion”
Rules for Congregational Singing (with Wesley’s Directions for Singing)
Running Into a Keepa Serial Everywhere She Went
Sacrament Gems
Sacrament Handedness: A Poll
The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
Samoan Missionary Life, 1921
Sand Tables
Santa Puppet
The Sax Education of Mormons, 1926
Scene from a Fathers’ and Sons’ Outing
Scheduling Busy Sunday Mornings in a Two-Ward Building, 1959
The Scriptures I Want
Season’s Greetings [Halloween]
Seasons Greetings: Thomas E. McKay, 1942
The Second Annual Millard Stake MIA Track Meet
Seniority of Elders
September, 1926
September Schooldays
Service Kite
Shattered Families and the Spirit of Elijah
The Shawl of Mary Haskin Parker Richards
She BUILT her Very Own Salt Lake City, ca. 1941
Sherlock: A Man of the People
A Short Story of Cooperation
Signs of the Times , with followup: The Grinch Has Already Stolen Christmas
Sing a Song of Halloween
Sing the Wondrous Story
Single Saints and the New Gay Family Policy: My Thought Experiment
Sister Missionary, 1946-48: Part One (Mission Preparation)
Sister Missionary, 1946-48: Part Two (Arrival in the Field)
Sister Missionary, 1946-48: Part Three (Tracting)
Skylet Pilot: 7-Year-Old Co-Pilots
Sled Boy
Sled Girl and Friends
Slow Day at Work? (or maybe just in honor of Flag Day)
Snow Queen, 1950
So You’re a Ward Teacher (1952)
“Something Like a Jigsaw”: Sorting the Pieces
The Sound of Women’s Heads Exploding
Spanish For Relief Society and Militia
Speech Training: “How to Interest Our Audience”
The Spirit of Christmas, 1950
Stake Seventies Quorums
Startling Stories
Stored Wheat
Stripling Warriors on Parade, 2012
Subversive Photographs
“A Suitable Program Was Rendered”
Sunbonnet Pattern
Sunday School Easter Services
Sunday School Paper Shuffling
Suspicious Characters
Swastika and Temple
Sweet Ass
Talks That Work: Charles H. Hart, 1909
Teacher’s Tookit: Hectograph
Teaching Girls about the Priesthood, 1955: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
Teaching Young Men About Their Military Obligation, 1967
The Temple One-Year Rules
The Temple Spoon, 1893
Temple Square, 1935
Temples at Capacity? Temple Schedules, 1941
Ten Reasons Why Young Men and Young Women Should Attend the MIA, 1914
Ten Rules for a Real Boy, 1941
Ten Rules for a Real Girl, 1941
Thanksgiving 1926
Thanksgiving for Riches of the Spirit
Thanksgiving Graphics, 1936
Thanksgiving Silhouette
Thanksgiving Silhouettes
Then and Now: Talking to Young Women about Possible Missionary Service
“There Shall Be a Record Kept Among You”
There was an old lady who swallowed a … lizard
They’re Talking About Us (Still) (Again) (Always)
Things We Ought to Bring Back: Speech Training
Things Worth Knowing, 1911, 1911 (2), 1911 (3)
This Passing Time
This Picture Needs a Caption
This Photo Is Begging for a Caption
Thomas Margetts, on Preaching the Gospel
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (1921)
Thoughts on War and Sorrow and Peace
Three Possible Routes?
Through Death Valley: The Mormons in Pulp Fiction, 1907
A Time for Remembering
Tithing Settlement, 1896
“… To All People” (part 1)
“To do away with the mottley array”
To “Occupy the Time”? or to Teach and Bear Witness?
To the Mountains of Ephraim
To the Stable
Torn Between Two Lovers
Tracking the Tracting
Trailbuilders’ Caps, 1940
Treasure in a Trash Can
True and Faithful
True, or April Fool?
Two Easter Programs, 1951
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Underground Doctrines
Updating the Vocabulary
Ute-Shoshone Vocabulary
A Valentine, 1929
Valentine Graphic
Valentine Graphic, 1947
The Value of Church History in the Religious Training of the Child (1920)
Van Camp’s Pork & Beans
Violence and Bloodshed and Mayhem
The Vision
A Vision of Old, 1922
Vote Prohibition!
Wanted: Mormon Folk Songs
A Ward Family
“We Have Left No One Behind”: Agents for Ourselves and for Others
“We Lose Many Young People from Activity,” 1961
We Must Accept or Reject the Faith of Our Fathers on Its Own Merit”
We Sing Those Songs to Remind Us of What We Are
We Want to See the Temple
Weekly Meetings of Ward Teachers and Aaronic Priesthood, 1928. Part 1, Part 2
We’ll Be Home for Christmas
What Kirby Got Wrong This Time
What Latter-day Saint Men Should Know, 1914 (I)
What Latter-day Saint Women Should Know, 1906 (I), 1906 (II) , 1906 (III), 1906 (IV)
What Mormon Historical Figure Would You Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?
What Were They Thinking??! Again??!
What’s the Use of Mormonism? 1884
Wheat for Man
When War Shall Cease
When You Gather to Zion
The Whiz-Fly (1927)
Winter Sports, 1926
Who or What Are We Teaching?
The “Whole Armor of God”: Is This What They Mean?
Why It’s So Hard to Talk about Polygamy
The Whys of Flies
The Wise Men Call
“Ye Shall Do the Work Which Ye See Me Do”
Whose Fault Is It When LDS Women Marry Outside the Faith?
Woman’s Power to Remove the Cause of War
Wondering About “Wondering Awe”: A Christmas Whodunnit
The Wooden Bushel Basket as a Mormon Religious Object
Writing Fiction for the Relief Society Magazine
You Know You’re in Sanpete …
“Your Doubts”
Your Grandmother’s Nauvoo Monument
Your Very Own Astronaut
Why Correlation Can Be a Good Thing, 1849
The Wife I Want, 1893
Wise Men Watched
Without Purse or Scrip
The Women of Easter
Women’s Voices: Young Women
Yeah, Me Neither
You Can’t Go Back
A Young Man’s Stake Conference Talk
Your Grandfather’s Melchizedek Priesthood Manual
Youth Trek: What Can Make It Useful?
Zion’s Boys and Zion’s Girls
Zion’s Boys’ and Girls’ Treasure Book

The Mormon Past

1869 Measles Epidemic
Abraham Hindoian: Tithepayer
The Abuse of Hate, 1943 / 2011
An Act of Mormon-on-Mormon Violence: The Whitecapping of William Birdsall
Adamic Language and Masons
Address to the Priesthood, 1912 (part 1), (part 2)
Adult Aaronic Priesthood: “Led to What They Should Be”
Advertising a Mormon Lecture, 1897
Advertising the Movie A Mormon Maid, 1917
“The Affidavit of that Murdered Man: part 1
(part 1/2)
Alaskan Odyssey
“And a Volcano Burst Forth”
“And now a word from our sponsor …”
Andrew K. Smith’s Determinations, 1912
“All Belgian Saints Will Honor Our Brothers’ Graves”
Alvin C. York, Hero of World War I, Meets the Mormons
Ambassadors of the Gospel
Antique Office Technology
Antiques Roadshow, George Q. Cannon, Feminism, and (Gasp) Bicycle Riding
An Apostle’s Testimony in Soviet Russia, 1959
Apostolic Visit to Bermuda, 1959
“Apresentado a Sua Excellencia”
Arizona Pioneer Discovers Mexican Fast Food in 1873!
“As I Stand at the Edge of Eternity”: Joseph Fielding Smith’s Last Testimony
“As Swing as All Get Out”: Missionary Orchestra Hits Motor Town
“As Wonderful as It Is Glorious”: Lorenzo Snow Goes for a Spin in an Automobile
The Ashtabula Horror (The Ashtabula Horror P.S.)
At General Conference, 1926
At Home in Huntsville
The Background Details: Renewal Notice, 1935
Batter Up!, with Church Ballpark, 1958
B.H. Roberts Goes River Rafting, 1879
B.H. Roberts Meets “The Fair Minded Infidel”
B.H. Roberts in Water Valley, Mississippi, 1884
A Bargain Price
“Be of Good Cheer and Much Faith!”: Gospel Centennial in Scandinavia, 1950
[B]ear [H]unter Roberts
Beets in White Satin
Before Our Journey’s Through
Before There Were Temples in California
The Beginnings of Boys’ Primary Classes
Behind-the-Sceenes Rules for the Tabernacle Choir, circa 1935
“Belching Out a Tirade”
“Beware the Latter Day Saints”: Then, and Then, and Now
The Big Table: An Experiment in Communal Living
Big Tent Mormonism, 1913-1914
Bishop Ek and His “Lovely Ward … But They Are All Poor”
Bishops and the Relief Society’s Wheat, 1883
Book Notice, 1830
Bound for Zion, 1887
A Boy, A Train, and the Articles of Faith, 1928
Branch Conference, 1928
Breaking Ground
“Brigham, Can You Not Drop Polygamy?”
Brigham Had a Lot of Grandsons, but Not This One
Brigham ’n’ Ethel 4Ever
Brigham Invites a Kiss
Brigham Young – Marriage Broker?
Brigham Young Residence
Brigham Young’s Mailbag
Brigham Young’s Swimmin’ Hole
British Journalist Advises Changes in Missionary Methods, 1947
The British Mission in World War II: “We Shall Come Through This Great Struggle Unconquered”
The Buddhas of Bamiyan
A Bump in the Road to Hui Tau, 1936
Bureau of Information Building, 1910
Butch Cassidy, Wayward Mormon, Surfaces Again
By Sail – By Rail – By Trail
BYU Professor Proposes Radical Dress Reform for Men, 1931 (with illustration)
A California ’49er Visits the Mormons
Cardston Temple Capstone Ceremony, 1937
The Case of the Infant Elder
Catch of the Day
The Champion Checkers Player of Salt Lake City
“Change of Sentiment”: Purchasing the Hill Cumorah
The Chapel Built by Cigarettes
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Eulogizes the Dead
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Goes to Chaplains’ School
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Leads a March of the Mormon Battalion
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Leads Memorial Services
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Pleads for the Lives of His Men
Chaplain B.H. Roberts says, “Play Ball”
The Chapel at Jacksonville, Florida
Charles W. Penrose Schools His Feelings
The Cheshire Tragedy, 1843
“A Child Born of Such a Mother”: Mormon Midwifery Lessons, 1893
A Child’s-Eye View of the Mormon Silk Experiment
A Child’s History of the Church: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13
Children in Sacrament Meeting, 1953
The Christchurch Earthquake on Facebook
Christmas Thoughts, 1899, 1944, 1964, 1970
The Church and the Present War
“Church officials do tell us how to vote”
Church Publications for Sale, 1856
The Church’s Resolution on Disarmament, 1921
A Cold War Incident in Czechoslovakia
Colorado Mission Home, Then and Now
Come to Meeting in Berlin, 1925
Commemorating the 1866 Circleville Massacre
Communists (?) Infiltrate Newfoundland, 1949
Conference Announcements, 1939
Confidential: Have I Got a Deal for You
“Conspicuous Service, at the Risk of Their Lives”: An American Consul Praises LDS Missionaries, 1906
“Contributing” in Saint Joseph
Coolest Community Service Ever, 1942
Cover Girl, 60 Years Ago
Covered Wagon Days … in Denmark
“A Creaking Noise Was Heard, Followed by a Sound Like the Crash of Thunder”
“Crossing the Threshold of the Preexistent State”: Hugh J. Cannon, David O. McKay, and the Seasick World Tour
The Cultivation of the Mind
“A Curious and Interesting Enterprise”
Cut Off by War: The Norwegian Saints Report, 1944
David O. McKay Envisions Zion
David O. McKay Greeted in Nyssa, Oregon, 1952
David O. McKay’s Passport, 1920
The Day the Angel Moroni Almost Lost His Horn
“The Day the Mormons Came”: A BBC Broadcast, 1956
The Deacons’ Meeting, 1925
Deerskins and Church Security among LDS Shoshones, 1938
Deporting Undesirables
Deseret Alphabeth First Reader
Deseret Book’s First Catalog, 1922
Detroit’s MIA Yearbook, 1929-30
Dictating Politics: The Election of 1912
“Died in the Service of Their Fatherland”: Latter-day Saints in Germany, World War I – 1914, 1915
“Died in the Service of Their Fatherland”: Latter-day Saints in Germany, World War I – part one, part two (with images: Death Notices in Der Stern, World War I)
Deseret Stone, 1853

Diné bizaad
“A Display of No Ordinary Character”
“A Disturbance at the Mormonite Chapel”: 19th Century British Hooliganism and the Latter-day Saints
Does a Tree Still Grow in Beijing?
A Doggie Would A-Tractin’ Go, Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm
Dr. Pack and the Common Six-Pack
Drop the Division of Deaconly Duty
Eagle Gate
Early Days of the Anchorage, Alaska Branch
Ebenezer Beesley
“Echoes of Lives Wrecked”
Elbert Thomas, 1909
An Elder Visits Independence, 1920
The Elders and Saints of Europe, 1912
Electing the Bishop, 1895 (senile retelling of same story a year later: Electing the Bishop)
Eleven P.M. in a Mormon Household (1907)
Elsie Cooke Goes to April Conference, 1910
En Route to the Field: Missionaries Aboard the S.S. Vestris, 1928, and, Letters of Condolence
An English Music Critic Visits the Tabernacle, 1885
Envied by a King: Mormon Boys, 1916-17
The Explosive Beginnings of the Church in Eugene, Oregon
A Family by the Numbers
Fielding Academy Catalog: LDS Education, 1902-03
Financing the Kingdom: An Example from 1936-37
“Every Effort to Promote Love”: Changing the Focus of Armistice Day
The Fire and Light Was Always Free: A Case of Pioneer Hospitality
Fires of Faith in Great Britain, 1848
First News from the Saints of Frankfurt, Germany at the End of World War II
First Presidency Statement on Apostasy
First Presidency’s Office, 1917
“The First Trip Thru the Mission”: The East German Mission Presidency Calls on Members, 1945
Fish and Chips in Zion, 1936
Five Thousand Zulu Warriors, One Prince of Wales, and Two Mormon Missionaries
“Fleeing Back to America from the War Zone of Europe” (1915)
Flight from Mexico
Footnote 43
Foreshadowing in France
French Relief Society Presidents, 1933
A French View of Mormonism, 1941
From the Notebook of J. Golden Kimball, part 1, part 2, part 3
“Fulfillment of Prophecy” … in the Third Reich
Gaston L. Braley, “Leaves from a Life’s Journal”: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, A Sequel
A “Gathering” Storm (1 of 3), (2 of 3), (3 of 3)
Generous Scots
Genesis and Geology: A Dialogue
George Albert Smith
George Albert Smith, Gentleman
George Albert Smith: “Shut It!”
George Bernard Shaw on Mormon Polygamy
George Henry Mecham Pays a “Debt”
George Q. Cannon Speaks Out Against Internet Snark
Getting Mormon Books into Libraries
Getting the Word Out: General Conference, 1948
Gila Academy, 1920
A Good Samaritan Prodigal Writes a Hymn
A Good Word for the Elders, 1884
Gordon B. Hinckley: En Route from Singapore, 1963
Gordon B. Hinckley Unexpectedly Finds Himself in a War Zone
The Gospel of the House Fly
The Gospel Unites Us All (Dutch potatoes for post-war Germany): part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
El Gran Terremoto de Valdivia, 1960
Overcoming the Great Depression and Establishing Zion at Moon Lake
The Great Mormon Marijuana Myth
The Great Tokyo Rat War of 1908
Greetings, LDS Serviceman! (1949)
Gunfire in the Tabernacle, 1891
Haere Mai ki te Hui Tau! (with full text of Hui Tau, 1911 letter)
Happy Birthday, Brigham Young!
“Harmony and Sweetness”: The Tabernacle Choir (by proxy) in Alaska, 1913
“He Got Well But Never Paid Us”: The Carthage Medical Bill of John Taylor
Heber J. Grant in Hawaii, 1935
Heber J. Grant: Me! Pick Me!
Heber J. Grant: My Days in School
Heber J. Grant Recalls Two Excommunications
Henry Ballard’s Miraculous Newspaper Delivery
Henry Eyring in the Cherokee Mission, 1855-1860
“Here, kitty, kitty,” or, The Lions of the Lion House
“Hi, Girls and Fellows of B.Y.U. …”
A Historical Mystery: Thomas Bullock and the Utah County Census
Hinc Lucem et Pocula Sacra
HJG Needed a Passport, 1901
Holger Danskes Briller
Hollywood, California, Stake Tabernacle, 1929
Home from Europe, 1946
Home Sunday School, 1950
Hooper Young’s Murder of Anna Pulitzer
A House of Dreams (for you and 39 of your closest friends’ families)
House of Many Gables
The House of the Lord, 1964
How the “C” Word (Correlation) Was Introduced to the Church (1970)
How John F. Kennedy Learned about the 1,100 Missionaries in Germany, 1963
“Human Beings, Though Most Awfully Degraded”
Humane Sermon in Three Parts, 1917
J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Hangs Out His New Shingle, 1914
“I Have Had Many Little Presents”: Joseph F. Smith and the Adoption of Edward Arthur Smith
“I Have Not Seen or Heard an Elder or a Member of the Church for Over Seventeen Years”
I See What You Did There, 1930
“I Think It’s Going to Hit the Tabernacle!”
In the Sea Off Laupahoehoe
I’d Invest with This Young Man
“If There Is No Laundry Tub, Then Take a Swim in the Wash Basin”
“If You Desire to Keep the Spirit of the Lord …”
Impressions of Egypt, 1933
In Case You Missed the Solution to the Mormon Problem
In the Eye of the Beholder
“In Their Native Tongues”: Non-English Languages in Zion, 1924
The Indian Press Notes the Arrival of Mormon Missionaries, 1853
Indian Reservations, Indian Wards and Branches, 1955
Investigation Made by the British Government of the Mormon Question
“It’s Still Tough Going West”: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1961
J. Golden Kimball Speaks in Conference, 1926
Jack the Ripper and the Lady Missionaries
Jack the Ripper Mormons
James E. Talmage: A Short Course on How to Teach a Church Class
James E. Talmage on Naming His Sons, part 1, part 2
James J. Strang to John Taylor and Orson Hyde, with Reply, 1846
Janne M. Sjodahl vs. Albert Einstein
Japanese Incident
Japanese Soldiers, 1904
“Jim the Penman”
Joe Smith’s Secret Plan
John Alvon Glauser: An Elder in Nazi Germany
John Dempsey: “They Kick Better Men Out of Hell Every Day”
John Garratt Chambers: An Englishman’s Emigration, 1853 (with full text of his letters)
Joseph F. Smith: “The Mob as an American Institution,” 1903
Joseph F. Smith Family Reunion, 1970
Joseph Wilford Booth: His Grave Dedicated, 1933
Julius Taylor Attends Old Folks’ Day
“Junior Council”: The Church Steps before the Television Camera
Just for a Few Hours, Brethren. You Know, While You’re in Church
The Kanes Have a Mormon Thanksgiving
Kaysville’s YMMIA Library
“Killed by Mistake”: The Murder of Martin Harris, 1841
The King is Dead, Long Live the King! (1936)
King Meets Apostle, 1906
“The Lamanites of South America”: Opening the Work
Last Week: Provo Tabernacle Interior
Latter-day Saints in Beirut, Lebanon, 1965
Law of Adoption (1894 Talks by Wilford Woodruff and George Q. Cannon
LDS Response to the Relocation of Joseph’s and Hyrum’s Graves, 1928
An LDS Woman at the Dawn of War, 1914
Leading a Flock to Zion, 1912
Learning to Lead in Mississippi, 1939
Leaving Mormonism: Jonathan Grimshaw Crosses the Plains from West to East, 1856
Lecture Series, Czechoslovakian Mission, 1934
Lee’s Ferry and the Little Colorado: A Pictorial
LeGrand Richards: Then and, Well, Before Then
Lethbridge, Alberta: “Ye Shall Obtain Riches … to Feed the Hungry
“Life Will Become Tolerable to Many”: The National Insurance Act of 1911
Life’s Storms
Lion House, ca. 1910
The Lockerbie Rail Disaster, 1883
London’s Saints Rally to the Aid of the Titanic’s Victims
Long Gone: The Mystery of Gubernatorial Absences in South Carolina and Utah
“The Lord Would Have Eliminated Bigotry and Class Distinction”
Lorenzo Snow’s Funeral, 1901
Lost and Found: Two Ladies and a Handbag
“The Main Church of Liverpool, England”
Majesty in Chains
“Making Available to Faithful Members” (1952)
The Man Quilt
Manifestations of the Holy Ghost vs. Practical Experience: A Historical Perspective
Manti Temple
Manti Temple under Construction
Mar Vista Chapel, Los Angeles, 1928
“The March of Time,” 1937
Marriage, Tattoos and Baptism among the Maoris: Missionary Instructions, 1888
May I Have Your Autograph?
Meeting an Obligation: Temple Receipt, 1926
Memorial Day Comes to Deseret, 1873
Men’s Work, Women’s Work: On the Books of the United Order
A Message for the New Year (1951 … 2014)
MIA Bans the “Twist”
Minister’s Certificate, 1909
Miracle of the Quail
Mission Presidents’ Resolutions, 1935
Missionaries Mobbed in Mexico, 1925
Missionaries Wearing Fezzes
The Missionary and the London Air Raid

Missionary Evacuation, 1939: A First Person Account
Missionary Fare on the High Seas, 1913
Missionary Home Training Schedule, 1936
Missionary Life: Northern States, 19-aughts
Missionary Preparatory Training Course, 1926
Missionary Reunion, Tahiti Mission, 1904
Missionary Songs of Brigham Young, 1833
“Missouri People Were Not All Mobbers in Those Terrible Days”
“More like the discarded products of a toothpick factory than like a house of worship”: The Bombing of a Mormon Chapel, 1916
A Mormon Abroad
A Mormon Collectible, 1901
Mormon Family Profiled in New York Press, 1884
The “Mormon Highball” and Other 19th Century Mormon Home Remedies
Mormon History à la Grecque
A Mormon in the Family Tree
Mormon Invasion!!! : The Onion in London, 1927
Mormon Marriage Comes to Australia, 1923
Mormon Marriage in Australia, Newspaper Stories
The Mormon Moment, 1935
The Mormon Mutiny of 1842
Mormon Newspapers of the 19th Century
Mormon Pioneer History Recorded in a British Newspaper, 1925
A Mormon Sermon in Calcutta, 1851
Mormon Sugar Mill, Laie, Hawaii, 1899Mormon Sugar Mill, Laie, Hawaii, 1899
Mormon Teachings on Race Relations, 1935
Mormonism in Ireland: Legal Aftermath of an 1855 Meeting
MormonUSA, 1910,1933
A Mormon View of Islam, 1874
The Mormon What????
Mormonism in the News, 1900
Mormons at Castle Garden
The Mormons’ First Memorial Day
Mother’s Day Carnations, 1920
The Mountain of the Lord’s House
“The Mountains Shout”: Evan Stephens and the Recording of Mormon Hymns
Munsingwear as Mormonwear
Murder in the Metropolis (1 of 4) (2 of 4) (3 of 4) (4 of 4)
My First Visit to a Japanese Home
My Japanese Christmas of Long Ago
“Neither Music, Melody, nor Harmony”
New Issue of the Book of Mormon, 1921
New Leadership for the Washington, D.C., Branch, 1929
A New Mission
The New York Times’ First Crossword Puzzle
New Zealand’s Pioneering Relief Society Presidency
Newsies’ Sunday School, 1914
No, no, no, NO! (Provo Tabernacle fire)
No the Angel Moroni Did Not appear to George Washington!
“Not Humiliation, But Heroism”: Mormon Refugees in El Paso, 1912
A Note about Brigham’s Beard
The Number One Very First Earliest Original LDS British Sunday School
Numbering of Conference Sessions
Oakland, California
Observant Mormons
“O My Father” in North Africa, 1943
An Occurrence at the Tabernacle, 1890
Of Marriage, Priesthood, and More: Evolving Policies of the 20th Century
An Offer He Could Refuse, 1908
Oliver Cowdery’s Last Testimony
On Earth and in Heaven
On the Eve of War, 1940
On the Steps of the Administration Building, 1920
One Earringy Dingy, Two Earringy Dingy
One Hungry Missionary
“An Onion of the Gospel”: J. Golden Kimball Speaks in Portland, 1934
“Only a little newsboy”
Open-Air Missionary Meeting, London, 1901
The Opening Up of Africa
The Origin of Plural Marriage
Origin of the “Threefold Mission of the Church” Statement
“Our Foreign-Born Friends”
“Our Lives Are Not Safe”: Armenian Latter-day Saints in the Genocide
“Out of the Realm of Despair”: Famine Relief in 1940
Outdoor Baptism, 1940
Oxen and Plow
Palmyra Pilgrimage, 1922
A Pestering Mormon, 1969
A Photograph:

Beside the Golden Door
The Book of Mormon Comes to Life in Syria, 1925
Conference Crowds, ca. 1940
Ezra Taft Benson, 1946
Elsie Chamberlain Carroll
The Feet of Them that Bring Good Tidings
Halloween at Primary Childrens Hospital, ca. 1934
In the Land of Egypt, 1921
A Moon Fallen Low
Oliver Cowdery Monument Dedication
The President and His Pal
The Prophet’s Birth Place
Rail Meets Trail
The Riot That Never Was
Sibling Rivalries: A Note to Joseph F. Smith from His Daughter, Leonora
South Temple and Main
Southern States Missionaries
Those Cotton Pickin Mormons
The Washing of Feet, 1914

A Picture of the Bloggernacle, November 14, 2014
Pioneer Mormon Movie Makers
Pioneer Parade: Salt Lake City, 1889
The Pioneers: Our Models of Faith, Courage, Endurance – War?
Pitching Horseshoes, 1924
“The Pleasure of Your Presence”: Sharon, Vermont, 1905
Plural Marriage:

Bite 1 (Plural marriage was a priesthood ordinance)
Bite 2 (There was no formal, consistent “rule book” for the historical practice of plural marriage)
Bite 3 (Grammar)

The “Pocket Litter” of Mormon History
Pouze jedenkráte v živote: naskýtá se Vam priležitost úcastniti se jubilejních oslav 100. výroci trvaní
Poisoned Sugarplums: Eliza R. Snow Writes for Little Children
Polynesians in the Desert
A Prayer for Peace, 1914
The President Is at Home
President Uchtdorf, Elder Benson, and Keepa
Pretend Mormons
Primary Children’s Hospital Ward, 1940
Primary Girls of Twin Falls, Idaho, 1952
Provo Tabernacle/Temple, 17 August 2012
Public Baptism, 1850
Raising Funds for Relief Society in London, England
Raising the House in San Antonio, 1949
Random Reasons Why I Like Brigham Young: One
Random Reasons Why I Like Brigham Young: Two
Random Reasons Why I Like Brigham Young: Three
A Ready-Made Congregation in Alabama, 1921
A Real, Live Mormon in Boston, 1879
Realignment of French-speaking Missions in Europe
The Recovery of Clark Hamblin
The Red Triangle Club
“Reduce Missionaries in Neutral Countries to Smallest Workable Number,” 1939
Reestablishing Contact with the Norwegian Saints, 1946
Relic of an Old Tragedy
“Relief of the Needy Cannot be Immoral or Unlawful”: Justice for Mormon Widows and Orphans, 1892
Relief Society Hall, Parowan, Utah, 1927
Relief Society Maternity Chests and Bundles, 1923
Rented Light Bulbs
Report of the Mexican Mission, 1876
Report on the South American Missions, 1948
Reporting the Mormons
Returning from the Temple Dedication, 1955
Riverview Ward Anniversary, 1948
Rochester, New York Hears from Elders Millward and Driggs, 1926
Roof Trusses, Salt Lake Tabernacle
Rudger Clawson Takes a Bath, 1912
The Sailing of the Enoch Train, 1856
St. George Rocked by Crime Wave 1897
The Saints Gather in Breslau/Wroclaw, 1924
Salt Lake City, early 1860s
Salt Lake Missionary Home, 1974

Schedule; “Your Potential forSuccess”
Priesthood Correlation in Missionary Work

Salt Lake Temple Under Constuction
Salt Lake Theater, circa 1862
Salt Lake Theater Interior, 1899
“Scared Straight”: 1926 Mormon Edition
Second International Hygiene Exhibition, Dresden, 1930
“Self Abuse” and “Self Destruction”: Frank Talk in Relief Society, 1927
Seminary Building, Provo, Utah: 1927, 2013
The Shingle Sisters of Lake Elsinore, California
Shipboard Services, 1930
“A Sight to Make Strong Men Weep”: Rudger Clawson, World Traveler
A Simple Prayer
Signs of the Time [Janne M. Sjodahl on Albert Einstein]
Smells Like …
So You Think You Can Dance, 1851 Edition
Somali Pirates, Mormon Militiamen, and the U.S. Military
Southern States Mission Leadership Conventions, 1939
Stakes of Zion, 1942
“Stated More Luridly than in a Work of History”
Stories from the Construction of the Laie Temple
The Story of a Stone: Miriam Works Young
Street Meeting, 1915
“Such a Frivolous Point”
Summoned by the Syrian Intelligence Agency: Adventures of the Elders, 1948 (part 1), (part 2)
Sunday School at Scipio
Surviving Saints of the Armenian Mission, 1922
Swiss-German Mission Rules, 1914
The Swiss Saints Contact the Church, 1944
Tabernacle Interior, 1880
The Tabernacle under Attack, 1938
Takaroa Band, 1919
Technology in the Service of the Gospel
Televising General Conference: Question, Televising General Conference: Answer
Temple Excursion, 1902
Temple Innovation, 1922
Temple Square’s Temporary Temple
Temple Work
Temple Work in Connection with the Church Security Program
Tenth Ward Band, 1864
A Terrifying Proposal
That 1937 Illinois Documents Purchase
That’s a Strange Way to Tell Me You Love Me
There’s Just Something about Covered Wagons
“Thereby Hangs a Tale”: David O. McKay on the Stake Conference Circuit, 1909
“They Are Firing at Us”: A Mission President in World War II
They Lived to See Sputnik, Yet They Remembered Brigham Young
They “Shipped the Books”: World War II Missionary Evacuation
“This Great War”: Missionaries Report World War I
Those Sensational Mormons, 1908
Three Musketeers: Servicemen’s Meetings in the Canal Zone, 1942
Through the Fire
Through These Gates
Tithing Yard, circa 1900
To a World at War, 1940
“To Appreciate Our Homes When Once We Are Permitted to Return”: Sister Missionaries in Samoa, 1892
To LDS Servicemen in Italy: February 1945, March 1945, March 1945, July 1945, August 1945, September 1945
To Members Far from Temples, 1916
To Prosecute or Not to Prosecute: The Libelous Accusation against John A. Widtsoe
“To Speak in Public on a Stage”
To Your Tents, O Israel: Richards Ward, 1915
Tracting in Newark, New Jersey, 1905
“A Tragic, Solemn and Dark Day”
20th Century Covered Wagon Pioneers
Two Presidents Meet, 1919
The Two Roads
The Ugliest Post Keepa Has Ever Published
Unexpected Tenderness: Joseph F. Smith on the Death of George A. Smith
University Sunday School
An Urgent Need, 1932
A Utah War Primer
The Valentines Return from Switzerland, 1917
“Very Ignorant of the Subject”: Brigham Young Corrects a Journalist
Vienna Jacques: A Glimpse in Transit
Visiting the Saints in Finland, 1932
The Visitors
Votes for [Mormon/Utah] Women
The Ward Widows’ Home
The Washington, D.C. Chapel
The Way We Were: July 1942, July 1942 (German edition), March 1961, February 1985
“We Earnestly Petition You to Set Standards
We got ’em coming and going
“We Will Remember Them”
“The Wealthiest Church-Goers in the World”
“Well Known Facts”
A Welsh Mormon Concert, 1852
We’re dead! Dead, I tell you! (Why won’t we stay dead?!)
West of the Lion House
What an Irishman Thought of Us in 1851
What Happens to English Girl Converts Who Emigrate to Utah
What I Read as a Boy: Harold B. Lee
What If This Were Your Introduction to the Church?
What Was Burned in the Privy Vault?
“When Baked Potatoes and Milk Are Needed,” 1945-46
When Brigham Young Watched a Waltz
When Garbage Pickup Was a Gospel Subject
When One Prophet Supersedes an Earlier One
When Words Fail
When the Gas Lights Flickered
Where Is a Mormon’s Abode?
“The ‘Wild West’ Has Ceased to Be”
A Wild West Train Robbery – With a Mormon Twist
Wilford Woodruff’s First Mission (Graphic History):

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18

William B. Hodgetts, Writing from Worcester“>William B. Hodgetts, Writing from Worcester
William W. Phelps’s Mad Poetry: “The Apostates’ New Names”
Willing to Become a Mormon 1889
The Winds and the Waves, 1903
Winston Churchill Investigates the Mormon Question, 1910-1911
Winter on Temple Square
A Winter Walk from Solingen to Kassel, 1902
Without Money and Without Price
Without Purse or Scrip: First Tracting of the Argentine Countryside, 1931
TheWolfsgrün Displaced Persons Camp: Mormon Relief Efforts in the Soviet Occupation Zone, 1945-47
“Women Do Not Hold the Priesthood,” 1914
Word Processing, 1893
The Work of Their Own Hands
Wrecking Ball Blues
You Are Cordially Invited to 1905
You Are Cordially Invited to a Silver Wedding Celebration
“You Can’t Go to Heaven in Cologne Water”: A Missionary Talk by J. Golden Kimball
“Young Man, Do You Want SAL-vation?”: Joseph E. Taylor’s 1849 Mission (with Joseph Edward Taylor’s Obituary)

Mormon Standards

Introducing Mormon Standards
Cards (1)
Mormon Standards: Dancing (1)


Advent 2009:

Digital Sound Files
“All Hail the New-Born Year,” Parley P. Pratt, George Careless
“Bethlehem’s Song of Triumph ,” B.H. Winslow, Alfred M. Durham
“A Child’s Merriest Christmas ,” Lula Greene Richards, Willy Reske
“Christ Is Born, the Joyful Story,” Evan Stephens
“Christmas Babe,” Frances K. Taylor
“Christmas Bells,” George Hugh Thomas
“Christmas Carol,” Mildred Tanner Pettit
“Christmas Carol,” Willy Reske
“Christmas Eve,” Myles B. Foster
“Christmas is Coming,” Hazel Washburn, Lorenzo Mitchell
“Christmas Night,” Inez R. Preece, Inez Jean Preece
“Christmas Song,” Evan Stephens
“Dear Little Stranger,” Charles H. Gabriel
“Glory Be to God,” Evan Stephens
“The First Christmas Night,” Moiselle Renstrom
“The Holy Child,” Mildred Tanner Pettit
“In the Star-Light,” Mary Hale Woolsey, Robert Sauer
“Mortals Awake! with Angels Join,” Samuel Medley, John Rippon
“Sing the Sweet and Touching Story,” Emmeline B. Wells, George Careless
“A Stranger Star,” Orson F. Whitney, Evan Stephens
“A Stranger Star O’er Bethlehem,” Orson F. Whitney, Edwin F. Parry
“To the Land of Judea,” Frances K. Taylor
“We Must Adore Thee,” Willy Reske (arranger)
“When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem,” Ebenezer Beesley
“While Shepherds Watched,” Frank Moore Jeffrey
“The Wrinkled Brow of Time,” Orson F. Whitney, Samuel B. Mitton

“Be Thrifty,” Tra-la-la
Because We’re Mormons
“Don’t Be a Forgetter, Write the Soldier Boy a Letter”
Every Movement Needs a Good Theme Song
Gifts to Inherit and Gifts to Share: Reflections on “Go Sound the Jubilee”
The Great Question
“The Gushing Rill”
“I Am a Mormon Boy” (… “Girl”)
“If It Could Be”: A Relief Society Song, 1927
“Israel Reigns”: A Song by William W. Phelps
“Lasting Joy,” 1927
My Code: The Gaynote, Firelight, Merrihand Song
My Love He Is a Mormonite
O Britain! Dear Britain!
On Feeling Incited as Much as Inspired
“Our Mother in Heaven”
Primary Burlesque
Sing the Wondrous Story
Sing the Wondrous Story
A Sissy Boy
“The Smallest of Mine,” 1916
Song of the Wheat (1915)
A Temple Hymn
Two Mormon Folk Songs, One Tune to Learn
“Winter,” with Evan Stephens and Our Phantom
There’s No Such Thing as a Witch, (2015 posting)
Wondering About “Wondering Awe”: A Christmas Whodunnit
Zoom! I am a Pilot

Newspaper Clippings

A Beehive in Battersea, 1934
Chicago’s Welfare Project, 1943
“Scallywags to Its Ranks,” 1901
“Stupid Imposture,” 1854

On This Date

February 4, 1949
June 17, 1951

Open House

Susanville, California, 1929

Paper Doll, 1935

Chinese Girl
Dutch Girl/a>
East Indian Girl
English Girl
French Girl
Greek Girl
Japanese Girl
Mexican Girl
Scottish Girl
Spanish Girl
Swedish Boy


50 Handkerchiefs
An American Mormon? or a Mormon American?
Another Fourfold Purpose Thought, or, Why I Follow Prophets Instead of Trying to Lead Them
Ardishood: The View from 2010
Baby Clothes in the Basement
Being a 50-Something Single in the Church
Books Fall from Shelves
A Box of Home
Calling on Old Friends I Haven’t Yet Met
Carefully Taught
Completely Off-Topic: Help My Friends Win a Year’s Free Milk Delivery
Confessions of My Father’s Daughter (2014 Reposting)
The Consequence Follows
Creating My Own Edition of the Scriptures
Cutting Stones, or Building a Cathedral? A Minor Rant
Daryl’s Integrity
Days for Girls: Urgent Appeal
“Do Not Judge that Which Is Good and of God to Be of the Devil”
Does Jesus Understand Postpartum Depression?
Drowning in a Sea of Marriage
An Extraordinary Gospel Doctrine Moment
The Father She Never Knew
“Favourable Conditions”: New Year’s Eve Reflections
God’s Hand in History
“Grieved: For He Had Many Possessions”
The Hacking of AOL’s Mail Service
Helaman’s Sons
How I Got Hooked: My Confession
I Don’t Know It All, But I Know Some Things
“I Was Always Taught that …”: My Personal Experiences with Church Teachings on Chastity, Modesty, Rape, Etc.
In Which I Beat the Nevada Casino
In Which a Secretary Outshines a Police Department
A Lecture I Know I’ll Have to Give
“I left the church because I found out all the history that they never taught”
In Which I Suddenly Understand
Joseph Smith Again for the First Time
Justice for Peggy
Les Arabes (2015 reposting)
Living with Another’s Agency
The Missionary at Mass
My Fantasy Church Calling: Scripture Seminar
My Mission’s Brightest Moment
My Own Edition of the Scriptures: New and Improved
My Philosophy of Teaching Gospel Doctrine
Needling Grandma
“No Thought Save It Was to Ask”
Of Missionaries, Squirrels, and the Bloggernacle
“On the Wall”
Outside the House of God
Pillars of My Faith
Putting Our Time and Talents to God’s Service
A Rant about Scriptural Literalism
The New Year a-Knocking
On Being Asked for My Opinion
On Creative Agency: Barbie Dolls and Welfare Canneries
Poll: Tender Mercy? or Two Stupids Cancelling Each Other?
A Prayer for Jenny Reeder
Prayers for a Brave Little Boy
Radio Tubes
Remembrance of Things Fast
See the Band Wagon. See Ardis Jump on the Band Wagon.
Sharing Christ
Single Saints
Some Things Toby Has Taught Me
Still Thinking About the Children of Married/Cohabiting Gay Parents
Stray Thoughts During a Testimony Meeting on the Fourth of July
“Take Out the Trash Day”
This is the Son of God. These are Men in Uniform. Don’t Confuse the Two
To My Ward Members
To Touch the Face of God
Trials of Faith in the Face of History
A Week in the Life of an Independent Historian
What I Learned at the UVSC Bus Stop
What I’m Listening for in Conference
Words for Life
“Why Don’t You Just Get Out”
“Why I Chose to Convert to Islam,” by my niece

Photograph Collections

(Beehive) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, 1916
British Latter-day Saint Images, 1957
Flocks of Seagulls, 1923
Latter-day Missionaries, 1912
Latter-day Saint Children, 1927,1940
Latter-day Saint Images

1902 (double issue),1903, 1904, 1905, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1910 (2), 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1914 (2), 1914 (3), 1915, 1915 (2), 1916, 1916 (2), 1917, 1917 (2), 1918, 1918 (2), 1918 (3), 1919, 1919 (2), 1920, 1920 (2), 1920 (3), 1920 (4), 1921, 1921 (2), 1922, 1923, 1923 (2), 1923 (3), 1924, 1924 (2) (Women’s Edition, Mostly), 1925, 1925 (2), 1925 (3), 1925 (4), 1925 (5), 1926, 1927, 1927 (2), 1927 (3), 1927 (4), 1927 (5), 1928, 1928 (2), 1928 (3), 1928 (4), 1929, 1929 (2), 1929 (3), 1929 (4), 1930, 1931, 1931 (2), 1932, 1932 (2), 1932(3), 1932 (4), 1933, 1933 (2), 1934, 1934 (2), 1935, 1935 (2), 1936, 1936 (2), 1937, 1937 (2), 1938, 1938 (2), 1939, 1940, 1940 (2), 1941, 1941 (2), 1941 (3), 1941 (4), 1941 (5), 1942, 1943, 1943 (2), 1944, 1944 (2), 1948, 1949, 1949 (2), 1949 (3), 1950, 1951

Sisters of the German-Austrian Mission, 1937
Snapshots of Mormon Life, 1938, 1959
We Are the Beehive Girls, 1918

O, My Father

Collected Links

On the Program

Joseph F. Smith Birthday, 1944
Dedication of the Institute Building at Laramie, Wyoming
Joseph F. Smith Family Reunion, 1926
LDS Institute, Logan, 1952
Oneida Stake MIA Aademy, 1909
Rexburg Stake MIA Service, 1942
Woman’s Committee of the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1911-1912

Opening South America: The 1926 Missionary Diary of Rey L. Pratt

1-15 January, 16-31 January, 1-14 February1926, 15-28 February 1926, 1-15 March 1926, 16-31 March 1926, 1-15 April 1926, 16-30 April 1926


7 December 1941
The Acorn
Airman’s Circle
All This Will Come
Angel Whisperings to the Dying Child
Anthem: Temple Idaho
Any Father to His Boy
The April Fool
Arise, O Youth
Around These Emblems Bowed
Art Teacher
At Church
Aunt Em
Autumn Days
Awake! Ye Royal Sons!
Ax Handles
Baby Learning to Read
Bacteriological Verse
Badge of Triumph
Banquet Night
A Bare Possibility
Be Patient, Little Flock
Be Thou My Strength
The Beacon on the Hill
Beautiful Waters of Mormon
The Bees of Deseret
Best of All
Big-Man Shoes
Billie’s Ambition
Blow Gently, Ye Wild Winds
Boy of Mine
Boy Wanted
Boys Are Dear
Brave Privileged Feet
Brief Furlough
The Broken-Hearted Come to Thee for Cure
Brown-Crusted Bread
The Building Fund
By My Fruits
Cardston’s Jubilee
The Centipede
A Cheap Remedy
Chicken Pox
The Chimes
Christmas Bells
Christmas Card from a Fox Hole
Christmas Eve on the Desert
Christmas Fires
A Cigarette
Claim for Mercy
The Clerical Sense
The Close of Life
Closing Hymn
Coinage of the Year
Collector’s Item
Colour Blind
Come Forth, Awake
The Comet
Communion at Midnight
The Convert
Cooks and Cooks
The Constant Generation
Cumorah Hill
The Cynic
Dearest Pal of Pals
Death of Teancum
Denied Motherhood
Desert Shrine
The Dixie Quail
Does It Pay?
Down the Lanes of August
A Doxology
A Doxology
A Dream Come True
Dressing the Dead: My Baptist Grandmother at the LDS Mortuary (which she had picked)
Dressing Up
Earth, I Have Loved You Well
Easter Lily
The Emigrants’ Book
An Ephemeral Thing
An Episode of Euthanasia
Expect Not Peace
Fallen Giant
Father! Lead Me Out of Darkness
Father’s Garden
A Father’s Prayer
Fellowship Meeting
The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo
Field of Hyacinths
Finger Play
The Finish
First Real Treasures
Flowers in a Sick Room
For One to Come
For Recompense
For Right
For the Bereft
Four Hopes
Fragile as a Tinted Butterfly
A Fragment
The Freckle-Faced Kid
Fresh-cut Flowers
Gahazi’s Lament
The Gathering Saints

The Glad New Year
The Glory of All Creation
The Glory of War
God’s Love
Golden Rule Orphans
Gnarled Hands
God Must Love the Autumn
Good Night, My Boys, Good Night
Good Old Dog
The Gospel
A Gospel Dream
The Gospel Heralds
The Graduate Nurse (illustrated by: The Graduate Nurse, Embodied)
Grandfather’s Tree
Great-Grandmother Dear
The Groves of Venus
Gulls Follow a Plow
Gypsy Soul
The Half-Believers
Hail to Thee, Utah
A Halloween Fright
Hand-Me-Down Dog
Happy Warrior
He Careth for Thee
He Comes
Heart-deep in Winter
Heavenly Voices
Her Calling
Hill Woman
Hollyhock Dolls
Holy Affection and Undying Love
Home on Leave
Hopes for Mother’s Day, 1919
I Adore Old Things
I Am Rich
I Never See the Like
I Saw Her Fade
I Think of My Savior
I Wish
If I Were You
If Joseph Came
I’m Going to Be a Scout
I’m a Saint, I’m a Saint
In Arms We Trust
In Deseret We’re Free
“In Exile”
“Infant Daughter of –”
Into Light
Is It Too Late?
Is Our Mind Prepared for Prayer?
The Islands, the Message
It’s Christmas Eve
Jack Frost: Anti-Modern
Katie E. Merrill’s Grave
The King of the Kodak Brigade
The Kiss
Land-Bound Gulls
Last Call to Vacation
Lead, Little Feet
Lest Any Truth Be Lost
Let Me Remember
Let Me Then Answer
Let There Be Beauty
Liberty Park
Lien on the Land
Life’s Summary
The Lights in Homes
Little Boy Blue
The Lonely Grave
Love in Use
Magnify the Lord To-day, Cast All Doubt and Fear Away
Maori Hymn to the Creator
Marathon of Souls
Marking the Trail
May I Remember Thee
Maytime in the Mountains
Memo to Inventors
Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Memories on Mother’s Day
The Message of Easter, 1919
Mill Hand’s Vacation
Mirror, Mirror
Moan Alone
A Mocking Bird
Modern Carol
More than the Law
The Mormon Pioneers
The Mormon Pioneers
Mormon Politics
A Mormon Song
Mormon Woman
The Mormons and Their Enemies
Mother’s Evening Prayer
Moving Day
My Apology
My Baby
My Brother’s and Sister’s Grave
My Child and Thine
My Latest Inspiration
My Missingness
My Mother’s Hand
My Old Green Chest
My Shangri-la
My Span of Years
My Tryst with Christ
Nauvoo Band
Navajo Weaver
The Neglected Grave of a Mormon Pioneer
New Car Bug
A New Year’s Prayer for 1921
Night Life
Night Nurse
No Half Loaf, This
No Longer Missing
Not Alone
Not Comfortless
Nothing Is Lost
O Give Me a Home
O, Savior Dear
Obedience Is Better than Gold
Ode to a Deserted Cottage
Of Plain and Hill
Old Carpenter
Old Folks’ Greetings
The Old Hooked Rug
Old Things
On and On
The Organ Speaks
The Origin of Song
Our Baby’s Prayer
Our Golden Wedding
Our Temple Mothers
Over the Waves of Sin
A Parent’s Place
Partnership with God
Perpetual Fund
Petition (For a Missionary’s Welfare)
Pictures of Juarez
Pilgrim’s Progress
Pioneer Father
Pioneers 1920
Playtime Is Over
Please Don’t
Please, God
Poems and Trees (2016 reposting)
Poem for a Washday
Prayer for Banging Doors
A Prayer for Men at Conference Tables
A Prayer for the Mission Worker
Prayer for a Son
Prayer for Today
Prayer for the War-Scarred (2015 reposting)
Prayer of a Second Wife
Prayer of a Wanderer
Prayer of Thanks
Pretending Garden
A Primary Prayer
The Prisoner’s Letter
A Problem in Eve-olution
Profile of Joseph
The Promised Land
The Prophet Speaks
The Prophet Turned the Key
Purple Heart
Quick Forgiveness
Radio Magic
Rain Maker
Reaping We Wonder
Reasonable Facsimile
The Records of Our Dead
The Red Sea Wilderness
The Restoration
Resurrection Day
Reunion at Christmas
Sabbath Evening Prayer
Save the Trees
The Saving Light
The Seeing Heart
Seek Ye the Lord
The Seeker
Selfish Wish
Shall We Know Our Own Once More?
She Laughs at Miracles
Since Mother Went Away
Sleepy Time, 1930
Small Boy with New Born Kittens
The Snooks, 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8
Snow Song
Soaring Seagull
A Song
A Song for Returning Missionaries
Song for the Camp of Israel – Let Us Go
Song of the Pilgrim Mother
Song of the Twelve
Sonnet for an Empty Wheelchair
Sonnet on the Book of Mormon
Sonnet to the Bride and Groom
The Sparrows’ Thanksgiving Feast
The Spirit’s Stillness
Star of Evening
Star of Gold
Star of Gold Removed
The Star Still Shines
Starless Interlude
The Still, Small Voice
Still Wet
The Storm
The Story Hour
Sussex Road
Take What You Can
The Talisman
The Tell-Tale Blush
Tell Them You Love Them
Temple Gardener
The Temple Site
Temple Square at Dusk
Testimony Meeting in New Guinea
Thanksgiving Memories
That Lad
That Mormon
Their Separate Ways
Their Testimony
There Are No Unknown Dead
There Must Be Lilacs
Thou Shalt Worship the Lord Thy God
Time Erased
’Tis Well with Him
To a Child … Who Grew
To a Friend on His Marriage
To a Lost Flyer
To a Teacher
To an Aging Mother
To an American in England
To Any Wife
To Great Grandmother
To My Grandmother’s Portrait
To My Grandson: Elder Ferry Curtis Hadlock
To My Sisters
To the Master
To the Mormon Missionaries
To the One in the Middle
To the Returned Elders of Old Virginia
To Somebody’s Mother
To Tract
To You in the Year 2000 A.D.
Today and Tomorrow
Too Frail a Lute
Trial and Error
A Trip to the Sun
Truth’s Message
Twelve Ride to Church
Two Faces
Two Months a Missionary
Two Newspaper Women
The Understanding Heart: A Tribute to George Albert Smith
The United Uplift of the Hand
Utah Gulls in Spring
The Value of Silence
The Vigil
The Vision
A Visit to the Temple Site
Wakeful Winter Nights
War Time at the Farm
A War Tribulation
Wash Day Reverie
We Do Not Call Thee Chieftain
We Love Our Work
“We” Not “You”
We Thank Thee
Weather Retort
What Are We Doing
What Has Been Wrought
What of Thy Victory, O Woman?
When the Choir Broadcasts
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
When You Are Eighty
Where Is Peace?
Where the Gull Goes
White Crosses
Who Are the Truly Brave
Who Watched in Faith
Wide Awake
A Wish
With the Rain
Women’s Rights
The Word of Wisdom
The Year Is Done
You Have Not Failed
The Young Seer
The Young War Widow Speaks
Zintka Latuni

Political Tuesday

Civic Responsibility
LDS Political Thought (1948-49)

Lesson 1: The Meaning and Importance of Political Doctrines
Lesson 2: Some Political Doctrines of the Book of Mormon
Lesson 3: Political Ideas Advocated by the Prophet Joseph Smith
Lesson 4: “The Declarationof Belief Regarding Governments and Laws”
Lesson 5: Main Currents in Latter-day Saint Political Thought as Revealed in Discourse and Literature
Lesson 6: Contemporary Domestic Problems
Lesson 7: International Strife and the Quest for Peace

Civil Liberty Today (1949)
Declaration of Belief Regarding Governments and Laws in General (1949-50)

Lesson 1: “The Declaration of Belief Regarding Governments and Laws in General”
Lesson 2: The Significance of the Declaration of Belief
Lesson 3: “Governments Instituted for the Benefit of Man”
Lesson 4: Public Administration and Good Government
Lesson 5: The Obligations of Citizenship and the Responsibility of the State
Lesson 6: The Conditions for Achieving the Kingdom of God
Lesson 7: Achieving the Kingdom of God

The Constitution of the United States and Religion Liberty, 1948
Our Political Inheritance, 1949
The Tasks of Modern Citizenship (1949)

Problems of the Age

1: An Interpretation of the War
2: The Ashes of the World’s Conflagration
3: The World’s Leveling Processes
4: The Spirit of Destruction
5: Religion and the War
6: Conservation of Life
7: A Real Danger to the Middle Class
8: Value of Child Life
9: Co-operation
10: Extravagance
11: Inequalities a Besetting Sin of Present Day Life
12: The Future of the Holy Land
13. The Reaction of War Weapons on Civil Life
14: Intemperance
15: A Pleasure-Loving Age
16. Financial Respectability
17: Survival of the Fittest
18: The New Education
19: The Home
20: Woman’s World
21: Dependent Mothers
22: Sexual Life
23: Divorce
24-25. Race Suicide
26: Music
27: Dancing
29: Heredity
30: Eugenics
31-32: Back to the Land
33: Fast Offerings
34. Business Life
35: The Negro Question

The Prophets (From the Children’s Friend, 1945)

Heber J. Grant
George Albert Smith
Joseph Smith
Joseph F. Smith
Lorenzo Snow
John Taylor
Wilford Woodruff

with related pages:

“This is the Place”

Proprieties and Usages of Good Society

Lesson I. Introduction
Lesson II. Visitors in the Home
Lesson III. Dress
Lesson IV. Traveling
Lesson V.: Suggestions for Travel by Sea
Lesson VI.: Ball Room Etiquette
Lesson VII. Table Manners
Lesson VIII. Proper Street Deportment
Lesson IX. Shopping
Lesson X. Social Observances in Calling, at Weddings, and Funerals
Lesson XI. Picnics, Excursions, Parties, and Winter and Summer Outings
Lesson XII. Conduct in Places of Worship


An 1872 Charade: Another Keepa Puzzle
B Puzzle
Book of Mormon Alphabet (Puzzle)
Charade Challenge, 2009
Christmas Themed Puzzler
Come Play Conference Wordles! October 2012 Edition
Conference Wordle Puzzles, April 2011
Conference Wordles, April 2012
Conference Wordles, October 2010
Conference Wordles! October 2011
Conference Wordles! April 2013
Conference Wordles, April 2014
Conference Wordles, October 2013
Conference Wordles, October 2014 Edition
Contest: “Angels of Glory Shout the Refrain” – Writing a Hymn and Hark, All Ye Nations: Contest Winners
Crosspatch Puzzle, 1958, Crosspatch Puzzle, 1959
Donnie’s Day: JanuaryFebruary, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
“Enigma”: A Puzzle from 1875
An Enigma – Children Solved It; Can We?
An “Enigma” for Friends at Another Blog
Furniture Puzzle
Hidden Picture Puzzle
“Honored and Famous”: Another Keepa Enigma
How Many Can You Find?
How’s Your Walk and Your Talk? Another Keepa Puzzle
Monday Afternoon Riddle
Mr. Billy Goat in Spellingtown
October Conference Wordles: A Keepa Puzzle
Puzzle: Pioneer Days
Rogues Gallery: A Keepa Puzzle
Scriptural Enigma, 1878
Scripture Riddle
See if You Can Find Them
The Word Made Visible: A Keepa Puzzle
Wrong, So Wrong

Questions and Answers

About All Those Questions They Had …
He Had a Question, 1894-95
She Had a Question:

1897, 1897 (2), 1909, 1909 (2), 1909 (3), 1910, 1910 (2), 1911, 1911 (2), 1911 (3), 1912, 1912 (2), 1912 (3), 1912 (4), 1913, 1913 (2), 1913 (3), 1913 (4), 1913 (5), 1914, 1915, 1915 (2), 1915 (3), 1916, 1916 (2), 1917, 1917 (2), 1917 (3), 1917 (4), 1917 (5), 1918, 1918 (2), 1918 (3), 1919, 1919 (2), 1919 (3), 1920, 1920 (2), 1921, 1921 (2), 1921 (3)

They Asked Him Questions, 1947, 1955
I Have a Question:

1840, 1841, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1902, 1903, 1903 (2), 1904, 1905, 1907, 1908-09, 1912-13, 1930, 1954

I Have an (Unanswered) Question, 1896
I Have Even More Questions:

1890, 1894, 1896, 1898

I Have More Questions:

1890, 1892, 1894 , 1895, I Have More Questions, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1930, 1930

Questions from the Grass Roots, 1948:

part 1,[part 2] Curse of Cain Edition, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18

She Had a (Relief Society) Question, 1928
The Teacher Had a Question, 1953, 1953 (2)
They Had Peculiar Questions, 1912
They Had Questions:

1953, 1955, 1959

They Had More Questions:


They Had Questions, Too, 1939
They Had Sunday School Questions, 1919 (part 1), (part 2), (part 3)
Those Historical Questions
We Have Answers: St. George, 1898
What Were Their Questions?These Were Their Questions


Birth of a Mormon Tradition: Jello!
Dilly Bread
Gingerbread, the Scent of Christmas
Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday
Little White Lab Rat
Little White Lab Rat Cleans Up After the Easter Bunny
Little White Lab Rat Gets Juiced
Little White Lab Rat Goes Fruity
Little White Lab Rat Has Bean Loafing Around
Little White Lab Rat Is Your Sweet Little Honey Dumpling
Little White Lab Rat Inventories His Food Storage
Little White Lab Rat Loses Courage
Little White Lab Rat: The Postum Showdown
Little White Lab Rat Throws a Party
Little White Lab Rat Tries Again
“Noodles May Be Served as a Vegetable”: A YLMIA Cookbook of 1920
Pea-Shell Beer
Thrifty Cakes

Relief Society History

A Building for the Women of the Church
“The Fundamental Purpose of Our Work Days”
A Home for Women and Girls
Little Houses of Their Own: Relief Society Halls
The Jefferson Ward Bedding Project
The Scope of Relief Society, 1915

The Samoan Missionary Diary of Burton Kent Farnsworth

9 August – 31 December 1909, 1 January – 12 March 1910, 13 March – 7 June 1910, 18 June – 17 August 1910, 9 August – 14 November 1910, 17 November – 2 April 1911, 9 April – 1 September 1911, 2 September – 25 November 1911, 26 November 1911 – 26 January 1912, 28 January – 29 February 1912 , 1 March – 7 April 1912, 8 April – 7 May 1912

She Shall Be an Ensign

Women as Actors in Church History (Addendum)

Wicked Witches
Damsels in Distress
The Princess in the Tower
The Heroine’s Journey

She Shall Be an Ensign: The History of the Church Told Through the Lives of Its Women
Kickstarter Launch
Kickstarter Countdown

Sister Missionary: The 1946-48 Missionary Diary of Evelyn May Taylor

29 November-4 December 1946, 3 February-25 February 1947, March 1947, 8 May-9 May 1947, 10 May – 16 May, 1947, 17 May – 29 May 1947, 30 May – 16 June, 1947, 17 June – 6 August, 1947, 8 August – 15 August, 1947, 23 August – 24 August 1947, 30 August – 11 September 1947, 12 September – 20 September, 1947, 21 September – 24 September 1947, 24 September – 29 September 1947, 30 September – 30 October 1947, 31 October – 6 November 1947, 30 November 1947 – 21 March 1948, 22 March – 31 May, 1948, 1 June – 11 June 1948

Sisters ’Round the World

Introduction; Mexico
Lamanite Nations; Germany
England; Scandinavian Countries; Ireland and Scotland
Holland; Japan and China

Stories of the Book of Mormon (Phil Dalby’s Graphic Novel)

The Story of Lehi

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11 and 12, parts 13 and 14, parts 15 and 16, parts 17 and 18, parts 19 and 20, parts 21 and 22, parts 23 and 24, parts 25 and 26, parts 27 and 28, parts 29 and 30, parts 31 and 32, parts 33 and 34, parts 35 and 36

The Story of Nephi

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11 and 12, parts 13 and 14


parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, part 5


part 1, parts 2 and 3

The Book of Jarom

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4

The Story of Mosiah

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11 and 12, parts 13 and 14, parts 15 and 16, parts 17 and 18, parts 19 and 20, parts 21 and 22, parts 23 and 24, parts 25 and 26, parts 27 and 28, parts 29 and 30, parts 31 and 32, parts 33, 34, and 35

The Rebellion

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8

The Missions of Alma

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11 and 12, part 13

The Destruction of Ammonihah

part 1, parts 2 and 3

Peace in Zarahemla
The Adventures of the Sons of Mosiah

part 1, parts 2 and 3, parts 4 and 5, parts 6 and 7, parts 8 and 9, parts 10 and 11, parts 12 and 13, parts 14 and 15, parts 16 and 17, parts 18 and 19, part 20

People of the Lord
A Great War
Korihor the Evil

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4

Alma Among the Zoramites

parts 1 and 2, parts 3, 4, and 5

The Commandments of Alma to His Sons: Helaman and Shiblon, and Corianton
The Story of Moroni

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7, 8 and 9

The Title of Liberty

parts 1 and 2

The Treachery of Amalickiah

parts 1 and 2, parts 3, 4 and 5

The Title of Liberty

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4

The Defenders

parts 1 and 2, parts 3

The Story of Morianton

part 1, parts 2 and 3, parts 3 and 4

The 25th Year of the Judges

parts 1 and 2

Tale of the City of Mulek

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6

The Stripling Soldiers

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5, 6 and 7

The Nephite Prisoners

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4

The Story of Pahoran

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6

Hagoth the Ship Builder

parts 1 and 2

The Thirty and Ninth Year of the Reign of the Judges
Three Sons

parts 1 and 2

The Battle of Zarahemla

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4

The Gadianton Robbers

parts 1 and 2, part 3

The Migration to the North
The Fall of Zarahemla

part 1, parts 2 and3

The Conversions of the Lamanites

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6

The Death of Cezoram
The Return of the Gadianton Robbers
The Prophecy of Nephi

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11, 12, and 13

The Sign

parts 1 and 2

The Story of Gidgiddoni

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5, 6 and 7

The Days of Lachonaus

parts 1, 2, and 3

The Tribe of King Jacob
The Testimony of Nephi

The Sign of Samuel

parts 1 and 2

The Voice in the Night

parts 1 and 2

Jesus Among the Nephites

parts 1 and 2, parts 3, 4and 5

The Story of Jared

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6, parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10, parts 11 and 12, parts 13, 14, and 15

The Captivity

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, parts 5 and 6parts 7 and 8, parts 9, 10 and 11

The Reign of Omer

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4, part 5

Story of Ether

parts 1 and 2, parts 3 and 4parts 5 and 6parts 7 and 8, parts 9 and 10

Territorial Library of Utah (1852 catalog)

Agriculture and Gardening
American History
Antiquities, Ethnology, Genealogy, Heraldry, Mythology, Numismatics
Architecture, and Engineering
Arts, Manufactures, and Domestic Economy
Asiatic and African History
Chemistry, Meteorology, Electricity, &c.
Collective Authors, and Polite Literature
Dictionaries, Grammars, and Alphabets
Domestic Animals and Veterinary
Drawing, Painting, Engraving, Sculpture and Music
Encyclopaedias and General Dictionaries
European History
General, and Literary History, and Chronology
Geography and Topography
Law, Government, Political Economy, Statistics, &c.
Maps, Atlases, Globes and Busts
Mathematics; Astronomy, Navigation, and Surveying
Mechanics, Hydraulics, and Hydrostatics
Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy and Physiology
Memoirs, Transactions, and Publications of Literary and Scientific Institutions
Mineralogy and Geology
Natural History
Natural Philosophy; Ethics, Logic, Rhetoric and Criticism
Novels, Tales, Games and Sports
Orations, Addresses, Eulogies, Speeches, Lectures, and Letters
Periodicals and Newspapers; Catalogues
Poetry and Drama
Registers, Directories, Almanacs, and Guides
Theology, Ecclesiastical History and Law
Trade and Commerce
Voyages and Travels

This Is Why I Love to Read Old Letters

German E. Ellsworth
Heber J. Grant
J. Golden Kimball

Trek 2016


The Trials of Cora Birdsall

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15
Cora Had a Question, 1903
Elsie Birdsall Taylor, Cora’s Sister

Utah History

July 24, 1857
An 1870 Ghost Story
The Bones in the Pit
Booker T. Washington in Salt Lake City
A Country of Magnificent Distances
A Crime in Progress
Dashing Through the Snow
Edgardo and Bertha; or, Chief White Elk Weds Princess Ah-Tra-ah-Saun
Emancipation Day
A Ghost Story from 1970 (2015 posting)
Grave Robbing, Abraham Lincoln, and Polygamy
Hatchtown Dam Collapse
Heroes in the Desert, 1916 (Utah history)
Honor the Civil War Nurse
The Human Stories Behind Safety Regulations
It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas
John Jacob Williams: Pioneer Aviator
Justice for Hing Sing
The Liberty Bell
My Love Letter to Boy Scouts (Republished)
National Guard, 1916
An Occurrence at St. Mark’s Cathedral
Old Folks Day (Repost)
Our Women Veterans (reposted as Our Mothers Answered the Call)
Powder Car Explosion, 1910
The Raucous Election of 1888
A Salvation Army Christmas
Smallpox (Utah History)
“To Succor Their Fellow Men”
Utah’s First Annapolis Cadet
Willard Flood, 1923
Wizard of the Wasatch

Vanguard Scouts: Mormon Boys in Their Mid-Teens

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

Venus in Tahiti


5 February – 23 February, 24 February – 7 March, 8 March – 24 March, 25 March – 15 April,16 April – 28 April29 April – 21 May, 22 May – 8 June, 9 June – 4 July , 5 July – 31 July, 1 August – 23 August, 24 August – 12 September, 13 September – 7 October, 8 October – 28 October, 29 October – 21 November, 22 November – 31 December


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3 January – 28 January, 29 January – 25 February, 26 February – 3 April, 4 April – 30 April, 1 May – 30 May, 31 May – 14 July

Bonus Letter to Her Mother
Bonus Photo

The View From … (Expressions of the roles of women, women vis-a-vis the Church, etc.)

Ardishood: The View from 2010
“Called to Her Calling”: The View from 1903
A Clean Face: The View from 1922
Daughters of Zion: The View from 1903
The Emancipation of Women: The View from 1935
Equality of the Sexes: The View from 1890
“For Men and Women to Mingle”: The View from 1910
A Gift for Each: The View from 1965
The Girl Who Marries: The View from 1908
Girls and Missionaries: The View from 1964
Girls and the Priesthood: The View from 1937
Girls and the Sacrament Table: the View from 1950
Girls at Home and Abroad: The View from 1903
“Girls, Preserve Your Purity”: The View from 1970
Glory of Womanhood: The View from 1945
“God Requires This at Our Hands”: The View from 1895
In the Full Dignity of a Daughter of the Lord: The View from 1924
Lessons on Women and the Priesthood: The View from 2012
Mission of Motherhood: The View from 1962
“Mormon Women Make Ideal Housewives”: The View from 1908
The New Freedom for Women: The View from 1914
The New Woman: The View from 1904 “>The New Woman: The View from 1904
Only an Old Maid: The View from 1900
Our Real Position in the Church of God: The View from 1850
Piercing the Ears: The View from 1912
Priesthood and Girlhood: The View from 1933
Priesthood and Womanhood: The View from 1933
Priesthood’s Blessings to Womanhood: The View from 1944
Restraining Influence of Girls: The View from 1901
A Righteous Girl: The View from 1942
Training Our Daughters in Homemaking Skills: The View from 1941
A Virtuous Woman: The View from 1942
What Girls Should Not Do: The View from 1914
Why a Mission is Good for Women: The View from 1915
Woman as Mother, Teacher and Compassionate Servant: The View from 1958
Woman: Most Valuable Property, Most Precious Gift: The View from 1917
Womanhood and Priesthood: The View from 1943
Woman’s Influence: The View from 1895
Woman’s Power, Privilege and Opportunity: The View from 1917
The Woman’s Role: The View from 1973
Women and the Church: The View from 1840
Women in Leadership: The View from 1903
Women, Leisure, and Salvation: The View from 1937
Women’s Service, a Strength to the Church: the View from 1962
A Word to Little Girls: The View from 1867
“A Work for Them to Do”: The View from 1910

Volkstrauertag (coordinated and largely written by Amy Tanner Thiriot)

Volkstrauertag: A Commemorative Week

Achtung! Grosse Konferenz, 1928
Alfons Joseph Finck: Soldier and Missionary
Contest: “Angels of Glory Shout the Refrain” – Writing a Hymn
“Died in the Service of Their Fatherland”: German Latter-day Saints in WWI, 1916, 1919
Ernst Pola: “Do Not Fear!”: A Latter-day Saint in the German Army, 1915
General Conference, Zwickau, 1928
Great Fall Conference at Berlin, 1927
Hark, All Ye Nations: Contest Winners
Herbert Klopfer and the East German Mission During World War II
Volkstrauertag in Salt Lake City
TheWolfsgrün Displaced Persons Camp: Mormon Relief Efforts in the Soviet Occupation Zone, 1945-47

The Ward Music Guild

1: Music Program for the Year
2: Congregational Singing
3: The Functions of an Organist
4: What Is the Matter with Our Choral Singing?
5: Music for Worship
6: Interpretation of Music (Tempo)

“What Shall I Do?” Paid Employment for Mormon Girls, 1927

Part 1: The Nurse
Part 2: The Teacher
Part 3: The Salesgirl
Part 4: The Musician
Part 5: Domestic Art and Science
Part 6: The Beauty Operator
Part 7: The Stenographer
Part 8: The Artist
part 9: The Doctor
part 10: The Writer

When the Book Was New

A New Witness for God, 1897

The Whole Year Through

Beneficial Life, 1958
Bookcraft, 1954, Bookcraft, 1958
BYU Advertising, 1936, 1954, 1963
Children’s Friend, 1926
Children’s Friend, 1950
Children’s Friend, 1951
Children’s Friend, 1952
Children’s Friend, 1957
Children’s Friend, 1958
Children’s Friend, 1962
Children’s Friend, 1963
Children’s Friend, 1964
Childrens Friend, 1965
Daynes Music Advertising, 1915
Deseret Book Ads, 1956
The Deseret News Advertises in the Children’s Friend, 1949
Dinwoodey Furniture Co., 1904
Educational Opportunities, 1923
Gaynotes, 1959-1968
Home Fire Insurance, 1904
Home Fire Insurance Company, 1905
Hotel Utah Advertising, 1944
Improvement Era, 1963
Instructor, 1948, 1949
“Junior Council” (the Primary’s TV show), 1957
Juvenile Instructor, 1914, 1915, 1917, 1926, 1929
KSL Advertising, 1937
LDS Business College, 1944, 1954
Melchizedek Priesthood, 1938
Relief Society, 1976-77
Relief Society Magazine, 1917, 1933, 1939, 1941
The Sax Education of Mormons, 1926
Teachers’ Quorum, 1940

Without Purse or Scrip in Texas


20 October – 8 November, 9 November – 30 November, 1 December-19 December, 22 December 1899-14 January 1900


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5 January – 12 January, 13 January – 24 January, 25 January – 6 February, 7 February – 20 February, 21February – 15 March

Technical Note

The Woman Alone

1: Achieving Interdependece
2: Strength in Self-Respect
3: Developing Spiritual Interdependence with the Lord
4: People Need People

“You Have Been Listening …”

… to the Church of the Air: New Witnesses for Christ
… the First Latter-day Saint Radio Broadcast (6 May 1922)
… to Gordon B. Hinckley’s Frontiers, 1936
… to the L.D.S. Children’s Hospital Broadcast, 1933
… to Elder John A. Widtsoe, “Faith Under the Atomic Bomb”
… to Latter-day Saint Music, 1937
… to an LDS Radio Broadcast: Visiting a Primary Meeting, 1933
… to an M.I.A. Broadcast: Indian Lore for the Vanguards, 1933
… to the Mormon Elders in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 14 June 1931
… to the Mormon Missionaries, 1947
… New Witnesses for Christ, 1936
… to a Relief Society Broadcast: Memories (1933)
… to the Relief Society Centennial Radio Broadcast
… to the Sunday Evening Broadcast

“Come, Come Ye Saints”
Early Hymns of the Restoration
Heber J. Grant’s 80th Birthday, 1936
History of LDS Hymns
The Hymns of John Jaques
“The Morning Breaks, the Shadows Flee”
Our Missions in Wartime Europe, 1941
“The Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief,” 1933
Three Hymns by Charles W. Penrose

… to the Sunday Morning Church of the Air

The Young Man and His Vocation, 1925-26

Lesson 1: Succeeding in Life
Lesson 2: The Need of Vocations
Lesson 3: Kinds of Vocations
Lesson 4: The Vocational Situation
Lesson 5: The Agricultural Pursuits
Lesson 6: The Trades
Lesson 7: Manufacturing
Lesson 8: Business
Lesson 9: Engineering – Architecture
Lesson 10: Medical and Legal Professions
Lesson 11: Teaching– Librarian
Lesson 12: Art – Music – The Stage
Lesson 13: Mining
Lesson 14: Research – Science – Expert Service
Lesson 15: Journalism – Authorship
Lesson 16: Vocations Developed in Recent Years
Lesson 17: Vocations for the Disabled and for Special Conditions
Lesson 18: Choosing the Right Vocation
Lesson 19: Preparation for a Vocation
Lesson 20: Securing and Keeping a Position
Lesson 21: Keeping Fit
Lesson 22: Efficiency in Work
Lesson 23: Some Vocational Problems
Lesson 24: The Vocational Outlook


Shattered Families, and the Spirit of Elijah

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 09, 2016

HANNAH BARNETT of Nashville, TN – Looking for MARTHA JAMES, my daughter, last heard from in Montgomery, Alabama, but supposedly gone to Mobile, Alabama. She formerly belonged to DR. BARNETT of Princeton, Kentucky and was sold to JOHN JAMES of Nashville, Tennessee about 9 years ago.

AUGUSTUS AND LUTITIA BRYANT of Augusta, GA – Looking for our children, JOSEPHINE (20), CELIA (14), CAROLINE (13), ELLEN (10), AND AUGUSTA (8). They were in Charlotte or Rock Hill, North Carolina. We were formerly owned by JOHN L. AND VIRGINIA MOON of Augusta, Georgia.

ROBERT WILLIAMS of Unionville, Bedford County, TN – Looking for DANIEL, my son, 15 or 16 years old, formerly belonged to CLINTON WILLIAMS of Marshall County, Tennessee and later to HARVEY McRORY. Last heard of, he was in Memphis.

HENRY HILL of Nashville, TN – Looking for my wife, LUCY BLAIR, of Jonesboro (Washington County) Tennessee. Five years ago she was last living with WILLIAM BLAIR. I was raised by JOHN BLAIR.

SIDNEY ELLIOTT – Looking for SIDNEY AND HARRISON CANNON, my sons, who belonged to CLEM CANNON, who formerly lived in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee and were sold to GOODBAR, the trader. They were last seen in Montgomery, Alabama. The oldest is about 26. 1 was owned by a MR. ELLIOTT. Their mother’s name is ELIZA CANNON.

These advertisements, and hundreds, maybe thousands, of others like them, were published in newspapers like The Colored Tennessean in the years following the American Civil War, as freedmen and freedwomen sought to put families, torn apart by slavery, back together again. Six years ago, Paul Reeve used these ads to open a Sunday School lesson about baptism for the dead – the first ordinance to reunite families permanently and eternally – and the heartbreaking and horrific stories hinted at in these brief lines have haunted me since.




Ezra Taft Benson: Of One Blood (1958)

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 02, 2016

(An extract from the General Conference address of Elder Ezra Taft Benson, April 1958.)

My brethren and sisters, I love the Church and all that pertains to it. It has been my pleasure in the last few years to mingle with many people in and out of the Church. I am very grateful for the spirit of brotherhood and fellowship which we find in the Church. This spirit is a somewhat in- tangible thing. It is difficult to describe. But it is real — powerful — sweet. You have to feel it to appreciate it.

Recently with my wife, two daughters, and members of my staff, I made a world trade trip which took me into fourteen countries. In most of these countries I was very proud and happy to meet members of the Church. They were at the airports to welcome us and bid us farewell as we departed. Several groups came to the embassies to see us.



Les Arabes

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 08, 2015

First published in May 2007 at Times & Seasons.


They weren’t like us. “Watch out for les Arabes,” I learned as a missionary in the south of France.

“Les Arabes” were refugees, or the descendants of refugees, from the former French colonies in North Africa, who congregated in large French cities like Marseille. “Les Arabes” were dangerous. Some missionary – nobody remembered who, or when, or under what circumstances – had been held up at knifepoint by “les Arabes” and his bicycle had been stolen. “Don’t carry cash with you because les Arabes will pick your pockets,” warned local members.

We had an investigator who lived in a large subsidized housing complex outside of Marseille. These “HLM’s” are comparable to the public housing projects in major American cities, and the one we had to visit was as desolate and seemed as dangerous as any I had ever seen on TV. Even the bus didn’t go to this HLM – after getting off the bus, we had to walk on the side of a busy six-lane highway nearly a mile uphill to the complex.




By: Ardis E. Parshall - November 20, 2015

I am hunkered down in my apartment, watching anxiously for any sign of infiltration of my neighborhood by Syrian (or any other) refugees. My weapons are piled at my open door, ready to be deployed in defense of the honor of my nation and my God.



Addressing Current Events in Sunday School

By: Ardis E. Parshall - November 15, 2015

It was my turn to teach Sunday School again today, lesson 41, “I Have Finished My Course,” drawn from the epistles to Timothy and Titus.

I’m always a little hesitant to talk publicly about my Sunday School lessons, because there’s always somebody who doesn’t think I stuck closely enough to the manual. If you think from what I write below that I went renegade with this one, please read the entire posted lesson before you comment.

We had about 20 minutes remaining in class when we started talking about 1 Timothy 4:12:

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

My first question was:

Look at verse 12 again. “Be thou an example of the believers.” I think most people would consider belief to be an internal thing, something you hold in your brain, or in your heart. Does Paul seem to think that belief is only an interior thing?

and we talked about it in general. But then I wanted to get specific. The questions I actually asked (I eliminated one or two from my notes, because of time) were:



In Our Ward: Lesson 41: “I Have Finished My Course”

By: Ardis E. Parshall - November 15, 2015

Lesson 41: “I Have Finished My Course”

1-2 Timothy; Titus

Purpose: To encourage class members to learn and teach true doctrine and be righteous examples for others.


1. Learn and teach true doctrine
2. “Be … an example of the believers”
3. “Follow after righteousness” and deny ungodliness

Scripture Discussion and Application

Last week I did much of the talking. Today, after an introduction, I’m hoping that you will be willing to do most of the talking, discussing some questions that are raised by the material we’ll be looking at today.


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