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Visit of the Angel Moroni

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 03, 2013

From William A. Morton, From Plowboy to Prophet: Being a Short History of Joseph Smith, for Children. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1912.

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Joseph Visited by the Angel Moroni

I am now going to tell you about another wonderful thing. It took place one night in September, three years form the time Joseph had seen the glorious vision in the grove.

Joseph had just gone to bed. As he lay there his thoughts wandered back to the morning when, in answer to prayer, the Father and Son had appeared to him. he felt that he would like to know if the Lord was still pleased with him. He began to pray, believing firmly that his prayer would be answered. And so it was.

while Joseph was praying, a bright, heavenly light entered the room. The light increased, and in a few minutes the little bed-chamber was filled with it. On looking up, Joseph was greatly startled. Close beside his bed stood a heavenly messenger, his feet a short distance from the floor. This holy being was the Angel Moroni. He had come with a very important message from the Lord.

The angel was clothed in a robe of spotless white. His head, hands and feet were bare. His face was as bright as the sun at noonday. He called Joseph by name, and then began to tell him about a great work which the Lord had marked out for him.

Joseph listened with the greatest interest while the angel talked to him. he told him about a wonderful record, or history, which had been hidden from the world for hundreds of years. It was written in a strange language, upon gold plates, and was buried in the Hill Cumorah, not far from Joseph’s home. It was a history of the people who lived in this land long before and after the time of the Savior.

It also told about Jesus appearing to them, after His resurrection, and the glorious gospel which He had taught them.

The angel said that in the course of time the Lord would permit Joseph to take the plates from their hiding place. He would also help him to translate the writing upon them into the English language. After that the book would go into all the world, and the people would learn of the wonderful things which the Lord had done among the early inhabitants of this land.

Moroni told Joseph many other important things. When he had delivered his message, the angel departed.

As Joseph lay thinking over what had taken place, the light again entered his room. Then the angel appeared the second time, and repeated all that he had said before, adding some things. He then took his departure, but in a short time reappeared, and delivered the same message. He told Joseph that when he received the plates he would have to take great care of them, and hold them as a sacred gift from God.

The vision closed, and the angel disappeared.

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