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Are You New to Keepa?

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 27, 2016

I’ve been asked to make a sampler of Keepa posts for new readers who want to know what’s going on –

First, there’s a Topical Guide link near the top of the sidebar on every page. This lists all the posts that have appeared at Keepa (minus recent ones if I’m behind in updating the Topical Guide). With 6,000 or so links, though, where to start?

We tell stories of lesser-known Latter-day Saints who did extraordinary things just by doing what they were supposed to do. You can find these in the Topical Guide by searching for Latter-day Saint Lives. Some of my favorites:

Carl Clifton Booth: The Good Shepherd of West Dalls – the story of a tough man with a tender heart
Hubert Huysecom: “I Did All I Could” – the teacher in the Aaronic priesthood who kept a branch together through a war
Eulah Marie Jewett: Queen for a Day, Daughter Forever – A woman kidnapped as a child searches for her mother

Sometimes we sort out legends and rumors (search “Doing” History – with those quotation marks – in the Topical Guide):

Moroni’s Purported Rambles – A mysterious map claims to trace Moroni’s wanderings after the end of the Book of Mormon narrative
The Smithsonian Institution, the Book of Mormon, and Another Legend that Will Not Die – How did we ever get the idea that the Smithsonian Institution uses the Book of Mormon to plan its archeological research?

We remember old cultural practices and growing up LDS in earlier generations:

Bandlos – Those felt sashes with the emblems you or your parents earned in Primary
Sacrament Gems – Are you old enough to remember “sacrament gems” in Sunday School?
Master M Men and Golden Gleaners – Who were they, and how did they win their designations?

Keepa tells stories of dramatic incidents in the Mormon past (Before Our Journey’s Through), faces up to unpleasant aspects of our past (Brethren in Blackface), and gives you unusual glimpses of people you know (The Champion Checkers Player of Salt Lake City).

We republish jokes that used to appear in Church magazines (Saturday mornings); reprint LDS poetry (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons), generally from the old magazines; and repost fiction, including serials (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons) for us to read and enjoy together (search fiction and poetry and humor in the Topical Guide). Lesson outlines for the Gospel Doctrine class I teach are posted under In Our Ward in the Topical Guide. Guest posts (search for Guest Posts in the Topical Guide) give you other readers’ perspectives and contributions to Mormon history.

If you can’t find what you want in the Topical Guide, drop me a note at AEParshall at aol dot com – I may not have it, but I’ll try to help.

You’re welcome to join in with comments. Know, though, that Keepa is different from some other blogs: Commenters do not bash each other or the Church, and Keepa is intended for believers in the gospel as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for friends who can treat belief and believers with courtesy.


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