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A Few Minutes in Eastern Washington, Northwestern States Mission, 1917

By: Ardis E. Parshall - August 04, 2014

(This minute book records missionary activities, rather than the meetings of a ward.)

January 7, 1917

Pres. M.J. Ballard visited the city and was with us in all of our meetings that day. He gave two wonderful sermons. There was a very good attendance. He also gave Pres. Hanks some good instructions in regards to work in conference. The brethren in the conference report conditions in their fields favorable and expect good returns.

Feb. 6 1917

Pres. Hanks received word from Pres. Ballard of the death of a Sr. Haines in Wallace Ida (who was at one time in Spokane) and of the funeral they were going to hold here. Pres. Hanks and I (T.A. Clawson) went to the depot and met the body accompanied by Mr. Haines, and arranged with him for the funeral on the 7th at the Smith undertaking parlors. In the eve. we held a splendid cottage meeting at the home of Bro. Geo. Cluff, having some interested neighbors present.

Feb. 6.

Pres. Ballard arrived at 6:50 a.m. Pres. Hanks and I met him at the depot and after breakfast sat in the Davenport where he gave many instructions. At 1 P.M.. he met with all the Elders in our rooms at the Butler Hotel where he gave us good instructions. The funeral was at 3 P.M. we had a fine turnout of our friends and saints. Pres. Ballard, Bro Law Elders Randall & Clawson furnished the music. Pres. Ballard gave a wonderful sermon explaining Pre-existence & many of our principles. He also sang a solo “Oh My Father.” Our friends greatly enjoyed the services and it was a treat for all. At 7 P.M. we all met in the room of Sr. Berry in the Stratford Hotel where we held a Priesthood meeting; new methods of tracting featured our instructions. For 1 hr. we listened to these words of truth. After our meeting was over we held a cottage meeting in the room and some of the hotel people came in. Pres. Ballard spoke on the vitality of Mormonism for about 1-1/2 hrs. It was a grand sermon and all enjoyed it. He left at 9:10 p.m. for Portland.

Feb. 15

Pres Hanks received news at 11 P.M. of the death of Sr. Foster, a saint we had never heard of here. It was their request for a L.D.S. funeral and was to be held on the 16th in Buchannan Morgue Chapel. It being late, arrangements were left till the next morn.

Feb. 16

A few arrangements were made and our Saints notified of the funeral at 10 a.m. There was a nice attendance as she had many friends. Pres. Hanks took charge. Sis. Nelson, Kimach, Elders Randall & Clawson furnished the music. Elder Clawson spoke first on Mormon belief, then Elders Clawson & Randall sang a duet. Pres. Hanks was the next speaker. He brot forth our doctrine so clear and vivid that all sorrow it seems left their midst and all were greatly impressed. At the cemetery Pres. Hanks dedicated the grave.

Feb. 17

We called at the home of the daughter who is left, Miss McDermott, and had a fine talk with her and her aunt & uncle, Bro. & Sr. Jensen of Blackfoot. They promised to come out to meetings.

Mar. 1

Our Srs. who have been under serious operations have recovered and are now up. Sr. Haency [?] & Mrs. Graves. The administration by the elders was wonderfully portrayed in the recoveries.

Mar. 11

At meeting today we had some new Saints out, Bro. & Sr. Bennion formerly of S.L.C. who are now living here, & Bro. Peterson of the Portland Branch pres. was with us in all of our services. He is a fine speaker and gave us a good talk.

Mr. 19. Pres. Ballard came thru here at 6:390 a.m. and stayed 1-1/2 hrs. Pres. Hanks & Eld. Clawson went to the depot where Pres. Ballard gave many instructions concerning the work and making several changes. Eld. D. Gilbert Randall was released after 26 mo. of faithful missionary work. Elder Laurence Bitton was to be sent to Ellensburg to be a companion to Eld. Hoyt. Eld. D.B. Woodland of W.W. was to go to N. Yakima to be companion to Eld. J. Clive Davis, and Eld. E.H. Marchant was to have a new companion. After giving Pres. Hanks other good instructions, Pres. Ballard left.

Mar. 20

The missionaries all went to Bro Law’s home for supper as a farewell to Eld. Randall. Then we missionaries presented Eld. R. & Bro. Law with a nice leather friendship book.

Mar. 21

Elder Randall left at 8 a.m. for Seattle on his homeward journey. We feel it a great loss to lose him as his musical ability was of great assistance here on the piano & singing. As a missionary he was a strong one. Eld. Bitton accompanied him as far as Ellensburg. Elder Marchant’s new companion arrived in V. Lloyd Bartholomew, just from Zion. We welcomed him into our midst. The other Elders also made their changes. Elder H> Elmer Sabin is now companion to Eld. H.W. Green.

Recently in Ellensburg some of the church members including the Rev. started an attack on Mormonism thru the press, trying to prejudice the people against the sugar industry and our Church. This was very ably defended by Elders Hoyt & Davis who were laboring there. The press treating them very fair. We feel that they came out on top and it will be the means of much good.

Mar. 24

Sr. Mabel Hunter, a lady miss. laboring in Montana, passed thru here and spent the afternoon and night. The miss. here all met at Grener’s where we had a very nice time comparing experiences etc.

Mar 28

Elder Geo. Maughan arrived today from Everett, Wash. where he has labored for 4 mos. but owing to Rheumatism was transferred here. He is a very good miss. and will be of great benefit to our conference. He is heartily welcomed.

Also a party was given at Sr. Cora Cluff’s for Sr. Lilly Nelson who leaves shortly for conf. at S.L.C. The miss. attended and had a good time.



  1. “an attack on Mormonism thru the press, trying to prejudice the people against the sugar industry and our Church”

    I get it.

    Comment by Grant — August 4, 2014 @ 9:16 am

  2. I thought of you when I typed that line, Grant.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — August 4, 2014 @ 9:36 am

  3. A great find — a corner of the world (not far from my neck of the woods, really) that is sometimes forgotten. Lots of interesting details here. One detail that I loved: after President Ballard gave his sermon, he then also sang a solo! (And I notice that the author also sang after one of his sermons, too.) Maybe this was just a “mission field” sorta thing . . . ?

    Comment by David Y. — August 4, 2014 @ 9:41 am

  4. David, I’ve occasionally seen minutes of testimony meetings, both in branch/ward-wide meetings and in Relief Society, where someone will request the congregation to sing a particular hymn that expresses the requester’s testimony (they were asked to cease that practice in the, um, mumble ’40s? ’30s? mumble) but that’s the closest I’ve seen. Elder Ballard was an academically trained choral director, so his solo probably came over better than most visitors’ solos would!

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — August 4, 2014 @ 10:33 am

  5. Missionary conference at the Davenport? It’s still around, and looks like a red-brick version of the Hotel Utah.

    I’m now living in the Spokane mission…

    Comment by The Other Clark — August 4, 2014 @ 1:45 pm

  6. T.O.C.: I’m having a good laugh at myself right now. I assumed that the davenport in question was just a fancy word for sofa, not an actual place. My brain read it as “on the davenport.” Lol.

    Comment by Chad Too — August 4, 2014 @ 3:58 pm

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