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Andrew Sproul, Missionary: November – December 1841

By: Ardis E. Parshall - July 06, 2014

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Monday night, Nov. 1st, 1841 – B Kirkwood & I went to widow Inch’s’ house and no one came. We spake to the widow & B Inch & etc.

Sunday, Nov. 7th, 1841 – B. Gibson & I started for Nilston [Neilston]. We held meeting at B. C. house. I opened meeting & spoke to the Saints, etc. B. Gibson bore testimony to the truth. We held meeting in the afternoon. B. Gibson administered supper & preached. B. Camb. [Brother Campbell] bore testimony.

Monday night, Nov 8th, 1841 – B. Gibson & I went to widow Inch’s house but the people will not come out to hear us & etc. E. G. [Elder Gibson] prayed and we parted.

Sunday 145th – E. Gibson & I according to appointment went to Nilston. The Saints there met with us but few strangers. We held meetings fore & afternoon & teaching them to observe to do their duty & in the evening we left them to God’s care.

Sunday, Nov. 21, 1841 – Priest Camble & I went to Nilston according to appointment & we had a day of rejoicing for the Spirit of the Lord was amongst us but strangers there was none. O, Lord, send the spirit to inspire amongst them. At night we spake of the things of the kingdom & after we had prayed together we left them to the care of God & came off.

Sunday, Nov. 28, 1841 – B. Kirkwood & I went to Nilston. We held meeting in B. Caldwell’s as usual. We had no strangers. I opened the meeting & I instructed them to stand fast in the work & to have their faith resting not on man alone but on God, for man might fall. B. Kirkwood exhorted them very strongly to their duty. At night we spoke of the things of the kingdom & before leaving them we prayed with them & left. Through our labours at Widow Inch’s house Charelston two women have went forth & obeyed the Gospel: Margaret Wishart & Margaret Paterson. Baptised by Bro. Andrew Sproul Dec. 4th in 1841, in Miclerigs [Meikleriggs] Burn, praise God.

Sunday, Dec. 5thj, 1841 – E. Gibson & I went to Nilston and held meeting with the Saints. One stranger was there. E. G. opened our meeting & preached to them exhorting them to be faithful. I spoke when he was done &taught them to let their faith & confidence center in God. In consequence of the non-attendance of the people to our meetings, E. Gibson & I took counsel of our Brethren in office & we agreed to put out a number of bills which was lying past, stating what our principles were & what the Lord is doing in the last days. the Bush tavern was asked for preach in, but when them that had it to let knew that it was the Latter-day Saints that wanted it, they would not give it to us. Then a house above B. Caldwell’s used for a School was let to us for one shilling per week so long as we had it. We stated that we would meet for public worship at 11, 2 & 5 o’clock on Sundays & etc.

Sunday, Dec. 12th, 1841 – E. G. & I went to Nilston. It rained on us all the way & when we got there we was drenched to the skin. We got dry & none the worse, thank God. We held meeting at 2 o’clock with the Saints. A number of strangers was there. I opened the meeting & laid before them the importance of the gospel to them & the ordinances there & telling them of the things which must come to pass in this generation, when I closed. E.G. bore testimony, closed meeting, & etc.

We held meeting again at 7, a good many strangers there. E.G. opened our meeting, spoke much on the character of God as is laid down in the scriptures of truth & proving the falsity of that doctrine of unconditional election from the Bible & etc. When done, I bore testimony & closed, amen.

Thursday night, Dec. 16, 1941 – E.G. & I went to Charleston, held meeting with the Saints there. 2 strangers was there. E.G. opened meeting & exhorted the Saints to duty & to manifest the Spirit of Christ, & etc. I spoke in turn on the importance of God’s commands in every point & read his command t Joshua concerning Jericho & how to take it, etc.

Sunday, Dec. 19th, 1841 – E.G. & I went to Nilston. We met in the upper room aforementioned with the Saints & a few strangers. I opened our meeting & read 3 chap. of Micah. B. Martin spoke after me at a great length & etc. E.G. administered the Lord’s Supper & etc. We met again at six o’clock evening. A number of strangers was there. E.G. opened meeting & spoke on the Book of Mormon, comparing the matter that he read in it with which is in the confession of faith of the Church of Scotland, and then he compared them both with the Bible & then the precepts of men fell to the ground, for that’s what the confession of faith is, & when he was done I spoke on the reasonableness of God’s character & I testified that an angel of God had brought the truth in the last days as a warning to the nations for this is the hour of his judgments.

Thursday night, Dec. 23, 1841 – E.G. & I went to Charleston. We held a little meeting in the widow’s house. E.G. opened meeting & spoke of the promises that awaited the Saints in the first resurrection & told them to be faithful to the end. I spoke when he was done & warned them to watch because they would be tried in many ways & if they would endure to the end they would receive a crown of glory, amen.

Sunday, Dec. 26th, 1841 – E.G. & I started for Nilston. We met with the Saints & a number of strangers. E.G. opened meeting & preached for some time, speaking of the truths of heaven. When he was done I bore testimony & told them that God must be a God of revelation because it is reasonable, that he had not made us capable of revealing to ourselves each other, most can do it also to men & etc. We met again at six o’clock. A number of strangers came to meeting. I opened & etc. and read 4th chap. of 2nd Tim. where they would turn to fables in the last days. For instance, the confession of faith says no more revelation even of the spirit is not to be received, surely this is a fable & etc. & I told them what God is doing in the last days & warned them to look to these things for themselves. E.G. then spoke on revelation & the need of it & he spake at great length on God’s character & told the Saints to be faithful & the strangers to consider these things and repent e’er it is too late.

Thursday night, Dec. 30, 1841 – E.G. & I went to Charelston, held meeting in widow Jane Inch’s house. E.G. opened meeting & after prayer he commenced laying before the meeting those things that belong to our eternal peace, exhorting the Saints to bear in mind those duties which devolve on us to do & etc. And after he closed I bore testimony to the truth &spoke of those things which Christ tells us in the 21st chap. of Luke to beware lest our hearts be overcharged with surfeiting & drunkenness & cares of this life & etc. and that day overtake us as a thief, and we closed our meeting by calling on the Lord in prayer, & after meeting Elizabeth Eccles & widow Jane Inch went forth in obedience to the commands of Christ by being baptised for a remission of their sins by E.G. (Elder William Gibson).



  1. I’ve become interested in the last year or so in knowing what, exactly, the early missionaries taught to their new converts or at preaching meetings — they didn’t have traditional or habitual Mormon sermons to fall back on, as we too often do. How did they adapt their earlier religious training, or what they read in the scriptures, to fit the Restoration? Andrew Sproul gives us some good clues to that — we could wish for more detail, but knowing what scriptures he used, with an indication of the point for using them, goes a long way to showing that early discourse. Hurrah!

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — July 6, 2014 @ 6:56 am

  2. Absolutely fascinating, Ardis, and all the moreso because it’s places I’m familiar with. Thank you again for finding this.

    Comment by Alison — July 12, 2014 @ 12:25 pm

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