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A Few Minutes in Menan, Idaho: 25 August 1907

By: Ardis E. Parshall - January 02, 2014

SUN. AUG. 25TH [1907]

Regular Sunday meeting commenced at 2 P.M., full bishoprick present; Bishop Hart conducting.

Choir sang hymn, “The spirit of God like a fire is burning.” Prayer by Coun. O.W. Green. Choir sang hymn, “Be it my only wisdom here.” Sacrament was administered by Elders R.A. Green and Erastus Jinsen.

Elder Brown of Rigby, a home missionary was first speaker: said he came as a duty, was his first attempt at the work, was brought up a latter-day saint, was not posted in scripture, but intended to get posted; has been called on mission to Southern states, do not intend to shrink any duty. Know gospel is true; ought to do our duty and stand up for what is right. Have circular letter on Sunday School, should commence on time &c, has report of Bishopric present at priesthood meeting. Are living close [to] time when Saviour will come, should be prepared for that event; many will not be worthy to stand in his presence.

Elder Peter Madison, of Rigby, was next speaker; said there was no harder task for him than standing before an audience, am not cut out for a preacher. We ought to be able to give reason for hope that is in us. Have been called as home missionary, hope to get some knowledge and be some good to the people. Have made no preparation to speak on any subject, need aid of Lord and assistance of prayers of those assembled. The spiritual body needs food as well as the physical body; if we do not receive spiritual food we do not have ability to cultivate spiritual love. We ought all come prepared to worship; in our church no one knows who the preacher will be, should come with a prayerful heart, cast away improper feelings. Come with proper feelings or no good feeling will prevail.

If more came with good spirit a better feeling would prevail; the speaker feels better, some places than others. All are requested to take part in worshipping assembly. If we carry out instructions of the presiding authorities, would get along better, are instructed to keep ourselves unspotted form the world, this has been so from the beginning of the church. We ought not to join secret societies if we do we are not in a position to worship God freely.

May Lord bless you, amen.

A Brother Berrett, from Willow Creek, was present and was the next speaker. Was pleased to meet with the people of Menan again, have been here before and feel glad to have privilege of standing in church of God. We come together on the sabbath day to partake of the sacrament of Lord’s supper: what do we come together for? not for pleasure, but to witness that we will keep the commandments. If we do not come with this feeling we should look over ourselves: should come thinking of these things and the kingdom of God. Do young people know this kingdom of God? They mostly know this is kingdom of God. Am thankful to come on earth at this time when kingdom of God is established.

Do we look over our past life when we come to partake of the sacrament? If you eat and drink unworthily you eat and drink damnation to your soul. (The speaker here recited the blessing on the bread and enlarged upon the topic.) Think it is beautiful ordinance of the gospel. Have lived a long time in the church and hope to live longer, hope latter part of my life will be better than the first part of it.

Think the young folks are too frivolous sometimes, do not think they should not laugh, or have good times, but they should think more of the Gospel. Should seek kingdom and knowledge, for if they do not, they will regret it. I have received knowledge of gospel under the hands of the elders. The best way is to go to the Lord and ask for knowledge. Children come to sabbath school to be taught; when 8 years old they should be baptized. Have heard that children 8 years old and not baptized should not partake of the sacrament; do not think this is right. Think parents will be accountable for not teaching children; should teach them so they will grow up useful in the kingdom. All will not have the same exaltation, there is a place prepared for all, hope to so live so I will get celestial condition.

Noah preached 120 years and only saved 8 souls, there might have been more saved, but not in celestial condition. We pray for salvation in celestial condition, we must work or we will not get that salvation.

If we do what we agreed to do at the waters of baptism, we will get the celestial condition. There are three glories spoken of. Another thing presents itself to my mind; we read the Bible that a woman prays with her head uncovered or should be shorn like a man. Her hair is given for a covering; have often gone to meeting and been unable to see the speaker for so many hats. A woman should not pray with her head uncovered, but the bonnet is not the covering referred to, but the hair, seeing some in the audience with hats on brought subject to my mind. Women should not come to meeting and leave their hats on. Am pleased to see the number of ladies present, sorry there are not more leaders present.

We should seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, do we understand this, there are lots of good men who ought to be who are not here but are seeking the almighty dollar. Should pay our tithing and other offerings to the Lord. Pray that God will bless us, that we may comprehend our duty and do it. Amen.

Elder Justin M. Green was next speaker; was at a loss for something to talk about. Prefer listening to speaking; have testimony of the Gospel. We do not hear bad advice here; a speaker ought to be able to give good advice and also live in good manner. Was thinking of the different conditions of us and of those who first partook of the Lord’s supper. Thought if a leader among us had been crucified, and resurrected, the sacrament would be more serious to us.

It would be no laughing matter among us as we often see now; believe there is much fickle-mindedness among us now. Second coming of Christ is often regarded as fairy story. At school, in Rexburg, remember professor Harris gave dates from Doc. and Cov. showing about when the Saviour would come. If the coming is within a short time there will be a great change in the condition of the world.

Prophecy says he will come in the latter times, that there will be great destruction in the earth; we read every day of thousands of people being destroyed. “When you see the buds, you know Summer is nigh,” the gospel should be preached for a witness then should the end come. Once asked a preacher what was the meaning of John’s revelation if the gospel was never taken from the earth, what do you do with John’s prophecy of restoration; ig you spiritualize the scripture, one man’s word is as good as another’s. We believe John saw an angel fly through the air. From many passages too numerous to mention, learn that restoration was promised.

Believe we should speak so that the congregation can tell what speaker is trying to get at. A sermon sometimes does not please one and will be just what another is wanting to hear. We ought all to be posted so we can tell what the elder is trying to explain. Ought to have spirit of and offer prayer that speaker would say something to edify us, if so done, more would be edified. Believe there is lots of difference in saints, some are so united that they will help a speaker to talk. Do not believe speaker can talk unless audience is listening. Believe we all ought to be prepared at all times; ought not to have sermon prepared on paper, but have something in mind.

Bishop Hart followed: Was pleased to meet with brethren and sisters and with the remarks of brethren. Spoke of different grades of Priesthood in the church; saints ought always be able to hear words of Lord, if Priesthood doing duty. Lord agrees to assist elders in preaching Gospel, but elders should prepare. Lord will bring things to our remembrance; ought to be well versed in gospel to go out and preach.

Speaker read from Rev. 14th chapter, “Saw another angel fly &c” Thought sectarian ministers had to spiritualize this passage or be at loss for explanation of it. Spoke of Roman Catholic claim to succession, all Protestant denominations are branches of mother church – apostate from it. If not for revelation we would think so too.

Sectarians have no revelations therefore spiritualize scripture to make a better appearance. Without restoration no authority on earth to administer ordinances. Scriptures show apostasy would take place, also the restoration. Gospel would be restored prior to second coming of Christ; would be restored at time when people would not be worshipping true god. When Gospel restored people would be called to worship true and living God. No sect on earth taught these things when Joseph Smith claimed gospel was restored.

We should worship to get knowledge of these things and to receive exaltation in God’s presence. It requires a great deal of work to get knowledge of these things. For this reason are different organizations in church – i.e., to get knowledge and get memory strengthened.

Choir sang hymn, “Joy to the world! the Lord will come”. Benediction by Elder John L. Jones.

J.H. Yearsley, clerk



  1. These are pretty good minutes. How do these compare to the majority of other minutes you’ve seen, Ardis? Plus, it’s reassuring to know that newly called missionaries have always felt insufficiently prepared, and that few people seem to enjoy public speaking but nonetheless seem to do a good job when called upon.

    Comment by Gary Bergera — January 2, 2014 @ 8:34 am

  2. That looks more like a few hours!

    And it sounds like the sacrament meetings my dad endured as a boy in Snowflake, Arizona, about 30 years later: every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00, and no speaker ever assigned in advance.

    Comment by Mark B. — January 2, 2014 @ 8:35 am

  3. I’ve never seen any ward/stake meeting minutes as detailed as those kept by this clerk — even when the content of a meeting isn’t particularly riveting, the minute still take you right into the moment, don’t they?

    One thing I notice is that even as unprepared as they are, these people are trying to talk about explicitly gospel topics, using scriptural (or at least Mormon cultural) language. My impression is that today, even when speakers are more or less prepared, there is far less gospel and overwhelmingly more personal, and not in the sense of bearing personal testimony or explaining how a given topic affected the speaker, but just general autobiography.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — January 2, 2014 @ 8:50 am

  4. The bit about children and the Lord’s Supper is pretty interesting. A really, really early manifestation of the angst over the fresh association between baptism and the sacrament. Thanks Ardis!

    Comment by J. Stapley — January 2, 2014 @ 9:14 am

  5. Perhaps the best minutes since the priesthood meeting in Scotland from about a year ago. This clerk certainly magnified his calling.

    Comment by kevinf — January 2, 2014 @ 12:46 pm

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