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A Few Minutes in Grenoble, France, 1927

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 23, 2013

Nov. 27, 1927

Song 31, Les Mots de Douceur
Song 107, Jesus Christ est Ma Sagesse
Song 80, Le Millenium

Data – We had the pleasure of having brother and sister Rossiter with us. It was a surprise as no one knew they were coming. Talks were given and a song was rendered by the following.

Talk, Joseph H. White.
Song, Sister Rossiter, #133
Talk, Klenner Sharp
Talk, Pres. E.C. Rossiter.

There were in attendance the evening of this reunion twenty one friends one member and five missionarys.

The meeting was brought to a close with a word of prayer by Elder K. Sharp.

Dec 1, 1927

Song 106, Pecheur, je vouddrais te guérir
Song 112, Venez au Sauveur
Song 3 Guide nous grand Jéhovah
Song, 36, Sainte Vérité

Prayer Verle E. Roberts
Benediction Klenner C. Sharp.

Data. A lesson in the “Voice of Warning” was studied in this classe and was given by Elder B.M. Bingham.

Five friends, one member and four missionarys were in attendance.

Dec. 4, 1927

Song 47, A l’oeuvre avant la nuit
Song 67, Louanges á Dieu
Song 56, Seigneur benis ton Royaume.
Prayer – B.M. Bingham
Benediction Verle E. Roberts.

Data: At our session Sunday evening we were favored with talks and a piano solo by the following brethern: on the Bible as not being complete Verle E. Roberts. The Kingdom of God, B.M. Bingham. Word of Wisdom, Klenner C. Sharp. a piano solo by K.C. Sharp.

There were in attendance eighteen friends and four Elders.

Dec. 8th 1927

Songs: Avez vous prié 13.
La premiere priere de Jos. Smith, 16.
O, Mon pere, 26
Les mots de douceur, 31

Prayer B.M. Bingham
Benediction Jos. H. White

Data – We Comenced to study the “Livre de Mormon.” The First Chapter was given by Elder B.M. Bingham – There were present 5 Friends and two Elders.

Dec. 11, 1927

130, Alléluia
131, Au Renouvollement de l’Alliance
129, Jesus Guide Moi

Prayer, Verle C. Roberts
Benediction B.M. Bingham –

Data: — Sacrement was Administered to by Elders B.M. Bingham and Jos. H. White.

Discourses were given by the following.

On Repentance, Joseph H. White
On Prayer, B.M. Bingham
On Holy Ghost, Verle E. Roberts

There were in attendance Seventeen friends and Three Elders.

Dec. 15, 1927

36, Sainte Vérité
39, Quand régne l’amour
4. Toute proclame l’amour de dieu.
42, Recois-moi Au Foyer

Prayer – Pres. Cowls
Benediction Jos. H. Whtie

Data: Pres Cowls was in Attendance. The Class was taken by Frére Bingham and we Studied the 2ond and started on third chapter of Book of Mormon. There were present 5 Friends and 3 missionaries



  1. You know, all things considered, the ratio of missionaries vs. members vs. friends (investigators?) really doesn’t sound too bad.

    Comment by Gary Bergera — December 23, 2013 @ 8:09 am

  2. Gary, I can testify that in my months in Grenoble in 1982, our six missionaries were never once outnumbered by friends (although certainly by ward members). :)

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — December 23, 2013 @ 9:25 am

  3. Ah, the wonderful term “amis de l’Eglise.” (“There were in attendance eighteen friends and four Elders.”)

    Comment by David Y. — December 23, 2013 @ 10:10 am

  4. Are the Rossiters who are visiting on November 27th formerly of Tahiti and currently appearing every Sunday on Keepa?

    Comment by Alison — December 23, 2013 @ 12:21 pm

  5. Yes! Venus and Ernest served in France a few years following their mission in Tahiti.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — December 23, 2013 @ 12:37 pm

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