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By: Ardis E. Parshall - November 26, 2013

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Keepapitchinin is my personal blog.

I “represent” the Church only in the same general way that all of us who are members “represent” the Church – others look at me, at us, read my posts and your comments, and form some idea of what it means to be a Mormon. But I do not – have never claimed to – represent the Church in any official role. What I write here represents my own personal understanding of Church history, of doctrine, of our way of life. I do not presume to speak for the Church as a whole, or any branch or department or ward or auxiliary or any other subdivision of the Church. What you get here is me, not the Church.

I know that all of you who are regular readers understand this. You would never be so foolish, or so naive, or so reckless, or so timid, or so hateful, or so disingenuous, as to mistake me for the Church.

I do, however, also work for the Church, hired last year as a relatively short-term employee for a single project. I love the project and am putting my best efforts into it. I think it is the one chance I will have in this life to make any sort of lasting contribution, and I am doing my very best to do what this project requires.

Although I can distinguish between my employment and my private life (including Keepapitchinin, a completely private enterprise), and while I trust that all regular readers can distinguish between me and the Church, it seems that not everyone is capable of making that distinction. I do not understand how anyone who is intellectually capable of turning on a computer and navigating to this website can not recognize the difference between Ardis E. Parshall and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but such people do exist.

So I repeat:

I am an individual; Keepapitchinin is my personal blog; I am not the Church, and do not represent it in any official capacity; all posts and comments by me which appear here are my personal views, my personal understanding, my personal opinions, and should not be mistaken as official views, teachings, opinions, or statements of the Church itself.

And I promise to try not to think of you as an idiot if you confuse the two. I may not succeed, but I’ll try.


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