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The Word of Wisdom

By: Ardis E. Parshall - July 11, 2013

The Word of Wisdom

By C.J. Spurlock (Independence, Missouri)

The Word of Wisdom should be taught
In every Sabbath School;
That all the boys and all the girls
May learn this Golden Rule.

Tobacco we must never use,
Nor tea nor coffee drink;
Our bodies we must not abuse,
Out minds be taught to think.

We’ll eat some meat in times of cold,
In heat we shall refrain,
And so gain wisdom that’s untold,
And thus good health obtain.

Our bodies must be good and strong
To run the Christian race,
To wage the battle with the wrong
Will need sufficient grace.

Then help us, Lord, while we are young
To do Thy holy will;
That minds and bodies may be strong,
And we Thy law fulfill.



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