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A Father’s Prayer

By: Ardis E. Parshall - May 28, 2013

A Father’s Prayer

By Stanley A. Purrington, Ogden, Utah

He may not, as a great general,
In battle, seek glory and fame.
He may not add letters of science
Or scholar’s degrees to his name.
He may not become a great artist
By painting some beautiful scene.
But whatever he does in the future,
I hope that my boy will be clean.

He may not lead in athletics,
A statesman he may never be,
Nor ever a bold aviator,
Renowned on the land and on sea.
He may not become a musician,
Nor shine as a “star of the screen.”
But whatever may be his vocation,
I hope that my boy will be clean.

He’s only a three-year-old baby,
With a baby’s clean thoughts and pure heart.
But soon he’ll be growing to manhood
And in the world play a man’s part.
He’ll mingle with those who are evil,
And sordid, and selfish, and mean.
But whoever may be his companions,
I hope that my boy will be clean.

I hope that some day he’ll be numbered
With God’s chosen people on earth,
Who have entered the “door of the sheepfold,”
By means of baptism’s new birth.
Some day he’ll be clothed with the Priesthood
As thousands of others have been,
And he’ll realize as he grows older,
Its power and strength – if he’s clean.

Some day he may go on a mission,
To bear, in the days of his youth,
God’s message and plan of salvation
To those who are seeking the truth.
May prayer to our Father in Heaven
Be part of his daily routine,
That whenever the evil one tempts him
God’s spirit may help him be clean.

Tonight, as I look at my laddie,
Lying fast asleep there in his bed,
I wish for him, not earthly treasures,
But heavenly blessings instead.
I want him to know what the gospel
And its glorious principles mean
To those who would gain life eternal.
Dear Lord – help my boy to be clean.



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