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A Few Minutes in Ozumba, Mexico, 1912

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 24, 2013

24 February 1912

Minutes of the Semi An[n]ual Conference of the Mexican Mission held in Ozumba Feb 24 & 25th 1912. Presant, Pres. Rey L. Pratt, 1. Con:- M.C. Pierce 2st [sic] Con:- Arnold C. Huber & Sec. E.W. Young and 16 Elders 65 Saints

Meeting was called to order at 10.30 A.M. by Prest. Pratt. The congregation sang “O Mi Padre.” [P]rayer by Elder Arthur S. Haymore. Congre[g]ation sang “El Espiritu de Dios,” page 40. Prest Pratt in his opening remarks said it gave him much pleasure to be in Conference again, the Gospil is one of peace. The purpos[e] of conference is that the saints might mingle togeather and be built up spiritual[l]y. Asked the blessings of the Lord on our conference.

Elder Andres C Gonzalez said the Conference we hold are a great means where we may be fed spiritual[l]y. Bore testimony to the authority which had called him to the Mission, which is of God. Ex[h]orted all to do their duty. Ac[c]ording to our own work will our exaltation be. The truth will make us free. Those who keep the commandments of God will be liberated from their enimies. All should listen to the Council of the missionaries and learn to live clean lives. Bore testimonia to the truthfulness of the gospil.

Elder Willard S. Huish said he had listened with pleasure to the testimonias of the former speakers, said he desired to continue in the work of the gospil. We should learn to love each one because it is the commandment of God.

Elder M.C. Naegle cited to Rom 15:19 we have a hope in Christ after this life. Some people think after this life all is over with, but we know better. When we are resurrected it [will] be the re-uniting of the spirit with the flesh body. Cited Job 19:25 & Eziquel 37:1-14. In this kind of a resurrection only could we be happy. Cited John 5:25-29. Paul had this same hope Acts 24 :14-15, 1 Cor 15:20-23.We will be resurrected with a full knowledge of our sins or good deeds. Cited Nephi on resurrection. Every part of our bodies will be restored to its proper place even though we are deformed in this life. Cited the case of Moroni and John the Babtist. We will every one be judged ac[c]ording to our works in this life Rev. 20:12-13. Asked the blessings of God on all. Closed by singing, Cuando La Trompeta Suena, page 60. Prayer by Elder Parley Fenn


Afternoon Session

Meeting was called to Order by Prest Rey L Pratt at 2.45 P.M. Sang “Venid de Sion,” page 20. [P]rayer by Elder Braughton Lunt, continued by singing “Haz tu lo Justo.”

Elder E.W. Richardson spoke of conditions in Toluca, said he had met with many different sects, and found some good in each of them. Compared the different sects with the condition of a Railroad. Reports conditions prospering in Toluca.

Elder Carlos England bore his testimonia.

Elder James Whipple said we should always be Obedient, by Obedience we are able to do many great things. Spoke of the sins of the world, cited 2 Tim 3. The only thing for us to do is put our trust in God, that he will lib[e]rate us from the enemy of the world. Asked all to read the Book of Mormon as it is much easier to understand. The gospil their-in has not passed so many translations of uninspired men. All should study the scriptures and find the way of God. Bore testimony to the truthfulness of Gospil. Congre[g]ation sang “Te domas Senor nuestras gracias,” page 4. Elder Joseph H. Rudd bore his testimonia. Elder Joseph A. Mortensen spoke of the parable of the sower and explained the same. Prayed the blessings of God on all.

Felix Dominguez gave the report of the Atlantla Branch, said all were animated to live up to the principles of the gospil. The crops were good and the Branch is in a fairly good condition. It is us[e]less to be a member of the Church of Christ if we do not live up to its teachings. Bore testimony.

Closed by singing “Trabajad Trabajad,” page 68. Prayer by Elder E.W. Young. Preas in Attendance 70.


Relief Society Meeting

Minutes of Relief Soc[i]ety meeting[. M]et at 4.10 P.M. Sang page 7, “La Vos de Jesus Cristo.” Prayer by Elder Parley Fenn. Sang page15, “Haz tu Lo Justo.”

Prest Pratt was pleased for the privilage of Meeting in this Capacity. Said that Sister Mary Pratt could not be preasant owing to Circumstances. He disired Reports of the different Soceity. Sister Patrica Lopes gave report of Tecalco, said that most of the members were doing their duty in the Society. And that they had a very small amt:– of funds on hand, said they were willing to help the Elders. Sister Tomasa Lazada Reported condictians at Atlantla by saying that they were doing all they Could. Said they had made Quilts Shirts etc, to sell to help the Society, as best they could. Al so that the Relief Society was of grand importance.

Sister Louisa Osnaya from San Pedro gave report and said that they were working and doing all they could and that they had $24.00 Pesos on hand. Said she was willing to do all she could, and asked the blessings of God on all. Pres Pratt was pleased to here the favorable reports of the different Branches. And for the funds on hand at San Pedro for the furthering of the work. Said that later it would be neces[s]ary to Organise other societys to give all a chance to labor.

Sang from page 8 “Dios Bendicinos.” Benediction by Sister Jesucita Rever. Presant in Attendance 36.

25 February 1912

Feb 25, 1912, Sunday Morning Session

Pres Rey L Prattcalledmeetingtoorderato10.j05A.M. Sang from page 4 “Te damos Senor nuestras gracias,” prayer by Elder A Lerenzo Anderson. Continued by singing “Que es la verdad,” page 256 Julian Rojas gave a report of Tecalco Branch. Said in their regular meeting a great number came out. The S. School is progressing, also the Relief Society. No deaths, 4 Births, no marriages. Crops not very good.

Prest M.C. Pierce said it was very necessary to be fed spiritual[l]y and for this reason we have congre[g]ated here. This life is the time given us in which to repent for the next. We must except Faith Repentance Baptism etc we must continue or otherwise we can not enter Kingdom of God The spirit of God will not dwell in a unclean tabernacle, their four we must Repent of our sins. Gave a report of Chalco Conference. Said the [w]hole conference was in a prosperous condition.

Elder Seth Sirrine bore his testimonia.

Dimas Jimanez gave his report of the San Pablo Branch. The Branch tho small is prospering. No Births, no deaths, no marriages, some are paying their tithing and offerings was pleased with the Conference thus far.

Prest Pratt read a letter from Simon Zuniga giving a Report of Cuantla Branch. Said they had held meetings regularly, a av[e]rage attendance of 32 Conditions are bad on the account of war. 2 Births, 2 Blessings one death. The saints are paying their tithing and offerings

Pres. Arnold C. Huber said that he had the best time of his life while preaching the Gospil, gave a report of Cuernavaca Conference. Have had some baptisms since last report, in the 4 Branches Meetings are held regular[l]y each Sunday, the saints in Tepetic had to leave their homes on the account of Revolution but none had lost their lives The Conference as a [w]hole is in a prosperous condition. We should seek to perfect our selves by studying more about the gospil, no one can be saved in ignorance. If God is all powerful why can he not speak to his children in these days. If the world could prove that God and Jesus Christ, Peter James John and John the Babtist did not appear to Joseph Smith were all in errer and should repent. Bore his testimonia to the truthfulness of the gospil.

Elder Wm Palmer bore his testimonia that Joseph Smith was a Prophit of God. We should love each other.

The congre[g]ation sang “Que Vieran en el Ci[e]lo.”

Elder A.L. Anderson said their is some good in all Churches, yet they only have a part of the plan. While our gospel is complete.

Closed by singing “Meditadin que hay en Hogar.” Benedi[c]tion by Andres C. Gonzalez.


Sunday Afternoon session

Met at 2.05 P.M. Prest Pratt presiding. Camenced by Singing “El Finse Acerca,” prayer by Elder Donald C Black. Sang “O redentor de Israel.” Elder Joseph V. Elton said he was pleased with the good time we have had and bore his testimonia.

Elder Arthur S Haymore said it is natural for man to worship a supreme being. Cited Gal 1:8-9. We should seek the true church of Christ, as Christ is allways the same, their four we should have the same officers as he left in the Church. Their are save two Churches,1 Nephi 14:9, Exorted all to study the scriptures, we must work out our own salvation. Only one plan given by which we can be saved.

The Gen:– and local authorities were presented by Pres. Rey L Pratt.

Elder E.W. Young said he had always had a desire to preach to this people. We can judge a church by the privilages it presents to its members. We can gain nothing by simply having faith, we must have works with it. Christ gave the example. There is work for all to do in the Church of Christ. Spoke of the need of prophets in these days. We should study more because we can never in this life learn it all and the Gospil is eternal. The gospil is one of peace.

Sang from page 40 “El espiritu de Dios.”

Pres Pratt said were it not for being called by insperation the teachers of the Gospil would soon fall in aposticy as they did soon after the Crucifixan of Christ.We must gain our salvation by fighting against difficulties. The Mission has not progressed as rapidly as in the past years. The Gospil embraces all truth. We need not go outside the Church to fing [find] any truth. Cited 1 Tim 2:45, Acts 4:9-12. We who would obtain salvation must clean our lives from all desire to do [w]rong. Spoke of the duty of parents in teaching their children the principals of Baptism and on the need of marriage among the saints, also the way the former Elders had contributed on the Organ.

Closed by singing”Cuando Cristo Vendra en Su gloria.” Benediction by Arnold C Huber. Present in attendance 198 Saints and 20 Elders


Priesthood Meeting Sunday

Priesthood meeting held at 4.35 P.M. Pres Rey L Pratt presiding. Sang from page 20, “Venid de Sion las Hios,” Prayer by Parley Fenn, continued by singing Ancianas de Isreal, 44. Roll was called by standing. Seventies 8, Elders 19, Priests 7, Teachers 7, Deacons 14, Members 15. Pres Pratt said we are the only church in the world that has any authority from on high. Explained the duty of the Deacons teachers & Priests. Exorted the brethren not to take part in the political uprising rather be mesangers of peace. Better suffer wrong than do wrong. It was proposed and unanimously acc[e]pted that Eliseo Jimenez be ordained a Priest and labor as a missionary for One year in Mexican Mission.

Felix Dominguez reported the Priesthood at Atlantla that their were very little done by any of them. Exorted all to do their duty Julian Rojas gave report of Tecalco. Said most of the brethren are trying to do their duty. Prest M.C. Pierce spoke of the duty of the Deacons in looking after the poor, and parable of the ten Virgins. All will receive recompence acording to their work.

Closed by singing “Senor Dispidana.” Benediction by Elder Braughton Lunt.


Testimonia Meeting, Sunday night 2-25-12

Pres Rey L Pratt presiding. Met at 7.30 P.M. Sang from page 69 “Te Quero Mi Senor,” prayer by Elder M.C. Pierce. Continued by singing “Mas Cerca Senor a Ti,” page 45.

Prest Pratt bore his testimonia and placed the meeting in the hands of Congre[g]ation for testimonys. Testimonies by 6 members. Sang 34. Testimonies by 2 members. Sang page 43.Testimonia by 1 member. Sang page 58. Testimonia by 2 members. Sang page 26. Testimonia by 5 Members. Sang page 15. Testimonia by 2 members.

Closed by Singing “Te Glorioficamos, O, Dios.” Benediction by Elder James Whipple. Present in Attendance 126-20.


Priesthood Meeting Feb 26, 1912

Priesthood Meeting held in Ozumba Feb 26, 1912 at 9 A.M. Prest Pratt presiding Sang page ____ School thy feelings, prayer by Elder M.C. Neagle. Sang Beautiful Zion Built Above.

Pres Pratt said he was pleased with the successful Conference we have just finished. The Elders were distributed as follows Taluca, E.W. Richards Eliseo Jimenez Braughton Lunt & James V Eltan. James Whipple & Willard Huish Cuernavaca Conference. Arnold C Huber & Seth Sirrine, Andres C Gonzalez & Wm Y. Pallmer, M C Naegle & Jose A. Martensen. Chalco Conference, M.C. Pierce & Carlos England, Arthur S Haymore & Parley Fenn, Donald C. Black & Jose H. Rudd.

Elder Eltan said he was pleased with the changes, and desired to do his best wherever he was sent. Elder B. Lunt was pleased with the changes. We can do whatever is asked of us with the help of the Lord. Elder Willard Huish wished to do his duty. Elder Arthur S. Haymore was glad to work wherever he was asked to. The Lord will protect his servants, we must be more charitable with our companions. Elder Seth Sirrine was willing to work where he was placed. We must be united or we cannot make any progress. Elder Donald C Black said if we are humble the Lord will continue to bless us as he has done. Elder Jose A. Mortensen hoped to be more humble because with out this we can make no progress. Elder Parley Fenn wished to work more, was satisfied with the changes we should be united Elder Wm Y. Palmer felt weak but was willing to do his duty[. W]e should live lives worthy of immitation.

Elder James Whipple was glad for being in the mission, felt to Sustain the action of the Presidency. We should always think well before we speak, wished to work more for the advancement of the mission. Elder Jose H Rudd said without unity we can do nothing, ask God to bless us with unity and love.

Elder A.C. Gonzalez was pleased with the privlage of being a missionary, felt to sustain those who are in Authority. Humility is the key to heaven.

Elder Carlos England was always ready to do his duty.

Elder M.C. Naegle felt good in the work, wanted to help carry it on, was pleased with the changes tho he felt weak.

Elder A. Lerenzo Anderson said he was thankful to be in Elders meeting again. This being six general Conferences he had attended. He was interested in the work

Elder E.W. Richardson said we should try and bear with each other more and try and root out all evil. We are judged by our acts their four we should be careful. Wished to be congenial with companion.

Elder E.W. Young said that the language was not the thing that touches the hearts of men but the humble spirit we carry. We should not tax our Companion with any personal hobby. Elder Arnold C Huber spoke of the need of being united and should be willing to take a correction from our Companion. We should be more dignified. We should be determined in our work.

Elder M.C. Pierce said he always enjoyed above all meetings the Elders Meeting[. T]old of his experience in the S[o]uthern States Mission[. I]f we are not united we can do no good. We should avoid light Mindedness. Have respect for each others feelings.

Pres Pratt said he felt week, had a love for all the Elders. Read John 17th Chap and commented on the ne[ce]ssity of unity. When you pray for a thing try to have your prayer answered. The more we do good the easier it is to do good. Spoke against lightmindedness. We should have respect for authority we will never go wrong if we obey those placed over us. We must learn to love the native people. The Elders must not be partial in their treatment of the saints. Ex[h]orted the Elders to work harder than they have done, spoke against to[o] much letter writing. Elders must be careful and avoid all familiarity with Girls. We must keep our mings [minds] off from im[m]orality. Prayed that God would send us more help. Pray for your companions when he is speaking.

Benediction by M.C. Pierce



  1. I recognize a number of those names, President Pratt of course, but also Parley Fenn, who married one of the family historians in the Jarvis family, a woman who unfortunately spread an untrue story about an ancestor, a story that has been known to create bitter disagreements during family reunions.

    Other than that, the Fenns seemed to be nice people. They had to flee the Revolution in the Colonies and suffered great losses at that time. They are also one of the better-looking branches of the family, having inherited the beautiful oriental-looking eyes from one of the family lines.

    Parley Fenn named his first son “Rey L.,” and I’m wondering how many other elders did the same after having served with President Pratt.

    Comment by Amy T — April 24, 2013 @ 10:24 am

  2. And they’re still singing the same songs. I wonder if “Ancianos de Israel” is “Ye Elders of Israel”–if so, it’s now “O Elderes de Israel.”

    And all the testimonios turned feminine. Was that just a bad handwriting problem, or has there been a gender-change operation in the last 100 years?

    Comment by Mark B. — April 24, 2013 @ 11:17 am

  3. The M.E. Neagle mentioned in the minutes is Manuel Neagle. He was the son of John Conrad Neagle who helped buy the land on which Colonia Oxaca was founded.

    Manuel like many of the missionaries in the Mexican Mission
    was born in the Colonies. He translated a number of hymns into spanish for the first L.D.S spanish hymnal. He was my grnadmother’s cousin.

    I’m sure that the first commenter would be interested in knowing that Manuel named his son Rey Anthony Neagle.

    You can verify this by looking up Manuel on newfamily search website.

    Comment by john willis — April 24, 2013 @ 1:23 pm

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