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Is Our Mind Prepared for Prayer

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 21, 2013

Is Our Mind Prepared for Prayer

By Andrew S. Hyrup
(San Jose, California)

Do we think before we pray,
Or do we do it in this way,
Just bend down and say the word
And expect all from the Lord.
Or dear brother, sister, friend
When, before the Lord we bend
That our mind is so prepared
And we know the Lord is there
For to give a listening ear,
And our humble prayer to hear.
O what joy and peace is there
When we so engage in prayer,
In the name of Christ, the son,
Who for us salvation won.
Therefore, brother, sister, friend,
Let us think before we bend
For the Lord knows what we say,
Yea, before and while we pray;
Then with wisdom he imparts
What lies nearest to our hearts.



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