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Gallant Adventure — Delay in Posting

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 11, 2013

And a mighty groan arose from the Land of Keepa …

I type these stories well in advance, but proofread just before posting. In doing that for this final installment of the series, I realized that the beginning of Chapter 10 does not match up to the end of Chapter 9, with a crucial plot development missing. That, with the fact that Chapter 9 is a little shorter than some other installments, makes me think I may have overlooked a “continued on page X” note in the Children’s Friend. I need to go back and pick that up, if that is the case.

The conclusion will be posted as soon as I can do that, and after typing any missing material that I find. I hope it will be ready by mid-afternoon, or by early evening at the latest.

Sorry to do that to you. It might not be so bad if this weren’t the conclusion!


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