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A War Tribulation

By: Ardis E. Parshall - January 24, 2013

A War Tribulation

By F.E. Barker

O dear to the hearts of the loved ones are ever
The thoughts of an absent and dutiful son,
Whom ocean and continents distantly sever
From hearts that are longing for tidings to come.

His work for the Master is our consolation
While preaching the gospel of peace to the world;
But think of our heartaches as in that far nation
We learn that the war-bolts in terror are hurled.

So sadly he felt, in a hospital yearning,
When writing the last words that reached us at home;
With cables now cut and the mails not returning,
We languish for word from the awful war zone.

May patience and faith be now giv’n us to bear it,
Assuring our hearts of his safety abroad,
For, Father, we trust thee, and firmly declare it:
Thou’lt keep him and bring him in safety, O God.

(Aug. 31, 1914)


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