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Advent 2012

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 01, 2012

As in earlier years, Keepa will mark the advancement of the Christmas season by posting Christmas stories from bygone Mormon magazines, one story each morning from December 1 through December 24, in addition to the usual day’s posts.

Here is a catalog of past Keepa Christmas posts. If there are any that you think new ‘ninnies would especially like, please mention them in a comment.

Merry Christmas!

Fiction (Keepa’s Advent 2010-2011)

“As Little Children”
At Santa’s Home
Bells of Christmas
Christmas at Aunt Sally’s
Christmas at Welcome Inn
The Christmas Cards
Christmas in Bowlder Gulch
Christmas Is Coming … Maybe
Christmas Is Just Another Day
Christmas Is Where the Heart Is
Christmas, or a Reasonable Facsimile
A Christmas to Remember
The Christmas Treasure
The Christmas Tree
A Doll Buggy for Christmas
A Dress for Cinderella
A Grandma for Christmas
Home for Christmas
“I Heard the Bells of Christmas Ring”
It’s Christmas Everywhere
Jimmy’s First Christmas
The Least of the Flock
Leonora’s Christmas Visit
The Lost Christmas
The Lucky One
A Manger and a Barn
Marie and the Christmas Story
Merry Christmas, Mother!
The Mistakes of Santa Claus
A Mountain Boy’s Christmas
No Present for Ann
O Little Town
An Old-Fashioned Christmas
One Bright Star
Party Dress
The Pink Angel
Red Neck
A “Reel” Gold Christmas Present
Remember the Day
Santa Couldn’t Get Through
Santa With a High Hand
The Shining Gift
Something Lacking
A Star in the Tree Top
The Teakwood Chest
Top of the Tree
Two Wishes from a Christmas Doll
Whittling Boy

Music (Keepa’s Advent 2009)

Links to audio files
“All Hail the New-Born Year,” Parley P. Pratt, George Careless
“Bethlehem’s Song of Triumph ,” B.H. Winslow, Alfred M. Durham
“A Child’s Merriest Christmas ,” Lula Greene Richards, Willy Reske
“Christ Is Born, the Joyful Story,” Evan Stephens
“Christmas Babe,” Frances K. Taylor
“Christmas Bells,” George Hugh Thomas
“Christmas Carol,” Mildred Tanner Pettit
“Christmas Carol,” Willy Reske
“Christmas Eve,” Myles B. Foster
“Christmas is Coming,” Hazel Washburn, Lorenzo Mitchell
“Christmas Night,” Inez R. Preece, Inez Jean Preece
“Christmas Song,” Evan Stephens
“Dear Little Stranger,” Charles H. Gabriel
“Glory Be to God,” Evan Stephens
“The First Christmas Night,” Moiselle Renstrom
“The Holy Child,” Mildred Tanner Pettit
“In the Star-Light,” Mary Hale Woolsey, Robert Sauer
“Mortals Awake! with Angels Join,” Samuel Medley, John Rippon
“Sing the Sweet and Touching Story,” Emmeline B. Wells, George Careless
“A Stranger Star,” Orson F. Whitney, Evan Stephens
“A Stranger Star O’er Bethlehem,” Orson F. Whitney, Edwin F. Parry
“To the Land of Judea,” Frances K. Taylor
“We Must Adore Thee,” Willy Reske (arranger)
“When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem,” Ebenezer Beesley
“While Shepherds Watched,” Frank Moore Jeffrey
“The Wrinkled Brow of Time,” Orson F. Whitney, Samuel B. Mitton

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (magazine covers: Keepa’s Advent 2008)

December 1, December 2, December 3, December 4, December 5, December 6, December 7, December 8, December 9, December 10, December 11, December 12, December 13, December 14, December 15, December 16, December 17, December 18, December 19, December 20, December 21, December 22, December 23, December 24, December 25

And a jumble of articles, artwork, poetry, pageants, and advertisements:

The Bright New Star: A Christmas Playlet
Christmas Candles
Merry Christmas
Christmas in the Sunday Schools, 1943
Christmas Worship, 1961
Merry Christmas from the Children’s Friend
The Nativity: A Christmas Carol Pageant for Sunday Schools, 1939
Rape, Suicide, and “Loss of Virtue”: A Children’s Christmas Story
Christmas Eve on the Desert
It’s Christmas Eve
Christmas Themed Puzzler
Gingerbread, the Scent of Christmas
A Salvation Army Christmas
Christmas Suggestion, 1933
Keepa’s Christmas Gift Giving Guide

page 1 (Trail Blazer t-shirt)
page 2 (View-Master church history reels)
page 3 (fruit and vegetables from ZCMI)

Who Watched in Faith
And the Angel Answered
The Wise Men Call
A Card: Glory to God in the Highest
To the Stable
Friends on Order
A Creche for the Kids to Color and Cut Out
Wise Men Watched
Here We Come a-Caroling
A Card: Madonna
Keeping Watch
James and Sophia Anderson: Christmas in the Time of the Plague
“In the Star Light– Mary Hale Woolsey and Robert Sauer
Learn This for Tonight’s FHE
John Menzies Macfarlane: Far, Far Away and Not So Long Ago



  1. YAY! annual Christmas treasures, all in one place! I do look forward to this!

    Comment by deb — December 1, 2012 @ 7:43 am

  2. Oh, all that Christmas music! And the performances by the Phantom! Was that really three years ago? There are some real gems in that collection.

    Comment by Amy T — December 1, 2012 @ 12:45 pm

  3. Wow! I have a lot to get through. I hope this is the right place to do this. Tomorrow I will have a post with an open call for posts, both Christmas related and not. I will be doing a series in December and January, where I am hoping to bring in perspectives from a number of guest posters.

    (I will also be having another spinal surgery towards the end of December, so I am hoping that putting the call out early will be a way to ensure quality posts, and new authors for my readers to fall in love with!). Whether you have your own blog or not, please consider sharing your perspective and thoughts. I am really hoping to have both personal and historical perspectives and stories.

    The two special categories are:
    The 12 days of Christmas Inspiration series, starting December 13th, (guest posters can only have one of the 12 days to get as many voices as possible) which will share current or past experiences where you have received or given service as a stand in for Christ. Some of them will be anonymous, because the details are important to the experience, but the author isn’t ready to have those details connected to them personally. Stories that are historical in nature, and not the personal experience of the author will be accepted, but may be used before or after the official series.

    The second series will be an ongoing series, and I am hoping to start the series in January. The focus will be things people have set as goals (they don’t have to have been New Year’s Goals) and the unexpected blessings they found on their way. I am hoping to do two a week in January, and then for as long as people stay interested. (Conceivably it could go on forever. :-)) I just want to encourage people to not get too focused on only accomplishing their goal that they miss the extra blessings that come when we least expect them, and often those unexpected blessings actually allow us to reach our ultimate goal by a completely unexpected route.

    If any Ninnies are interested in submitting their own work, or a favorite post from Keepa or their own blog for either series, please email me findingmywarsoftly at gmail. I am also always interested in original or “found” poetry, and submissions for “My Mormon Perspective” and the general “Guest Post” series.

    Comment by Julia — December 1, 2012 @ 5:14 pm

  4. Yeah, it’s been fun to go through some of those old songs. Thanks.

    Comment by David Y. — December 1, 2012 @ 8:07 pm

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