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Over the Waves of Sin

By: Ardis E. Parshall - July 17, 2012

Over the Waves of Sin

By Annie Lauritzen

We have an immortal brother, a king,
Who once walked over the sea.
A lesson of faith he meant to bring;
To all such as you and me.

I can fancy I see thee, O, Master, dear,
With thine arms outstretched to save
One soul from sinking through lack of faith;
As thou walkest over the wave.

And thus when the waves of life beat high,
On that great tempestuous sea,
Let us know that the god of life is nigh,
Who once walked on Galilee.

In whom a supreme faith bears us up,
And bids us be strong and brave;
It bears us up till we fairly walk
Over life’s great rolling wave.

O, Brother, help us and give us faith,
As we walk over life’s deep sea;
Keep us from sinking as faint Peter sank;
Oh, help us to walk like thee.

And when our great tempests of grief arise,
Sin and sorrow would seek to o’ercome;
With our faith firmly fixed on eternal skies,
O, brother, guide us safely – home.



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