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Our Golden Wedding

By: Ardis E. Parshall - May 01, 2012

Our Golden Wedding

By W.W. Burton

Tell me, Rachel, now I pray,
Have I been a lover true?
Fifty years have passed away
Since I pledged my love to you.

Started on the bottom rail,
House nor furniture had we;
We were on ascending scale,
For no lower could we be.

If we moved we had to rise,
Lower down we could not go;
Had no larder nor supplies,
But our hearts were all aglow.

Utah then was virgin soil,
Waiting for the spade and plow;
We were not afraid to toil,
We have toiled along till now.

Had no cow to give us milk;
Had no pigs within the sty,
Had no dresses made of silk,
Had short rations, you and I.

Oft of weeds we made a meal,
Sometimes beet tops helped the stew;
Oft a weakness we would feel,
Waiting till the harvest grew.

Wrinkles furrow thy fair brow,
Silver threads among thy hair;
Thou art not so active now,
Trials thou hast had thy share.

Eyes are not so full and bright,
And thy motion is more slow;
But I love thee more to-night
Than in fifty years ago.

Not but what I loved thee then;
Thou wert always dear to me;
Now I pledge my love again,
Now it’s for eternity.

We were then in youthful prime,
Little worldly wealth we had;
But with faith and love sublime,
Why should not our hearts be glad?

Many sons and daughters now,
All to men and women grown,
Live to bless our lot below,
Better than a kingly crown.

Fifty years I’ve called thee wife;
Joyous be thy years to come,
Peace and plenty crown thy life,
Angels guard us safely home.



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