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Shall We Know Our Own Once More?

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 17, 2012

Shall We Know Our Own Once More?

By Frank I. Kooyman

When the angel’s welcome’s given,
When we enter holier sphere,
And in that sweet joy of heaven,
We forget our troubles here,
Shall we meet there father, mother,
Friends and loved ones, gone before,
Shall we recognize each other,
Shall we know our own once more?

Yes, we there shall know each other,
We shall know our own once more!

When our friends, who, traveling faster,
Long since crossed the great divide,
Who with us did serve the Master,
Meet us on the other side,
Shall we read in their sweet faces,
Love and friendship as of yore,
Shall we feel their fond embraces,
Shall we know our own once more?

Oh, my soul, let naught confuse thee,
How much sorrow life may bring,
Let this glorious hope enthuse thee,
Cause thee to rejoice and sing;
All in which your faith’s delighting,
Will come true on yonder shore:
There will be a reuniting,
We shall know our own once more.

Come, ye sad and heavy-hearted,
Yonder beckons brighter day,
There you’ll find your dear departed,
Sainted loved ones – yours for aye!
Death and parting here bereave us,
There reunion will restore
All we’ve lost, no more to leave us –
We shall know our own once more!



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  1. Do you think this doctrine of reuniting has a stronger pull in times and places that have more frequent experiences with death than we in relatively calm and affluent societies? I’m thinking about post-WW or pioneer times when it was more common for everyone to have personal experience with deaths of loved ones before they’d lived a full life.

    In general, I like Bro. K’s hymns. But I can see that this one is a bit too didactic to be included in the current hymnal.

    Comment by charlene — April 17, 2012 @ 1:09 pm

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