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Without Purse or Scrip in Texas: 19 June – 8 July 1900

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 08, 2012

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Tuesday, June 19, 1900

During the night there was a storm came up and it blowed and blustered around but did not amount to anything. After breakfast I went out and helped Bro. Jack plow for a while, then I came over to Bro. Armond’s where I received 3 letters from my friends. I helped Bro. Jack plow a while again. After dinner it began raining. At 4 p.m. I brought the mail over and gave it to the mail boy. I stayed with Bro. Armond overnight; rested and slept fine.

Wednesday, June 20, 1900

Bro. Armond got me up early. After breakfast I wrote a letter or two and stayed here to the house until Pres. Hunsaker and Ashby got ready to go and visit Dr. Henston’s family. I then went to the berry patch where the folks were and helped them pick berries until 1 p.m. when we quit and came to the house and had dinner. I then wrote two more letters and sent them with the mail boy, then went to Bro. Knight’s where I stayed overnight. I helped them plow until sundown. Slept fine during the night.

Thursday, June 21, 1900

I got up early again this morning. I did not do anything in the forenoon but walked to Bro. Smith’s but they were all out berry hunting. So I came back to Bro. Kantrell’s where I ate dinner. We talked until 2 p.m. when they had to go to work. They told me to stay at the house but I picked up a hoe and went with them into the cotton field. Stayed there until nearly sunset. That was the first time I ever went to work in the field with a woman. They did not think I could work but they soon found out different.

Friday, June 22, 1900

The weather was nice and cool. I had a good night’s rest.; Came over to Bro. Armond’s and wrote a letter. As the mail boy did not bring a package from town that I wanted I decided to go after it. As I was about ready to start there was a nigger came along in a wagon and I got a ride in with him. Had a long gospel conversation with him. But my package had not come so my trip was in vain. I walked back to Bro. Armond’s about 4 p.m. where I had a shave and stayed overnight. Awful warm during the night.

Saturday, June 23, 1900

As I was going to Liberty Hill to hold meeting with the people, I lost no time in getting off. I wanted to walk in the morning while it was cool. I went through New York out about 4 miles when I came to a schoolhouse where I rested until the mail boy came along. I was expecting to get some mail but there was none for me. I reached Bro. Taylor’s just in time for dinner. About 3 p.m. Bro. Taylor had to go after his son so I helped the girls a little while to clean up the dooryard; stayed with them overnight.

Sunday, June 24, 1900

I rested fine during the night. Got up quite early and ate. The started for Bro. Scroggins’ where I reached about 8 a.m. Stayed there until 11 when we all walked to the schoolhouse where we held meeting, Pres. Hunsaker presiding. Elder Ashby spoke first and then I occupied a short time, after which Pres. Took up the rest that was left. I went home with Bro. Wixom and stayed with him the afternoon and night, talking upon one subject and another until bedtime.

Monday, June 25, 1900

I rested very good the short time that I was in bed. We got up early and ate by lamplight. We got over to Bro. Scroggins’ before they had eaten. We decided to stay over and write letters to our folks, which we did until noon. There was a man came over and was telling us how his wife was healed by prayer about two months ago. Pres. and I went and held prayers by their request in behalf of his wife. Pres. called there again. She never took any medicine and now she is well and the people say that the Mormons healed her. They talk a good deal about it.

Tuesday, June 26, 1900

I slept with Pres. Hunsaker. Had a good night’s rest. Was quite late when I got up. After breakfast we bid the folks goodby. Elder Ashby and I had to go to Rusk County to meet Morgan and Heward as Elder Morgan was going to be released. Pres. Hunsaker came out always with us and held prayers. I was feeling quite tough. We walked about 10 miles and crossed the Natches River. It was about noon. We went into a nigger house to get a drink. While we were there we asked for some dinner, which was granted unto us. We had a nice meal and then went on our journey. About the middle of the afternoon I began to chafe and was so sore that I could hardly walk. We reached Jacksonville about 7 p.m., posting our mail, then we went on to Sister Armwine’s place four miles from town. Reached there about 8 o’clock and I was nearly give out; tiredest that I had been since I have been in the state. I did not rest very good as my legs and feet ached too hard.

Wednesday, June 27, 1900

I was so tired when I went to bed that I did not rest very good during the night. So we decided to lay over one day and rest up. We had a shave then talked with the folks upon different subjects. We had all the good apples we could eat all day and a nice dinner and supper. We were surprised by having them ask us to preach to them but we willingly consented as that was one of our desires to get the gospel before as many of the people as we could. We had a very good time.

Thursday, June 28, 1900

I was feeling very well when I got up with the exception of a cold. The weather was nice and hot. We began travel about 8 a.m. Crossed over a bridge about a half mile long. At 1 p.m. it began raining. We were close to a big oak so we just got under it until the rain passed over. The tree kept it off for some time but finally it began to coming awful hard so that it came through the tree and we got a little wet. After it quit we walked on to Bro. Wilson’s where we stayed overnight. Rested good.

Friday, June 29, 1900

The weather was awful warm. My clothes got as wet as could be. The sweat would drop off from me in big drops. We stopped on the road and had a wash. Reached Gum Springs at half past 10. We ate dinner with Bro. Robertson. Stayed with him all afternoon. The elders came to us and we all went to Bro. Haskins’ where we sang songs and laughed until bedtime, when Elder Heward and I came back to Bro. Robertson’s where we slept on the gallery and had a good night’s rest.

Saturday, June 30, 1900

The night was nice and cool so we had a good rest. After breakfast I sewed my shoes up, then wrote a letter to B.V. after which I went out and helped Bro. Robertson find some corn, which we had for dinner. About 2 p.m. we went a-fishing. I caught 8 fish, then had a nice swim. Came back to the house where I had a sleep. Elder Morgan and Ashby came over and Elder Heward and I had a scuffle with them until bedtime. Had more fun than I had since I left home. Elder Heward and I slept on the gallery again.

Sunday, July 1, 1900

I slept fine during the night and it was late when I got up. It being fast day I did not eat any breakfast. Sat around the house reading and talking upon the gospel until noon when we went to the table and had a fine meal that had been provided by Sister Robertson. At 2 p.m. we all walked to Bro. Haskins’ where we spent the evening singing songs. Had a good time. Elder Morgan and I stayed with him overnight. It was awful warm in the forepart but the latter part was cool.

Monday, July 2, 1900

Elder Morgan and I slept together at Bro. Haskins’. The night was so warm and the bedbugs were biting me so hard that I did not sleep much. Elder Morgan and Ashby were going to start but they decided to wait till the next morning and get an early start. Elder Heward and myself went back to Haskins’ where we helped him make a beehive. It took us nearly all day to get through as we were not very good workmen. We stayed with him overnight. Had all the melon we could eat.

Tuesday, July 3, 1900

We were intending to go to Henderson to get Elder Heward some light clothes and were going with Bro. Robertson in the wagon, but he was unable to get another horse and it was so hot that we decided to wait a day or so to get a ride. I wrote two letters. After dinner I went a-fishing but did not catch any as they would not bite. After I came back we both went and had a wash; tried to get rid of the bedbugs. I helped Betty sweep the dooryard. Stayed with them overnight. Rested fine.

Wednesday, July 4, 1900

The Fourth passed away without much excitement, but I guess that they were having a grand time at home. I sat and read until noon, then had a shave and a nice dinner, after which we walked over to Bro. Haskins’ where we spent the rest of the day talking with the folks about what they were doing at home. It made them feel like they would like to be where they could enjoy themselves. We ate supper with them, then came back to Robertsons’ as we were going to town and we wanted to get an early start.

Thursday, July 5, 1900

I slept fine during the night. Arose early on account of the folks wanting to go to Henderson. The weather was quite cool and cloudy. After they had started I went to Bro. Haskins’ and got his horse and went to Carlisle after Elder Heward’s photos. That was the first time I had ridden on horseback since I left home. After I got home I stayed at Haskins’ the rest of the day and night. It rained a nice shower in the evening. I had all the watermelons I could eat during the day.

Friday, July 6, 1900

I slept alone at Bro. Haskin’s. Came over to Uncle Ben’s as quick as possible as we wanted to start for Houston County, but the folks persuaded us to stay until Monday. I went and got some corn and peaches and wood for Sister Robertson, then we went out into the cotton field where we hoed two rows a piece before dinner. Then, having a sleep, at 3 p.m. we went to the cotton patch again and hoed six rows a piece, then having a wash and talking until bedtime.

Saturday, July 7, 1900

I got up early and went over to Bro. Haskin’s in order to catch him before he went to town so I could send some letters with him. He had gone but his girls were going so I sent them by them. After breakfast I went into the cotton field again, working until noon, hoed 8 rows. Then we went and had a bath and changed clothes and rested the rest of the day, reading the scriptures and sleeping. At 9 o’clock we held prayers and retired to rest.

Sunday, July 8, 1900

I did not rest very good during the night. Was quite late when we got up. I did not eat any breakfast but went out into the woods where I had my prayers and fixed my pants a little, then coming back to the house where I stayed until 3 p.m. when we walked over to Bro. Haskin’s where we spent the evening very good, eating watermelons and talking upon the gospel. We stayed there overnight. It was quite warm but we rested very well.

(To be continued)



  1. That was the first time I ever went to work in the field with a woman.

    I have to admit that this surprised me.

    Comment by J. Stapley — April 8, 2012 @ 11:00 am

  2. Me too, J.

    Comment by Edje Jeter — April 8, 2012 @ 11:56 am

  3. Working in the field with a woman for a first time, and all the watermelon and apples he could eat. Life was good, except maybe the bedbugs.

    Comment by kevinf — April 9, 2012 @ 11:55 am

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