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Beautiful Waters of Mormon

By: Ardis E. Parshall - April 03, 2012

Beautiful Waters of Mormon

By F.E. Barker

Hidden in a lovely bower,
Alma pondered o’er the words
Uttered in God’s strength and power
By a prophet of the Lord.
There he lay and wrote and listened
Where the crystal waters glistened –
Beautiful waters of Mormon.

Abinadi’s words and strength and spirit
Wrought so on his soul and frame,
That it seemed he e’er could hear it –
Hear that message o’er again.
Wrote he there beside that fountain
Flowing from God’s holy mountain –
Beautiful waters of Mormon.

There prepared he for his mission,
There he preached God’s holy word:
There he laid the true foundation
Of a church unto the Lord.
There he did, by God’s devising,
In those waters, his baptizing –
Beautiful waters of Mormon.

Alma there, presaged the naming
Of a great, inspired man
And a book that’s clear explaining,
In our age, the gospel plan.
“Mormon” now we’re ever saying,
Tribute now we’re ever paying
Beautiful waters of Mormon.

Alma’s work was full of beauty
As he set in sacred fame
Name of “Mormon”; and their duty
To God’s saints made ever plain.
Let us all then ever listen –
Let those waters ever glisten –
Beautiful waters of Mormon.



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