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Without Purse or Scrip in Texas: 6 March – 18 March 1900

By: Ardis E. Parshall - February 19, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 1900

When we arose we found Bro. Sintercum feeling much better. We went out and did up the things around the place, then eating breakfast and fixing up our report, we left, bidding the folks goodby. After we had walked for a while we sat down on a log and took a rest for a short time. Then starting on we passed through Martinsville and out across a river into San Augustine County, where we traveled south to Ironosa, got there about dark. We tried to get entertainment but could not, so we walked on about four miles through the sand to Bro. Ace Holt’s, one of the elders’ friends. We got there about 8 o’clock after walking about 23 miles. We were quite tired. He took us in and his wife went and fixed us a nice supper. Being as late as it was we certainly appreciated their kindness and had a good time.

Wednesday, March 7, 1900

(Harmony Community, San Augustine County) We arose after having a good night’s rest, finding the weather to be very cloudy. After eating breakfast it started to rain and it rained until about 2 p.m. when it quit, leaving it quite cool. During the time it was raining we sat around the fireside, explaining the gospel unto the family and giving them a brief history of the church and the visitation of the angel to the prophet Joseph Smith and his labors to the people. The people around in the community were scared up about the measles as there were a number of cases around close. I did not feel very good as I had caught a little cold the day before. We had a good dinner and supper and talked with the folks until bedtime, when we held prayers with them and retired.

Thursday, March 8, 1900

(Harmony, San Augustine County) The weather was still cloudy. We sat by the fireside talking with Bro. Holt until 10 a.m., when we had a shave. Then bidding them goodby, we left them for a few days. We walked into San Augustine, a distance of 7 miles and inquired for our mail and talked with the postmaster for a while. We then started out to Bro. Sang’s, a distance of 6 miles. We got out nearly to his place when we went into a place to inquire the road and we found that they were having a log rolling there and they said Bro. Sang was with them so we went out where they were until they got done, then going to the house we helped eat a good supper, after which we went to Bro. Sang’s place. He gave us his experiences that he had had since he joined the church. We had a good time with him.

Friday, March 9, 1900

(White Rock, San Augustine County) When we got up, there was a heavy fog but along about 9 a.m. it had all gone away. As Bro. Sang had to go to a place and help them with work, we did not want to lay around his place all day alone. So there was a small community close that the elders had not canvassed so we went and finished it up, finding the people to be quite friendly. We ate dinner with Tom Chumley and at 3 p.m. we went to old man Heandy’s where the men were splitting rails. As soon as they saw us coming they gave a great yell. We answered all the questions they asked us and also gave out an appointment for meeting Saturday and Sunday. We went back home with Bro. Sang. After supper we sang some songs, then retiring to rest and having a good sleep.

Saturday, March 10, 1900

(White Rock, San Augustine Co.) The weather was nice and clear and beginning to get quite warm. We sat around writing letters until after we had eaten dinner. Then Bro. Sang had to go to a log rolling, so we walked over with him. On our way we stopped into a place where there was a negro that was sick in his bed. He was 107 years old, so they said. After we got through rolling logs, we went to Bro. Ardsganst where we ate supper, after which we all walked to the school house. There was quite a crowd came out. I preached on the laying on of hands and Elder Morgan on baptism. During the meeting one of the boys would give a great groan, causing the people to laugh a little. After we had closed, they fired a few shots. We went home with Bro. Sang’s father, where we had a good night’s rest.

Sunday, March 11, 1900

(White Rock, San Augustine Co.) We had a good night’s rest. It being Sunday we fasted although the family wanted us to eat a little. But we chose to abstain from eating. At 10 a.m. we walked back to the schoolhouse, where we held meeting with the people again, having quite a large crowd out to hear us. I presided over the meeting and took up a few moments, then giving the time to Elder Morgan. We had a good time. The boys kept very good order on the inside, but there was a few outside that would try to disturb us. After meeting Sister Bridger asked us to go home with her and take dinner, which we did. At 3 p.m. we went to Blackjack to hear a Methodist minister by the name of Pate who was going to preach. When we got there he had commenced but we walked in and walked up and took a front seat. He was throwing his arms in all shapes and I could see by his talk that he was coming at us. Finally he began and said that there were men traveling through the county teaching the rottenest and most degrading gospel that ever was. He said that we both taught and practiced polygamy and many other things that were not so. He lost a number of his friends and made quite a few for us by his preaching. After he got through we started home with one of our friends. The people stood outside and as we started off, the men began to slurring us and making all manner of fun of us. But we did not pay any attention to them. The people wanted to hear us again so we gave out another meeting for that night. We went to the schoolhouse where we found quite a large crowd. But there were some of the boys who would not come in. We commenced and Elder Morgan asked me to preach. I had been preaching about 10 minutes when the rocks began to pelt against the house, and the pistols began to ring. I did not pay any attention to it until the people began to jump up and run around the house. After the boys stopped we told them to sit down and be quiet and we would go on. I talked for a while longer and then let Elder Morgan take the rest of the time. After meeting we started home. The boys hollered out “Mormons, don’t you come back here again or we will kill you.” They followed us to the man’s house and laid around in the bushes for about an hour, then they all fired off a lot of shots and started off on a run. We had a good night’s rest and a good time with the family.

Monday, March 12, 1900

(Walnut Grove, San Augustine Co.) We found the family well when we got up and a nice beautiful day before us. We went back to the schoolhouse to see if any of the bullets went through. We found three holes in the house. One of them went through one side about three feet above a lady’s head, passed across the house, and lodged in an upright about a foot and a half above another lady’s head. After I saw how close they came to hitting some of them, it began to worry me a little. We went on to Bro. Sang’s where we stayed the rest of the day, writing letters to our folks and talking to the folks at night. I went out and cut some firewood and helped to do the chores after supper. We sat and talked with the family, having a good time. We held prayers with the family and retired to rest.

Tuesday, March 13, 1900

(White Rock, San Augustine Co.) We sat and talked with the folks until 10 a.m., trying to show Sister Sang the necessity of being baptized, but she had something that was holding her back. At 10, we bid them goodby, going into San Augustine where we got our mail. I also got a pair of shoes that I had sent to Kansas for. After we had posted our mail, we went on south about two miles when we sat down on a log while I put on my new shoes. But they were too small. I finally got them on and we started and they did not hurt me any for quite a while. But they got to hurting so bad that I had to take them off. We visited a few families and then began to seek for entertainment, and got into Bro. McCarry’s place.

Wednesday, March 14, 1900

(San Augustine) Continuing our labors we left Bro. McCarry’s. After I had got my shoes on I tried to sell them to him, but he did not want them. I hobbled out to the road and then walked down where I had left my old ones. Had to pick them up again as the new ones hurt me so bad that I could hardly walk. We got ready, started for town to the post office where I left the shoes and wrote out another order for a pair. We then started east to finish our labors. We came to a place. He would not take a tract but he asked us to come in and he had his wife fix us some dinner, after which we went on about four miles, then saying prayers we began to tract the small community that was just ahead of us. The weather had got awfully cloudy.

Thursday, March 15, 1900

The man we stayed with was very poor. He had nothing to eat, only a little bread and bacon, but it was welcome and that made it taste good. It rained nearly all night. When we got up it had stopped but after we ate breakfast it began to snow and set in like winter again. Along about noon it began to break up so that we could travel. We continued our labors among the people, visiting a number of families but it was quite muddy to travel. At sundown we went into a place. We were going to ask to stay overnight. When we told them who we were they said they didn’t want us there and they turned and walked into the house. We turned and walked off to another place, where they asked us to come in. Elder Morgan explained the gospel unto them, then we retired to our beds of reset.

Friday, March 16, 1900

(Tebo Community, San Augustine County) The weather had cleared off and it was quite cold. The people were afraid that it had killed the fruit. At 9 a.m. we left Bro. Graham’s, going to a place where the man and woman were out in the field working. We went out where they were and began to tell them who we were. The woman spoke up and said that they weren’t hunting gods this morning and she didn’t want us to come around there bothering them. She said there were some shallow-minded people up the road that we could talk to. We couldn’t talk them into anything so we left them, visiting a few more families. When we got through canvassing the county, we went and visited Bro. Chumley but some of his sons and his wife were sick abed with the measles and pneumonia. We talked with them for a while, then going on we came to Bro. Higginbotham’s where we stayed overnight.

Saturday, March 17, 1900

(White Rock, San Augustine Co.) The weather had moderated some but was awful cloudy. After having a good night’s rest we arose, ate breakfast, then talking with the family until 10 a.m., we left, going over to Bro. Sang’s, finding his wife sick in bed. Bro. Sang cooked dinner, after which we went down to the branch and had a good wash, then we washed our clothes out. It took us till nearly night to get through but we did a very good job. We went to the house and had a shave. Then I went out and cut some wood. After supper we talked together till 10 p.m., when we read a chapter and held prayers, then retiring to bed, and never woke up until I heard them making fires. Had a good rest and some nice pleasant dreams.

Sunday, March 18, 1900

It rained nearly all night and when we got up, it was awful cloudy and there was a heavy mist falling. Elder Morgan and I fasted, as it was the Sabbath morning. We had no appointments that we had to fill, so we had nothing to do but stay around and read and talk to the family. It was sprinkling off and on nearly all day so we could not get out very much. I read over some of Orson Pratt’s writings in the Voice of Warning and also the Public Discussion in the Durant and was very much interested. My time was very well taken up. I also wrote a letter to Mame and my folks. At night Bro. Sang made some mush for supper and it was certainly good and I ate heartily of it. The consequence was I had a good night’s rest.

(To be continued)


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