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Without Purse or Scrip in Texas: 15 January – 4 February 1900

By: Ardis E. Parshall - January 29, 2012

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Monday, January 15, 1900

After we had breakfast, we went out in the fields and helped Grandpa roll some big logs, after which we walked back and packed up our grips and started out for another week. Walking about 5 miles we came to Bro. Tony Berritt’s place. He wished us to stay overnight with him. In the afternoon we went out and helped him cut and pile up timber, then after supper we sang songs and talked until bedtime.

Tuesday, January 16, 1900

After breakfast we went out with him again and helped him cut timber until noon, then we helped him make fence, staying with him again overnight.

Wednesday, January 17, 1900

We went out and helped him make fence until noon when we went over to his brother’s place where we ate dinner. Then we went out where they were rolling logs, staying overnight with Archy Berritt.

Thursday, January 18, 1900

We were intending to leave but got to talking and it was noon before we knew it. After noon we went out with Bro. Berritt and helped him burn bush until night when we came back to his house where we stayed with him again overnight, receiving very good treatment. The weather was cloudy all the time.

Friday, January 19, 1900

The weather being very cloudy and cold, we left Bro. Archy Berritt’s place, walking into Dr. Cooper’s place where we had been invited to come and preach, but finding no one home, we went on a couple of miles when we met one of the boys. He had us come back and we appointed two meetings, one for Saturday at 3 o’clock and one for 11 on Sunday. We stayed all night with him and they gave us some music on the violin.

Saturday, January 20, 1900

Getting up in the morning, the weather was as clear as could be, but was quite cool. After breakfast we walked over to one of his houses and fixed up some seats, then going back for dinner. At 2 o’clock Elder Dean and I went back again to hold meeting. We had a good time and went back to Dr. Cooper’s place where we stayed overnight.

Sunday, January 21, 1900

Staying around the house talking with the people until 2 o’clock, we then went over to the house and held another meeting, having a very large crowd. After meeting we went home with Bro. Stricklin’s where we stayed overnight.

Monday, January 22, 1900

After breakfast we left Bro. Stricklin’s and walked over to Bro. Archy Berritt’s place, getting there in time for dinner. After dinner he had to go into town so he told us to stay around that afternoon and night with his folks. He said he would be back about dark.

Tuesday, January 23, 1900

Getting up before day and eating breakfast, we went out and helped him catch four chickens, then going out in his field, helped him roll logs until noon. After dinner we walked to Bro. Huffman’s where we met Elder Hunsaker who had come to travel with me, having a good time that night.

Wednesday, January 24, 1900

The weather cloudy and quite warm, staying with Bro. Huffman all day waiting for Elder Dean’s release to come and writing some letters. After supper, Elder Dean and Hunsaker went to the office but his release was not there.

Thursday, January 25, 1900

Leaving Bro. Huffman’s about 10 o’clock and bidding Elder Dean goodby, we left, going into Hemphill then going south, walking about 13 miles when we stopped in to Dr. Smith’s place as night was coming. We talked to him a little while and then he asked us to stay overnight with him. After supper we explained our views of the gospel unto them, having a very good time. The weather was nice and pleasant all day.

Friday, January 26, 1900

The weather cloudy and quite cold, we left Dr. Smith’s walking to Fairmount, where we got into conversation with a Baptist preacher. At first he wouldn’t accept any of our literature but when we left him, he took a pamphlet and was a little friendly. We walked on 4 miles further to Mount Sonia, where we were rejected three times, the people being very cool towards us. As night was coming on, we met a good man by the name of A. McGraw who kindly took us in and treated us very good. We sang to them and held prayers with them before we retired to rest. They gave us a good bed and we had a good night’s rest.

Saturday, January 27, 1900

The weather cloudy and quite cool, we arose after having a good night’s rest and ate a good hearty breakfast. Then after talking with the family a short time, we bid them good day and went on our way rejoicing. We walked up by the store. After we had got a-past they fired 10 shots, thinking that it would scare us but it did not do any good. We were rejected five times and one, a young lady, had the impudence to laugh in our faces while we were talking. We visited all of the houses in that community, then left without holding any meeting. We passed through Fairmount and then went out to the Dee community, which we reached about dark.

Sunday, January 28, 1900

Staying overnight with Bro. Clark, the weather cloudy and cold. It being the Sabbath day we did not wish to travel so we got permission to stay over with this family. They were not very friendly towards us. They gave us a room and built us a nice fire and kept plenty wood on hand all day. They occupied one room and us another. They gave us a nice dinner and treated us all right, but did not have much to say to us. Every once in a while we could hear them say something about the Mormons. Elder Hunsaker could hardly keep from going in where they were but did not want to have trouble so stayed out.

Monday, January 29, 1900

The weather clear but awful cold. We left Bro. Clark’s after staying over Sunday and two nights with them. We walked through the woods over to his brother’s place where we had quite a long talk upon the gospel. Leaving him we went on about two miles. When we came to a creek we stopped there and had a shave and then went up to Bro. Parker’s talking with him a while. He being desirous of hearing us preach, sent his boys around and told the people to come to his house that night. The weather being awful cold, there weren’t many came out. We held a short meeting, taking up the first principles of the gospel.

Tuesday, January 30, 1900

Staying with Bro. Parker and also preaching at his house. The weather had moderated a little but was awful cloudy and was raining a little. We left him, going into a nigger community where we sold two Voices of Warning to them. Then going on through the timber hunting out our road and visiting the families wherever we could find them. In the middle of the afternoon we came to a schoolhouse on the road with a few families scattered around close to it. We got permission to preach there that night and the people said they would all come out. We went there after dark and waited there until 8 o’clock but wasn’t only one man came out. He took us home with him and we had a good night’s rest.

Wednesday, January 31, 1900

Getting up in the morning we found the sky to be clear but awful cold. We stayed overnight with Bro. J.T. Blunt who was very friendly towards us. After breakfast we started on our way, walking about four miles through the timber without passing a house. We came to one by the name of Walker who invited us in and gave us permission to preach in the schoolhouse. We appointed a meeting for Thursday night. He gave us our dinner and we had quite a long talk with him. After dinner we walked on about two miles when we came to Bro. Berryman’s who invited us in and had us stay overnight with him. We sang them some songs and also listened to their boys play some music which was very good.

Thursday, February 1, 1900

Receiving very good treatment from Berryman and having a good time, we went on our way. Walked into Brookland where we got our mail and was glad to hear from home once more. The weather was nice and warm. We started back toward Stringtown where we had an appointment to preach that night. We visited the families along the road and explained the gospel unto them wherever we had the chance to do so. We called into Bro. Brandon’s in the afternoon, where we stayed until meeting time. Then walking to the schoolhouse and finding quite a large crowd there, we commenced. Elder Hunsaker took up the most of the time on the first principles. The crowd gave good attention.

Friday, February 2, 1900

Bro. Walker took us home and we had a good night’s rest, talking with him a while in the morning. Then bidding him goodbye we started for Bro. Berryman’s, reaching his place about noon. We ate a fine dinner, after which we sang them a few songs, then going out in the field with his boys, we stayed until night. Then going into the house we had a shave. After supper we got to singing for them again. We sang everything we knew. They also sang a few and one of the boys played some music on the violin which sounded very good. We held prayers with them and then retired to rest but I did not sleep very good as I had a cold and it bothered me a little.

Saturday, February 3, 1900

The weather quite warm but cloudy. After breakfast we started on our way to Brooklin. We stopped at a branch where Elder Hunsaker had a bath. I did not take one as I was afraid of making my cold worse. We went in to town and got permission of the pastor of the Christian Church to hold services in their church house. After that we began to announce the meeting around through the community. At 2 o’clock we met Elders Morgan and Randall who had come to separate us. All four of us stayed over till Monday. We held meeting at night in which I was called on to speak to the people. After meeting we all went home with J.H. Solby, where we spent a nice evening talking together. It was always a time of rejoicing when the elders meet together.

Sunday, February 4, 1900

The weather awful foggy when we got up, but was all gone about 9 o’clock. It being the first Sunday in the month, we all observed the fast. The people all thought it very funny to see us fast. At 11 o’clock we began meeting with about 75 members present. Elder Morgan was the speaker. He took up repentance and baptism, then closing, telling the people to meet again at 3 o’clock. We had several invitations home for dinner but did not accept any as we told them that we were fasting. At 3 o’clock the people came in. We had about 65 present. Elder Hunsaker took up the time upon the Holy Ghost, Authority, and Church Organization. We enjoyed the spirit of the Lord very much. Elder Hunsaker and myself went home with Bro. Bell. He was a wealthy man.

(To be continued)



  1. Another great installment, Ardis. Thanks. “Rolling logs.”

    Comment by WVS — January 29, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

  2. That wasn’t on the list of activities I was asked to engage in as a missionary.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — January 29, 2012 @ 7:50 pm

  3. All that singing–I could have never served a mission during those times. My singing is very bad.

    Comment by Jeff Johnson — January 29, 2012 @ 11:11 pm

  4. It being the first Sunday in the month, we all observed the fast. The people all thought it very funny to see us fast.

    The change from Thursday to Sunday wasn’t too much earlier than 1900, right?

    Hunsaker is not a common name. I’m guessing his new companion is somehow related to Elder Lorenzo D. Hunsaker who served in Tennessee from 1879-1881.

    Comment by Bruce Crow — January 30, 2012 @ 9:54 am

  5. We’ll put you down for a log-rolling mission, then, Jeff, instead of a singing one!

    Bruce, you’ve got a real eye for those names. Willard Jones’s companion was Edgar Hunsaker; there are a couple of possibilities for both Edgar and Lorenzo D. in New Family Search, but if I’ve found the right ones, they are uncle and nephew.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — January 30, 2012 @ 10:24 am

  6. I think you have the right ones. Lorenzo did not marry his first wife until 1882, which would have made it almost impossible for them to be father & son. Uncle & nephew makes sense. Thanks

    Comment by Bruce Crow — January 30, 2012 @ 11:09 am

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