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If Joseph Came

By: Ardis E. Parshall - January 17, 2012

If Joseph Came

By Anna Musser

If Joseph came to see now
Our Zion in the west,
The city we have built to him
Against the mountain crest, –

How many things to show him in
This valley of our peace.
The seed we sowed in pain and want
Has yielded rich increase:

The dusk would now be gathering
In silent-rising seas;
The houses would be vanishing
Among a million trees.

The Valley is a sea of stars!
Small lights in homes we know.
A golden web of organ chords
Goes weaving to and fro.

‘Tis music of the names we love,
‘Tis Israel’s songs we sing,
The mountain hymns, the glorious hymns,
That set our hearts a-wing.

And round us rise the mountain walls
Of everlastingness.
Security girds round our hearts,
And heights all measureless.

And blue is Heaven above us,
An endless star-nailed dome. –
Is it well, dear Prophet? – Here
We have built a home.



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