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Heavenly Voices

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 08, 2011

Heavenly Voices

By Helen Kimball Orgill

There are little voices calling,
Calling from the heavenly shore,
With a constant heartfelt yearning,
Calling ever to implore.

‘Tis the voices of the spirits
Who on earth have never been;
They are wafting us a message —
We who are so prone to sin.

O, fair womanhood of Zion,
Do your souls the pleadings hear,
While the transient time is fleeing
And eternity draws near?

In the dawning of that future,
When life’s time no more endures,
Will you feel remorse in viewing
Little ones who should be yours?

O, then, heed the call seraphic,
Now, before it is too late,
That your glory may be perfect
When you pass the heavenly gate.



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