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Be Honest With Yourself: Can You Pass This Test?

By: Ardis E. Parshall - May 05, 2010

(See here for background)

From 1956 —

Can You Pass This Test?

Here is a classroom during an examination hour. The students are unwatched … the teacher has put them on their honor. Except for their own consciences and the disapproval of classmates, they are completely free to peek into those reference books or look over the shoulders of their classmates for easy answers. What will they do? What would you do?

Some critics of modern youth claim that cheating in high schools and colleges is increasing.

Even worse, they claim that it is common for fellow students – non-cheaters – and some teachers to condone this practice.

Various excuses for classroom cheating are offered:

– to stay eligible for athletic teams or other activities;

– to win the favor of fellow students or teachers;

– to satisfy parents who believe their sons or daughters are, and should be, “as smart as anybody”;

– or simply to stay in school.

None of these reasons is an honest reason; none will hold up in the test of time and conscience.

Cheating is dishonest wherever you find it – always was and always will be.

The first cheater was Satan, “the father of lies.” He tried to cheat our pre-mortal spirits out of our birthright to free agency and eternal progression.

Satan lost. Cheaters never really win.

When anyone cheats, whether by taking help to pass a school test or through more flagrant forms of dishonesty, he cheats himself first.

Don’t do it! Always, in all ways …



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