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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: December 11

By: Ardis E. Parshall - December 11, 2008

Sing Hosanna! Zion, sing!
David’s Son thy gates is nearing.
Hail the triumph of thy King;
Set the throne for his appearing;
Strew thy palms; prepare the way:
Lo, He comes to thee today.

Hail! Hosanna! Welcome Thou!
Come; behold, we go to meet Thee;
Low before Thy feet we bow,
With our hearts arrayed to greet Thee.
Enter, Lord, within our gates,
Where a welcome for Thee waits.

Hail! Hosanna! Glorious King,
Prince of Peace and Victor splendid!
Thou to all Thine own wilt bring
All the spoils of conflict ended.
Thine the right, exalted, sure,
And Thy kingdom shall endure.

Hail! Hosanna! Dearest Guest,
Who dost graciously elect us
Joint heirs in Thy kingdom blest,
Reign Thou in us and protect us.
Make us ready to obey,
Subject to Thy scepter’s sway.

Hail! Hosanna! Lord, make haste;
Come, Thy clemency revealing,
Not in servant’s form abased,
Nor Thy majesty concealing;
Come, that Zion now may see
David’s Son, and God’s, in Thee.

Hail! Hosanna! Come, O Christ;
Help and prosper, we implore Thee,
So there can be sacrificed
Truly contrite hearts before Thee.
Whoso will Thy voice regard
Thou wilt own as Thine, O Lord.

Hail! Hosanna! Here with Thee
In Gethsemane we wander,
Till at last our lot shall be
Evermore to praise Thee yonder.
Bethphage before us lies
Where Hosannas ever rise.

Far and near hosannas heard!
Haste Thine advent, O Lord Jesus!
O Thou Blessed of the Lord,
Wilt stand there and not release us.
Hail! Hosanna! Dost Thou hear?
Yea, Hosanna! Thou art near!

— B. Schmolcke; translated by A. Ramsey

The Instructor, December 1958

“Sing Hosannas,” photo of Stanley Joe Lee (age 6), of St. Ignatius, Montana,
who to that date had a perfect record of attendance 
at Sunday School and Primary



  1. I love the snippet about the perfect record of attendance. I wonder if we could find Stanley Lee and ask him how his record is now. :)

    Also, the word “Hosanna” took on new meaning for me this week as a friend pointed out to me that although the people at the time of Jesus’s visit to the Americas had just gone through horrible times and probably need to re-build their homes, they were so happy to see Jesus. They said, “Hosanna.” And instead of helping them with their physical needs, His first words told them to be baptized. That’s how important it is.


    Comment by Michelle Glauser — December 11, 2008 @ 7:38 am

  2. Ralphie!! (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”)

    Comment by Hunter — December 11, 2008 @ 10:57 am

  3. Next time I’m passing through the great state of Montana (it may be several years from now), I’ll look up Brother Lee’s name. With any luck, he is still a resident.

    Comment by Justin — December 12, 2008 @ 7:12 am

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