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Territorial Library: Geography and Topography; Maps, Atlases, Globes and Busts

By: Ardis E. Parshall - August 02, 2008

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Catalogue of Books, Maps, &c. Belonging to the Utah Territorial Library, October, 1852.

Geography and Topography

Anthon, Chas. Ancient Mediaeval Geography. (New York, 1850).

Barrington’s Physical Geography. (New York, 1850).

Blewitt, O. Hand Book for Travelers in Central Italy. 2nd ed. (London, 1850).

Coghlan, Francis. Hand Book for European Tourists. (London, 1847).

Countries of Europe. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Darley, Wm. Geographical Description of Louisiana. (New York, 1817).

Day, John Q. Outlines of Physical Geography. (Boston, 1846).

Disturnell, J. Gazetteer of State of New York. (Albany, 1843).

Dunning, A.G. Ancient, Classical, and Scriptural Geography, with Map. (New York, 1850).

Fisher, Harris. Book of the World. 2 vols, with maps and charts. (New York, 1850).

Gesner, A. New Brunswick, with Notes for Emigrants. (London, 1847).

Goldsmith, – . Geographical View of the World. (New York, 1849).

Guyot, A. Comparative Physical Geography, Earth and Man. (Boston, 1850).

Hand Book for Travelers in Bavaria, Austria, the Alps, and Southern Germany. 5th ed. (London, 1850).

Hand Book for Travelers in France, with 5 Maps. 3rd ed. (London, 1848).

Hand Book for Travelers in Holland, Belgium, Prussia, and Northern Germany. (London, 1839).

Hand Book for Travelers in Northern Italy. 2nd ed. (London, 1846).

Hand Book for Travelers in Spain. 2nd ed. (London, 1849).

Hand Book for Travelers in Switzerland. 3rd ed. (London, 1846).

Haskell, Dan. Gazetteer of the United States of America. (Albany, 1843).

Heyward, John. Gazetteer of England. 7th ed. (Concord, 1839).

Humboldt, – . Cosmos, or a Physical Description of the Universe. 2 vols. (London, 1849).

Johnstone, A.K. Ancient Physical Atlas. (Philadelphia, 1851).

Lapham, – . Wisconsin; Its Geography and Topography. (New York, 1846).

Martin, J. Virginia Gazetteer. (Charlottesville, 1835).

McCulloch, – . Geographical Dictionary. 2 vols. (New York, 1845).

Mitchell, – . Ancient Geography. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Intermediate Geography. (Philadelphia, 1851).

Morse’s Geography, Maps. (New York, 1851).

Murray, Hugh. Encyclopaedia of Geography. 3 vols. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Murray, John F. World of London. 2 vols. (London, 1845).

Olney’s Geography Illustrated. (New York).

Olney’s Geography, with Atlas. (New York, 1849).

Smith’s Geography, with Atlas. (New York, 1851).

Smith’s Intermediate Geography. (Philadelphia, 1851).

Smith’s Modern Geography, with Plates. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Smith’s Quarto Geography. 14th ed. (New York, 1851).

Somerville, – . Physical Geography. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Stockqueler, J.H. Hand Book for Travelers in India. (London, 1844).

Trego, Chas. B. Geography of Pennsylvania, with Travelers’ Guide. (Philadelphia, 1843). Presented by the author.

Williams, – . Memoir on Jerusalem. (London, 1849).

Maps, Atlases, Globes and Busts.

Bache, A.D. Entrance to Mobile Bay; from Coast Survey Office. (Washington, 1851).

— .Hart and City Islands, and Sachem’s Head Harbors, from Coast Survey Office. (Washington, 1851).

— . Hell Gate, from Coast Survey Office. (Washington, 1851).

— . Long Island No. 1, South Side, from Coast Survey Office. (Washington).

— . Richmond’s Island Harbor, from Coast Survey Office. (Washington).

Burr, D.H. Map of New England States. (New York).

Burritt, E.H. Atlas of the Heavens. (New York, 1850).

Cherry, A.B. Map of Nauvoo.

Colton, J.H. Map of Nauvoo, from the Hancock County Records. (New York, 1850).

— . Map of New York City and County, 33 Tailes Ground. (New York, 1851).

— . Map of the United States of America. (Washington, 1850).

Ensign, –, and – Thayer. Map of New York State. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Map of United States.

— . United States with Its Territories; Mexico and West Indies. (Philadelphia, 1851).

Fenner, – .Classical Pocket Atlas. 26 maps. Presented by R.S. Fisher.

Geological Map of New York State.

Mitchell, S.S. Ancient Atlas, with an index. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Map of New York State. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Map of Palestine, or the Holy Land. (Philadelphia).

— . National Map of American Republic and 32 Principal Towns and Cities. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . School Atlas. 3rd ed. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Morse, – . North American Atlas. (New York).

Olney, – . School Atlas. (New York, 1844)

Phrenological Heads. Three. Presented by Fowlers and Wells.

Sears, R. Map of New York City in 1849. (New York).

Smith’s Atlas to Accompany Geography. (New York).

Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy. 7th ed. (New York, 1851).

Tanner, H.S. United States of America, Oregon, Mexico, West Indies, etc. (Washington, 1851)

Tyson, J.W. Atlas of Ancient and Modern History. (Philadelphia, 1845).

Worcester, – . Ancient, Classical and Scripture Atlas. (Boston).


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  1. Two observations on this list:

    1. The history of phrenology among the Mormons is just begging to be covered in some academic rag.

    2. We’ve seen Charles Trego before; he was the prison reformer. I guess he was into maps too.

    Comment by Researcher — August 3, 2008 @ 3:59 pm

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