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Territorial Library: General, and Literary History, and Chronology

By: Ardis E. Parshall - August 02, 2008

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Catalogue of Books, Maps, &c. Belonging to the Utah Territorial Library, October, 1852.

General, and Literary History, and Chronology.

Boyle, H. Chronology from 1700 to 1825. (London, 1826).

Chronological Tables of Ancient and Modern History. (Oxford, 1835).

Chronology of History to the Present Times. (London, 1848).

Duncan, Wm. Caesar’s Wars. 2 vols. (vol. 1 missing). (New York).

Dunlop, A. History of Fiction. 2 vols. (Philadelphia, 1842).

Dunlop, John. Roman Literature to the Augustan Age. (Philadelphia, 1827).

Frost, John. Book of Anecdotes, or The Moral of History. (Hartford, 1849).

Goodrich, S.G. Manners and Customs of Nations. (Philadelphia).

— . Universal history. (New York, 1850).

— .World and Its Inhabitants. (Philadelphia).

Guizot, F. History of Civilization. 2 vols. (London, 1846).

Henry, C.S. History of Philosophy. 2 vols. (New York).

— . Manual of Ancient and Modern History. 5th ed. (New York, 1850).

Hildreth, Richard. History of the Slave Holding System. (Boston, 1846). Presented by the author.

Hoffman, C.F. Literary World. Vol. 1. (New York, 1847). Presented by E.A. and G.L. Duyckinck.

James, G.P.R. History of Chivalry. (New York).

Lord, John. Modern History, from Luther to Napoleon. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Lossing, B.J. History of the Fine Arts. (New York).

Michelet, W. Modern History. (New York, 1846).

Parker, – . Outlines of History. (New York, 1849). Presented by the author.

Robbins, Royal. Outlines of Ancient and Modern History. (Hartford, 1851).

Rollins’ Ancient History. 2 vols. (New York, 1848).

Shaw, – . English Literature. (Philadelphia, 1849).

Smith, – , and – Watson. American Historical and Literary Curiosities. 4th ed. (New York, 1850).

Sullivan, W. Historical Causes and Effects. (Boston, 1838). Presented by W.P. Tewksbury.

Talvi, – . Historical View of the Languages and Literature of the Slavic Nations. (New York, 1850).

Ticknor, George. History of Spanish Literature. 3 vols. (New York, 1849).

Tytler, A.F. Universal History. 2 vols. (vol. 2 missing). (New York, 1843).

Whelpley, –. History of the World. (New York).

White, H. University History. 5th ed. (Boston, 1846). Presented by R.S. Fisher.

Willard, Emma. Universal History. 10th ed. (New York, 1851).


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  1. The inclusion of Hildreth’s book Despotism in America: Or, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Results of the Slave-holding System in the United States continues to remind that Bernhisel was compiling, on average, a library with a rather liberal bent.

    Comment by Researcher — August 3, 2008 @ 4:04 pm

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