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Territorial Library: European History; Asiatic and African History

By: Ardis E. Parshall - August 02, 2008

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Catalogue of Books, Maps, &c. Belonging to the Utah Territorial Library, October, 1852.

European History.

Alison, – . Europe, from 1789 to 1815. 4 vols. (New York, 1842).

— . History of Europe, Abridged. (New York, 1850).

Allen, H. Constitutional History of England. 5th ed. (New York, 1849).

Anderson, Wm. History and Present State of [the] Russian Empire. (London, 1815).

Arnold, T. History of the Roman Commonwealth to the Death of Julius Caesar. (New York, 1846).

— . History of Rome. 2 vols. (New York, 1846).

Austria and the Austrians. 2 vols. (London, 1837).

Bacon, J.F. Biscay and the Basque Provinces from 1830 to ’37. (London, 1838).

Blanc, L. History of Ten Years in France, from 1830 to 1840. 2 vols. (London, 1845).

Brodie, Geo. History of the British Empire from Charles 1st. 4 vols. (Edinburg, 1822).

Bulwer, E.L. Athens, Its Rise and Fall. 2 vols. (New York, 1838).

Bush, M.M. History of Spain and Portugal to 1814. (London, 1832).

Caesar. Commentaries on the Gallic War. 9th ed. (New York, 1851).

Clarendon, – . Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. 7 vols. (Oxford, 1839).

Crichton, –, and – Wheaton. History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 2 vols. (New York, 1850).

Elliott, Sam. Liberty of Rome and Liberty of Ancient Nations. 2 vols. (New York, 1849).

Ferguson, Adam. Roman Republic. (New York).

Fletcher, J. History of Poland. (New York, 1846).

Florian, M. Moors in Spain. (New York).

Froisart, – . Chronicles of England, France and Spain . 2 vols. (London, 1849).

Geigler, Eric G. History of the Swedes. (London).

Gibbon, – . Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 6 vols. (New York, 1850).

Gillies, John. Ancient History of Greece. 8 vols. (1830).

Goodrich, S.G. European History, Light and Shadows. (Philadelphia, 1846).

— . Tales about Ancient Rome. (Philadelphia).

— . Tales about Modern Greece. (Philadelphia, 1844).

Gordon, – . History of the Greek Revolution and Campaigns. 2nd ed. 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1844).

Green, N. History of Italy. (New York, 1847).

Grotis, –. History of Greece. 4 vols. (London, 1846-47).

Hawkins, B. Germany. (London, 1838).

History of the Reign of Emperor Charles 5th. 7th ed. 4 vols. (London, 1742).

Howitt, Mary. History of Sweden. 2 vols. (London, 1844).

Hume, – , – Smollett & – Miller. History of England. (New York, 1850).

— . History of England. 4 vols. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Isles. (New York, 1846).

Jones, Wm. History of Modern Europe from 1763. (London, 1828).

Kelly, P.O. Ancient and Modern History of Ireland. (Dublin, 1844).

Keighley, T. History of England. 5 vols. (New York, 1845).

— . History of Rome. (Boston, 1839).

Kohlrausch, F. History of Germany to the Present Time. (London, 1844).

Lamartine, A.D. French Revolution of 1848. (London, 1849).

— . History of the Girondists. 3 vols. (London, 1847).

Macaulay, – . History of England. 2 vols. (London, 1849).

Michelet, J. History of the Roman Republic. (New York, 1847).

Micoelet, M. History of France. 2 vols. (New York, 1847).

Mitford, Wm. History of Greece. 8 vols. (London, 1838).

Moore, Thomas. Ireland. (London, 1846).

Niebuhrs, – . History of Rome. 2 vols. (London, 1844).

Pictorial History of England. 4 vols. (New York, 1846).

Prescott, W.H. History of Ferdinand and Isabella. 2nd ed. 3 vols. (Boston, 1838).

Price, – .History of the Mahommedan Empire. 4 vols. (London, 1821).

Ranke, – . History of Prussia. 3 vols. (London, 1849).

Robertson, Wm. History of Scotland. 11th ed. 2 vols. (London, 1787).

Russell, Wm. History of Modern Europe to the Peace of Paris, 1763. 2 vols. (London, 1827).

Segur, P.D. History of Napoleon’s Russian Expedition. 2 vols. (New York).

Smith, J.P. Keightley’s History of Greece. (Boston, 1839).

Smith, Wm. Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. 2 vols. (New York).

Spaulding, W. History of Italy. 3 vols. (New York, 1848).

Taylor, W.C. History of Ireland. 2 vols. (New York, 1847).

— . Pinnock’s History of England to the Year ’45. (Philadelphia, 1850). 2 copies.

— . Pinnock’s History of France and Normandy. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Pinnock’s History of Rome. (Philadelphia, 1851).

— . Pinnock’s Greece. (Philadelphia, 1850).

— . Revolutions, Insurrections, and Conspiracies of Europe. 2 vols. (New York, 1843).

Thierry, A. Conquest of England by the Normans. 3rd ed. (London, 1840).

Thirlwall’s History of Greece. 2 vols. (New York, 1845).

Trollope, W. Belgium Since the Revolution of 1830. (London, 1842).

Turner, Sharon. History of the Anglo Saxons. (Paris, 1849).

Ungewitter, – . Europe, Past and Present. (New York, 1850).

Venetian History. 2 vols. (New York, 1846).

Wade, – . British History, Chronologically Arranged. 5th ed. (London, 1847).

Asiatic and African History.

Crichton, A. History of Arabia. 2 vols. (New York).

Davis, John F. History of China. 2 vols. (New York, 1848).

Frazer, J.B. History of Persia. (New York).

— . Mesopotamia and Assyria. (New York).

Gliddon, – . Egypt, Ancient and Modern. (New York, 1844).

Goodrich, S.G. African History, Lights and Shadows. (Philadelphia, 1846).

— . Asiatic History, Lights and Shadows. (Philadelphia, 1846).

— . Tales about Islands in the Pacific Ocean. (Philadelphia, 1845).

Gutzlaff, Ch. Ancient and Modern Chinese History. 2 vols. (New York, 1834).

History of British India . 3 vols. (New York, 1846).

Japanese Manners and Customs in the 19th Century. (London, 1841).

Japanese Manners and Customs in the 19th Century. (New York, 1848).

Martin, R.M. China; Political, Commercial and Social. 2 vols. (London, 1847).

Millman, H.H. History of the Jews. 3 vols. (New York, 1843).

Mills, – . History of British India. 6 vols. (London, 1820).

Ockley, S. History of Saracens, Comprising Lives of Mohammed. (London, 1847).

Pitcairn Island and Its Inhabitants. (New York).

Pridden, W. Australia, Its History and Present Condition. (London, 1843).

Russell, M. Egypt, Ancient and Modern. (New York, 1846).

— . History of [the] Barbary States. (New York, 1846).

— . History of Nubian Abyssinia. (New York).

— . History of Palestine. (New York, 1843).

— . History of Polynesia. (New York, 1843).

Sears, Robt. History of China and India. (New York, 1851). Presented by the author.

— . History of China and India. Gilt and lettered. (New York, 1851).

Sharpe, S. Egypt; Its History from the Earliest Times Till Its Conquest by the Arabs . (London, 1846).

Shoberl, F. Persia, a Description of the Country, Government, Laws and Religion. (Philadelphia, 1845).

Whiston, – . Josephus’ Works. (Halifax, 1847). Presented by Jonathan Grimshaw.

Wilkinson, Sir G. Ancient Egyptians. 3rd ed. 5 vols. (London, 1841).

Yates, W.H. Egypt; Modern History and Condition. 2 vols. (London, 1843).



  1. What would a classical library be without a set of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (6 vols)?

    I find the list of Asiatic and African materials very fascinating. Half of the collection (15/30) pertains to the Near East (if you can stretch the Near Eastern region to fit Nubian Abyssinia).

    And the copy of Pitcairn Island and Its Inhabitants?

    Mutiny on the Bounty meets the Mormon pioneers.

    Comment by Researcher — August 3, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

  2. Mutiny on the Bounty meets the Mormon pioneers.

    Now there’s the germ of an alternative history if I ever saw one. It could spring out of the eastern press’s certainty that the Mormons were at the end of the Utah War and were headed to some Pacific island — the editors who were so sure of our abandonment of the Tops of the Mountains never got around to naming that island or suggesting how the tens of thousands of our people were supposed to get there, but those picky details can be worked out by our novelist.

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — August 3, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

  3. The obvious destination would undoubtedly have been the Sandwich Islands. Just think…we could all be surfing and drinking pineapple smoothies.

    Comment by Researcher — August 3, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

  4. … and doing handcart reenactments of the way we pulled our babies and household goods across the waves to get there!

    Comment by Ardis E. Parshall — August 3, 2008 @ 5:47 pm

  5. I was reading about the Pitcairn folks a few weeks ago, and though they all joined the Seventh-day Adventists in the 1890s, their recent history unfortunately screams “Warren Jeffs” to any who have heard of him. In 2004, half a dozen leading men on the island were convicted for raping dozens of 12-year-old girls. They tried to pass this off as an accepted custom of the island over which the courts had no jurisidiction.

    Comment by John Mansfield — August 4, 2008 @ 9:18 am

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