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Territorial Library: Law, Government, Political Economy, Statistics, &c.

By: Ardis E. Parshall - July 26, 2008

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Catalogue of Books, Maps, &c. Belonging to the Utah Territorial Library, October, 1852.

Law, Government, Political Economy, Statistics, &c.

Act to Amend the Charter of the City of New York. (New York, 1849).

Act to Incorporate the Lyceum of Natural History. (New York, 1818). 2 copies.

Acts, Resolutions, and Memorials of Utah. (G.S.L. City, 1852).

American State Papers. Public Land. 5 vols. (Washington, 1832).

Angell, J.K., and — Ames. On Corporations. 3rd ed. (Boston, 1846).

— . Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations. (Boston, 1832).

Angell, J.K. Treatise on the Law of Water Courses. (Boston, 1850).

Bache’s Report for the Year Ending October 1850. (Washington).

Bache, A.D. Report on Light Houses, Beacons, &c. (Washington, 1851).

Bacon’s Abridgement. 7 vols. (vol. 6 missing). (London, 1807).

Banks’ Compilation of South Carolina. (Columbia, 1848).

Barbour, – . New York State Chancery Reports. 3 vols. (New York, 1847).

— . Supreme Court Reports. 6 vols. (Albany, 1848).

Bentham’s Theory of Legislation. 2 vols. (Boston, 1840. Presented by the translator, R. Hildreth.

Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. 3rd ed. 2 vols. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Broom’s Legal Maxims. (London, 1845).

Burleigh, J.B. American manual. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia, 1850).

Camp, D.S. Democracy in America. (New York, 1845).

Carey, H.C. Past, Present and Future. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Chitty on Contracts. 4th American, from 2nd London ed. (Springfield, 1839).

Chitty on Criminal Law. 5th American ed. 3 vols. (New York, 1847).

Chitty on Pleading. 10th American ed. 3 vols. (Springfield, 1847).

Civil Code of New York. (1850).

Cobb, L. Evil Tendencies of Corporeal Punishment. (New York, 1847). 2 copies.

Code of Civil Procedure of the State of New York. (Albany, 1850).

Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of New York. (Albany, 1850).

Collyer on Partnership. Perkins’ ed., 3rd American from 2nd English ed. (Boston, 1848).

Colonial Records. (Albany, 1840).

Colton, Calvin. Public Economy for the U.S. (New York, 1849).

Combe, Geo. Human Rights and Their Political Guarantees. (New York, 1850). Presented by Fowlers & Wells.

Comstock’s Reports. 3 vols. (Albany, 1849).

Comyn’s Digest of the Laws of England. 8 vols. (New York, 1824).

Constitution of the State of Deseret. (Kanesville, 1849). 3 copies.

Convention Journal of New York. (Albany, 1846).

Cooper’s Justinian. (New York 1841).

Cowen’s Civil Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace in the State of New York. Vol. 1. 3rd ed. (New York 1844).

Cranche’s Reports. 2nd ed. 9 vols. (Washington, 1817).

Criminal Code of New York. (Albany, 1850).

Cruise, – . Digest of the Law of Real Property. 3 vols. (Boston, 1849).

Curtis, G.T. Treatise on the Laws of Patents in U.S. (Boston, 1849).

de Tocqueville, Alexis. Democracy in America. 2 vols. in 1. (New York, 1851).

Dick, T. Improvement of Society. (New York).

Duer, W.A. Constitutional Jurisprudence of the U.S. (New York).

Dwight, Theodore. History of the Hartford Convention. (New York, 1833).

English Common Law. 64 vols. (Washington, 1822, 1850).

Executive Document[s] of Pennsylvania. (Washington, 1849).

Federalist, The, or the New Constitution. 6th ed. (Philadelphia, 1847).

Fillmore, Millard. Message of President Fillmore in Relation to the Mission of Mr. Balestier. (Washington, 1852).

Fort, Gov. F. Inaugural Address of gov. F. Fort of New Jersey. (Trenton, 1851).

General Land Office. Report of the Commissioner for 1851. (Washington, 1851).

Gesner, A. Nova Scotia, Industrial Resources. (Halifax, 1849).

Goodrich, S.G. Young American. (New York, 1842).

Greanleaf on Evidence. 4th ed. 2 vols. (Boston, 1850).

Greeley, H. Hints Towards Reform. (New York, 1850).

Griffin, Alderman – . Haugue Street Catastrophe. (New York, 1850).

Haliburton, – . Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia. 2 vols. (Halifax, 1829).

Harvard College. Report of the Overseers. (Boston, 1851).

Heeren, A.H.L. Historical Researches into Politics, Intercourse and Trade. 6 vols. (London, 1846).

History of Democracy. (Connecticut, 1852).

Hogan, William. Digest of New York Reports. 4 vols. (New York, 1850).

Holcombe, – . Law of Debtor and Creditor in the U.S., and Canada. (New York, 1848).

Howard’s Reports. Supreme Court of U.S. 9 vols. (Philadelphia, 1843).

Information for Transacting Business at the Patent Office. (Washington).
Johnson’s Reports of New York Chancery. 7 vols. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia, 1836).

Johnson’s Reports of New York Supreme Court Judicature. 20 vols. (New York, 1807).

Journal of the Legislative Council of Florida, 19th Session. (Tallahassee, 1841).

Kellogg, Edward. Labor and Other Capital. (New York, 1849). 3 copies. presented by the Author.

Kent’s Commentaries. 6th ed. 4 vols. (New York, 1848).

King, T. Butler. Report on California. (Washington, 1850).

Laws of New York. 71st sess., 1848; 72nd sess, 1849. (New York, 1849). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

Laws of New York. 74th sess., 1851. (Albany). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

Laws of Pennsylvania, Session of 1850.

Lieber, F. Property and Labor. (New York). 2 copies, one presented by the author.

Light Houses, by the Secretary of the Treasury. (Washington, 1851).

Mail Steam Ships, by the Secretary of the Navy. (Washington, 1852).

Manual of the Common Council of New York City in 1848.

Massachusetts Law, &c. on Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

Matthias, – . Manual for Conducting Business in Public Meetings. (Philadelphia, 1848).

Memorial and Letter of Lemuel Shattock on Registration and Returns of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in Massachusetts, and Report Thereon. (Boston, 1849). 2 copies.

Memorial Concerning European and American Navy, and the Improved War Steamer. (Philadelphia, 1852).

Memorial on the Right of Way Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. (Washington, 1852).

Message and Accompanying Documents. 2 parts, 1851 and 1852. (Washington, 1852).

Message of A.C. Kingsland, Mayor of New York City. (New York, 1851).

Metcalf, T., and J.C. Perkins. United States Digest. 9 vols. (Boston, 1847-1850).

Mill, John Stuart. Political Economy with Some Applications to social Philosophy. 2 vols. (Boston, 1848).

Mills, R. Statistics of South Carolina. (Charleston, 1846).

Minot, Geo. Statutes at Large Public Laws of the U.S., Passed 1846, 47, and 48. (Boston).

Minutes of Provincial Council of Pennsylvania Colonial Records. 3 vols. (Harrisburg, 1840).

Morgan, Christopher. New York Documentary History. 2 vols. (Albany, 1850). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

New York Assembly. Documents. Vols. 1-7. (Albany, 1848).

— . Journal. 71st sess., 2 copies; 72nd sess., 2 vols.; 74th sess. 2 vols. (Albany). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

New York Senate. Documents for 1851. 3 vols. (Albany). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

— . Journal for 1851. (Albany). Presented by the Regents of New York University.

New York State Manual for 1845. (Albany).

New York State Register for 1843, 45 & ‘46. (Albany).

New York Statutes, Relating to Common Schools. (Albany, 1847).

Oliver’s Conveyancing. 4th ed. (Halowell, 1845).

Ordinance Organizing Municipal Government of New York. (New York, 1849).

Paley, – . Moral and Political Philosophy. (New York, 1847).

Patent Office Laws. (Washington). 12 copies.

Patent Office Reports for 1846, 47, 48, 49, and 50.

Pennsylvania Contested Election. (Washington, 1852).

Peters’ Supreme Court of U.S. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Phillips on Evidence. 4 vols. (New York, 1839).

Pitkin, – . Statistics. (New Haven, 1835).

Potter, A. Political Economy. (New York).

Putnam, P. American Tracts, Notes, and Statistics. (London, 1845).

Report of the Alms House Commissioner for 1846, Document No. 30. (New York, 1847).

Report of the Census of Massachusetts, 1850. (Boston). 2 copies.

Report of the Chief of Police of City of New York. (New York, 1850).

Report of the Comptroller of the City of New York. (New York, 1847).

Report of the Finance Committee for the City of New York. (New York, 1850).

Report of the Secretary on the Criminal Statics, State of New York. (Albany, 1850).

Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts State Lunatic Asylum. (Boston, 1852).

Report on Abolishing Capital Punishment in Massachusetts. (1852).

Report on Common Schools in the City and County of New York. (New York, 1850).

Report on Direct Trade. (Montgomery, 1852).

Report on the New York State Library. (Albany, 1850).

Reports of Cases in Supreme Court of Massachusetts. 16 vols. (Boston, 1821).

Revised Statutes of New York. 2 vols. 3rd ed. (Albany, 1846)

Roscoe’s Criminal Evidence. 3rd ed. (Philadelphia, 1846).

Rules of the Senate. (Washington, 1849).

Russell on Crimes. 6th American, from 3rd London ed. 2 vols. (Washington, 1850).

Say, – . Political Economy. (Philadelphia, 1849). 2 copies.

School Law and Forms of New York State. (Albany, 1847).

School Law of Rhode Island. (Providence, 1851).

School Laws of Pennsylvania. (Harrisburg, 1849). 2 copies.

Schuitzler, – . Secret History of the Court and Government of Russia under Alexander and Nicholas. 2 vols. (London, 1847).

Sergeant’s Constitutional Law. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia, 1830).

Severance, Moses. American Manual. (Cazenovia, 1841). Presented by J.M. Hosford.

Seymour, Jacob. Laws of Trade in the U.S. (New York, 1840). Presented by G.H. Moore.

Shattock, – . Census of Boston in 1845. (Boston, 1846).

Smith, Adam. Wealth of Nations. 5th ed. 3 vols. (London, 1789).

Smith’s Commentaries. (Albany, 1848).

Smith’s Compendium of Mercantile Law. (New York, 1847).

Stanton, H.B. Reform and Reformers. (New York, 1850).

Statesman’s Manual. 4 vols. (New York, 1849).

Statistics of New Jersey State Prison, from 1799 to 1845. (Trenton, 1846). Presented by the New Jersey Historical Society.

Story, – . Notes Promissory. 2nd ed. (Boston, 1847).

Story’s Commentaries. Conflict of Laws. (Boston, 1834).

Story on Bailments. 4th ed. (Boston, 1847).

Story’s Commentaries on the Law of Agency. (Boston, 1839).

Story’s Equity Jurisprudence. 2 vols. (Boston, 1849).

Story on Bills of Exchange. 2nd ed. (Boston, 1847).

Strahan, – . Domat’s Civil Law. (Boston, 1850).

Sutherland, – . Legislative Manual. 4th ed. (Philadelphia, 1850). 6 copies.

Sutherland – . Legislative Manual. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia, 1846).

United States Congress (29th : 1st sess). Acts and Resolutions. (Washington).

United States Congress. (29th : 2nd sess.). Report of Smithsonian Institute. (Washington 1837).

United States Congress. (30th : 1st sess.). Treaty between United States and Mexico. (Washington, 1848).

United States Congress. (31st : 1st sess). Vattemarie’s Report on International Exchanges. (Washington, 1850).

United States Congress. (32nd : 1st sess.). Documents. 7 vols. (Albany, 1849). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

— . Documents. Vols. 2, 4, 6, 7. (Albany, 1849). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

— . Documents for 1851. 6 vols. (Albany). Presented by the Regents of the New York University.

— . General Account of the Treasurer of the U.S. (Washington, 1851).

— . Mail Contracts. (Washington, 1852).

— . Report of Secretary of Navy and Post Master General. (Washington, 1852).

— . Report of Smithsonian Institute. (Washington, 1848).

United States Congress. Senate. Journal of the Senate for 1848 and 1849. (Washington). 2 copies.

— . House of Representatives. Contingent Expenses. (Washington).

— . House of Representatives. Journal. (Washington, 1852).

— . Message from the President of the U.S., and Accompanying Documents. (Washington, 1852).

— . Report of the Officers of the Light House Board. (Washington, 1851).

— . Report of the Secretary of War. (Washington, 1852).

United States Congress. Documents for 1848 (4 vols); 1849 (3 vols.), 2 copies; 1850 (1 vol.). (Washington).

United States Form Book. 3rd ed. rev. (New York, 1848).

United States Statutes at Large, edited by Rich. Peters, Esq. 8 vols. (Boston, 1848).

United States Statutes at Large. Vol. 7, Indian Treaties. (Boston, 1848).

Valentine, D.T. Manual of the Common Council of New York City, 1850.

Vattel, – . Law of Nations. (Philadelphia, 1817).

Waterman, – . American Chancery Digest. 3 vols. (New York, 1851).

Wayland, F. Elements of Political Economy. (Boston, 1849).

Wendell’s Reports. 26 vols. (Albany, 1842).

Whateley, Gall. Treatise on the Law of Basements. (New York, 1840).

Wheaton, Henry. Elements of International Law. 3rd ed. (Philadelphia, 1846).

— . History of the Law of Nations. (New York, 1845)

Wheaton’s Supreme Court of U.S. 12 vols. (Philadelphia, 1847).

Wilson, George. Coke’s Reports. 7 vols. (Dublin, 1793).

Young, A.W. Science of Government. 19th ed. (Buffalo, 1850).

Young, Governor Brigham. First Annual Message. (G.S.L. City, 1852). 12 copies.



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